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   Chapter 16 Keep A Distance

Love Charm: A Runaway Bride By Shangyou Fusu Characters: 7102

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"Let go of her!"

A cold and clear voice came from behind. The three men stopped for a moment and turned their heads. Then under the dim moonlight, they saw a thin teenager standing at the entrance of the alley with a stick in "his" hand.

The three of them looked at each other and burst into laughter.

One of them took out a knife from his pocket and said arrogantly, "Hey, little brat! Don't you have any homework to do? How dare you meddle in our business! Get out of here! "

Valerie squatted in the corner in fear. When she heard the voice, she was half relieved and half surprised.

To her relief, someone finally heard her cry for help.

To her surprise, it was Albert!

If it weren't for the love letter incident last time, Valerie might not know the existence of the loser in Class Three.

She gave the love letter to the dean by herself. She wanted to teach Albert a lesson and let "him" know that not everyone was qualified to write a love letter to her. Therefore, Albert had to pay the price of being criticized by the whole school.

But she didn't expect that when she was in the most awkward and helpless situation, it was Albert, whom she despised most, who saved her.

Albert didn't know that the person inside was Valerie, nor did she know that the love letter was sent out by Valerie herself, which made her laughed at by the whole school.

She couldn't stand the bullying, no matter who it was.

Because of the fear and disgust in her heart, it was the shadow that lingered on her mind.

Albert didn't say anything more to them. In their laughter and threats, she directly waved her stick at them.

Even if she was physically and mentally weak, she was not that fragile.

At least, it was not a problem for her to deal with several hooligans.

The small light ball flew up and down to show its concern about Albert.

In a moment, the men lay on the ground and howled. Albert threw the stick to them and walked to Valerie. Her voice was not that gentle, but it was not difficult to tell the concern in her words.

"Are you okay?"

With tears in her eyes, Valerie stared at the teenager in front of her.

She couldn't help thinking of the scene that Albert saved Rena this morning.

Although Albert had been looked down upon by her, now she was as brave as a knight.

Valerie's heart beat faster for no reason. She bit her lower lip and shook her head stubbornly. "I'm fine."

Albert reached out to her, and Valerie hesitated for a moment, but still put her hand in Albert's hands.

Albert pulled her up directly. Perhaps Valerie was so scared that her legs were weak just now. When Valerie stood up, she staggered and fell directly into the arms of Albert.

The teenager was really thin, but she still caught her firmly.

Valerie, who hadn't come out from fear, wanted to bury herself in Albert's arms and cry.

However, after Albert caught her, she quickly helped her up and even took a step back. She said in a somewhat alienated tone, "Go back quickly."

Valerie's face suddenly froze, and her fingers curled up slightly, she looked at Albert like a fool.

Didn't Albert like her? Why did Albert push her away at such a good opportunity?

Although Albert's face was pale, she still stood straight and didn't let anyone see through her.

Perhaps it was because she was used to wearing men's clothes that she had been very careful in this aspect since she was a child. Especially when she was close to someone, she subconsciously wanted to distance herself from other


Albert didn't say anything more. She turned around, and her thin and tall back, like feathers, gently scratched Valerie's heart.

Valerie followed her steps. When Albert walked outside, she had disappeared at a very fast speed at the corner.

At that moment, Valerie even had the urge to catch up with her, but Sophia's anxious voice came from behind.

"Valerie..." Sophia ran to her, out of breath. She looked at Valerie worriedly and said, "You disappeared as soon as I turned around. Where have you been?"

Looking at her friend, Valerie thought that she was almost humiliated tonight, and it was all Sophie's fault. She couldn't help but feel a little resentful for her, and her tone became a little indifferent.

"Never mind. If there's nothing else, I'll go back first..."

It seemed that her father was right. Sophia's grades were not excellent, nor was her family background superior. She shouldn't have been friends with Sophie.

Just like tonight, if Sophie didn't tell her about Jason, nothing would happen.

Valerie thought in a distorted way.

Her love affair with Jason was over. Even her dream to be Mrs. Rong would probably be impossible to realize.

At this moment, she couldn't help but think of the teenager in white, who had stretched out "his" hand to her in the dark alley...

Sophia called her several times before Valerie came to her senses.

Sophia asked in confusion, "What's wrong with you, Valerie? Are you still sad about what happened to Mr. Jason? "

Valerie frowned in disgust, "Don't mention him to me."

Even if he was the future successor of the Rong family in J City, so what? His private life was so messy that he even fell in love with Ivy. Valerie would never be with such a tasteless person.

Sophia breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good. In my opinion, Mr. Jason doesn't deserve you, and that Ivy ...should we find someone in school to teach her a lesson? "

Sophia chattered behind Valerie, not noticing that Valerie's attitude towards her was not as good as before.

With wounds all over her body, Albert went back to Carol's house. To her surprise, the couple hadn't gone to bed yet. They stayed in Ivy's room, not knowing what they were talking about, and Ivy's cry came faintly.

Albert didn't want to get involved in their business. She went back to her room and applied the medicine she bought casually from the roadside pharmacy to herself.

The small light ball lay lazily in front of the table, staring at Albert's pale and almost transparent face, and sighed faintly.

"Master, if it goes on like this, when can we go back?"

It shared life and death with the Rong family, or in other words, with Albert.

It knew what was on Albert's mind. But considering her current situation, it was difficult for her to live on, let alone go back to the Imperial City.

The red potion had a pungent smell, and it hurt a lot when it was applied on her shoulder. With a slight frown, Albert struggled to apply it for herself and said in a cold voice, "What's the rush? I have to take revenge one by one... "

When she knew that it was Jason who had sent people to kill little Albert, she almost understood the conspiracy.

In little Albert's memory, James had lied to her mother, Charlotte. After Charlotte was pregnant, James had cut off contact with her because of the threat of his wife, Simone. At that time, Charlotte also knew that she had been abandoned by James. After giving birth to Albert, she had even boldly raised little Albert as a boy.

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