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   Chapter 18 Must Be Expelled

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Rena was the only beautiful student with excellent grades in her class who was comparable to Valerie. Although Rick didn't get good grades, he was good at playing basketball. And he was also good-looking. As for Albert, after the fight in Class Three yesterday, she was even more popular than the last time when she was criticized by the whole school. Especially her neglected appearance, like the prince in the idol drama, made those nympho girls scream.

Standing next to Valerie, Sophia saw the three people opposite her and pointed them to Valerie in surprise.

"Valerie, look, isn't that Rena? How could she be with that loser, Albert? "

Rena and Valerie were born incompatible.

The Lin family was rich and the Shen family was involved in politics. The two families lived in the same villa area. From kindergarten to high school, Rena and Valerie happened to be in the same school and the same class, which was inevitable to be compared. It was nothing when they were kids. When they grew up, driven by their self-esteem, the two wanted to suppress each other, so they didn't like each other.

Without Sophia's reminder, Valerie had already seen them.

In other words, what she saw was the back that made her sleepless all night.


Last night, Albert was a teenager wandering in the night, dressed in dirty white clothes. Her clean and delicate eyebrows, her slender body, and her vigorous and calm figure made Valerie's heart beat uncontrollably.

Valerie didn't know why.

But at this moment, seeing Albert walking with Rena, talking and laughing. And there were more than one person around saying that they were a perfect match.

The milk box in Valerie's hand was squeezed tightly. Sophia was surprised to see her lose control.

"What's wrong with you, Valerie? Are you not feeling well? "

Valerie cast a cold glance at her, threw away the distorted milk box and strode forward.

Sophia was confused, but she didn't notice that Valerie had a different attitude towards her, so she still caught up with her.

At the school gate, the doorman stopped Albert.

"You can't take the kitten into school!"

Hearing that, Albert stopped and looked down slightly. He asked Simba If it could leave first.

When Albert got its response and was about to put it down, Rena suddenly said, "Sir, this is my cat. Can you make an exception?"

The guard took a look at her and seemed to understand what she meant. He said in a softer tone, "Are you Rena Lin from Class One, Grade three?" Rena nodded.

"Since it's yours, then take it in. I'll pretend that I didn't see it."

"Thank you, sir," said Rena with a sweet smile.

Albert was still a little confused. Rick patted her on the shoulder and sighed, "Bro, this is the benefit of good grades."

Rena was very happy that she could help Albert. She turned around and smiled at Albert, as if asking for credit.

Albert thanked her politely.

In fact, it was okay to let Simba go, but Rena helped her solve the problem, so it was better for her to accept Rena's help.

With a red face, Rena shook her head and said, "If you don't mind, I can take care of it for you."

"That's very kind of you."

Albert put Simba in Rena's arms. She still had a few scums to deal with later. It was indeed a little dangerous for Simba to follow her.

Albert bent down slightly, and the faint fragrance of lime

pervaded in the tip of Rena's nose. Rena's heart beat a little faster, and she muttered, "It's my pleasure".

It was rare that Albert didn't miss the morning reading today. When she and Rick walked into the classroom, everyone in the classroom looked at her gloatingly.

Rick was confused.

"Why does everyone look at me? Am I too handsome? "

Turning her head slightly, Albert found that Jerry's seat was empty.

Before they sat down, the dean came in with several teachers angrily. He stood on the platform and shouted, "Where is Albert? Which one of you is Albert? "

All the students looked at the back of the classroom. They were waiting for a good show. Albert put down her schoolbag and replied casually, "What's up?"

The dean was stunned for a moment, and then asked with some doubts, "Are you Albert Rong?"

Albert replied lightly.

His doubts were reasonable. In their impression, the former Albert had always been a thin and slovenly loser. But now, it was her, the leader of the Rong family, so she would not be as dispirited as before.

The dean slammed the book on the platform angrily.

"Come with me!"

Rick looked at her worriedly. When he was about to stand up, he was pressed down by Albert secretly.

"Okay." She replied obediently.

Everyone had thought that with Albert's "bad temper", she would teach the dean a lesson as she did to Jerry yesterday. But Albert agreed so obediently, which made those students feel bored.

In the dean's office, several teachers sat side by side, looking at Albert seriously.

Standing aside, Albert's English teacher explained for her weakly, "Dean Yan, maybe it's just a misunderstanding. Albert is a good boy. Although his grades are not very good, it was impossible for him to beat Jerry like that."

With a straight face, Dean Yan said righteously, "Miss Xin, so many students saw it with their own eyes. Do you still think I am slandering Albert?"

Dean Yan directly named Albert and said, "Come on, tell me whether you hit Jerry or not?"

Nodding her head, Albert didn't retreat at all. She said in a low voice, "Yes, it was me who hit Jerry."

Maybe it was because Albert attacked people or because of her attitude, Dean Yan was really angry at the moment.

"Listen to him, listen. He confessed himself. Jerry is the son of the secretary of the city. If the secretary was to blame, who would bear the responsibility?"

Dean Yan said seriously, and many teachers agreed with him, except for Albert, who wore a faint sneer at the corners of her mouth.

"Such a student must be expelled!"

"Dean Yan." Albert said lazily, "Why didn't you ask me why I hit him?"

Dean Yan glared at Albert secretly.

When Jerry's father sent Jerry to the Yiyang High School, he had specially asked Dean Yan to take good care of his son. But now Jerry was beaten like this by Albert. If he didn't give Jerry's father an explanation, he would be free from all the benefits in the future.

"No matter what the reason is, it's wrong to hit people. Jerry is in the hospital now, and Albert must be expelled! What's more, you have to go to the hospital to apologize to Jerry! "

"Jerry has a 'powerful' back. Does it make Dean Yan so scared?"

Maybe Albert was right about what he was thinking, or maybe her eyes were too sharp, Dean Yan's face suddenly flushed, not knowing whether he was angry or afraid.

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