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   Chapter 17 Simba

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Maybe she was not reconciled.

Simone only had two daughters. The reason why Charlotte did so was probably to take revenge on James.

Unfortunately, she was killed by Simone before she brought her "son" into the Rong family.

Only Albert was left to live with Carol and her family.

Maybe Charlotte was for the high position and great wealth, or maybe she just wanted to revenge James, it was true that she treated Albert very well. It was no wonder that Albert hated the man named James from an early age. Later, he even forced to live with Carol. Under the pressure of Carol and Ivy, the hatred in her heart was still growing.

But now, Jason, who was supposed to be in J City, came to this remote small county. He didn't live in the big hotel, but stayed in that bar. Obviously, he didn't want others to know his whereabouts.

Albert could almost guess the reason why Jason tried so hard to kill her. It was that James knew her existence and wanted to take her home.

She vaguely remembered that among the younger generation of the Rong family in J City, there seemed to be only one boy, Jason. According to the rules of the Rong family, the position of the head of the family could only be passed down to male. If James did not have his own son, then the next position of the head of the family could only be passed down to Jason.

The relationship between James and Kelvin was not very good.

So in order not to benefit his brother, James might send someone to take Albert home.

Albert dressed the wound casually and stared at the phone on the table with an evil smile on her face.

Of course, she wouldn't let go of Jason so easily, but she had to settle accounts step by step when she got into the Rong family.

Albert might have a unique physique from ordinary people, so she recovered very quickly and the wound on her shoulder was much better after resting for a night. However, maybe it was because she forced to use the rune manipulating skill yesterday, she felt a little mentally insufficient today, and her face was a little pale.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Ivy pushing her bike and walking out unwillingly. Ivy happened to see Albert. She rolled her eyes at Albert impolitely and went out with a thud.

From last night till now, Ivy had been holding back her anger. Last night, not only was she scratched by the mad woman Sophia, but also she failed in hitting on Jason. When she came back, she was caught by Carol, who had scolded her for a long time.

Now, she hated Valerie and Sophia. Ivy thought of the previous love letter incident as soon as she saw Albert, how could she be nice to Albert?

The corners of Albert's mouth twitched. She turned a blind eye to the hostility of Ivy.

In the early morning of October, there was a slight breeze, and camphor trees were planted on both sides of the road. With her schoolbag on her arm, Albert walked slowly and accompanied by a little white cat. Such an eye-catching scene attracted many people's attention.

Looking askance at the excited little white cat at her feet, Albert raised her eyebrows and asked, "Are you sure you can do this?"

The cat called her name softly, but only Albert could hear it.

"Master, don't worry. It will only consume a little spiritual power at most. In this way, I can protect you."

Rubbing her eyebrows helplessly, Albert said, "As long as you are happy."

This was a new skill unlocked by the small light ball. Pe

rhaps it had been suppressed for a long time. The first time it ran out, it was extremely urgent to touch the world.

Albert took a few steps forward, only to find that the little white cat was still struggling to follow her. She bent over and picked it up.

The little white cat meowed cutely and looked at Albert with its big watery eyes.

Looking at it, as if thinking of something, Albert gently smoothed its hair.

"I can't call you little light ball all the time." She lowered her eyes slightly and said in a low and clear voice, "How about I call you Simba?"


Standing at the corner of the street, Rena saw the teenager holding a small white cat and lowering her head. Rena didn't know what she was talking about to the kitten, but her eyes were strangely gentle.

Rena was stunned.

It was strange that the teenager had been in the same school with her for two years, but in the past, Rena seemed not to know her existence at all. Occasionally, she learned from her classmates' gossip that there was a person named Albert in Class Three.

But since yesterday, the name of Albert made her heart beat faster for no reason. Just like now, looking at her from a distance, Rena felt that the world had changed a little.

Rick rode his bike and rushed over. He braked sharply beside Rena, trying to frighten her.

However, Rena didn't look at him and kept staring at the opposite road.

Rick frowned in confusion. Following her gaze, he saw that Albert was holding a white cat and whispering something strangely.

After what happened yesterday, Rick had already regarded Albert as his idol.

With his eyes shining, Rick waved at Albert excitedly.

"Albert! We are here! "

Hearing the voice, Albert looked over.

What he did also frightened Rena. Her eyes were erratic and her face was a little red. She grabbed her dress uneasily until Albert came to her, but she didn't dare to look up.

Needless to say, her face was as red as a tomato.

With a bright smile on his face, Rick zipped his schoolbag and joked, "You were always late for school. Why are you so early today?"

His gaze fell on the kitten in her arms, and the tone was rather disgusting: "Why do you still like these kittens and puppies that girls like? I should show you my 'Great General' someday. He is really fierce! "

Just like Rena, Albert was too lazy to care for him. He felt helpless about Rick's foolishness from time to time.

Rick was so energetic. No one answered him, but he still kept talking.

Rena calmed down a little bit and raised her head shyly, with her hands behind her back and fingers twisting uneasily.

"Good morning, Albert..."

Her voice was very soft, with a little imperceptible excitement, and her erratic eyes could not help but focus on Albert.

Albert nodded slightly and replied simply, "Morning."

She turned her head to look at Rick. Rick was talking about the story that his "General" had won the fight with the dog next door, but was pulled and pinched by Rena secretly.

"Rick, hurry up. We are going to be late."

Rena smiled brightly, but her eyes were threatening.

Rick gasped in pain. He looked at Rena and then at Albert, and realized that he seemed to be overexcited again.

He scratched his head and chuckled, "Let's go now."

Rick pushed his bike, and the group of three walked side by side. In the middle, Rick was joking around. Rena was not so nervous in front of Albert then.

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