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   Chapter 15 Forced To Use It

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While saying that, the manager was about to leave with his men. But Charles stopped him lazily.

"Wait a minute."

Albert's heart skipped a beat. The gun in her hand drew closer to Charles, and her eyes were filled with sharp coldness.

The hotel manager turned around blankly and saw a smile on Charles's face. It seemed that the person who was in danger was not Charles himself.

"Please close the door when you go out."

The hotel manager hurriedly said yes, respectfully exited and considerately closed the door.

With a cold smile at the corners of his mouth, Charles turned to look at Albert.

"Well, can you let go of me? Kid. "

Albert said through gritted teeth.

"Who are you calling a kid?"

The light above his head was a little dazzling, and the teenager's delicate eyebrows and eyes were so strange to him, but the sharp light in her eyes faintly touched a ripple in his heart.

Her long and curly eyelashes trembled slightly, and an indescribable sense of familiarity spread in his heart.

But in a moment, Charles was still the cold-blooded and ruthless man.

"Aren't you?" She looked like a high school student who was good at group fighting, making trouble in the bar, and bullying "good people" instead of studying hard.

With a cold light in her eyes, Albert continued, "The two shots just now have paid back what happened last night. I won't kill you this time, but you'd better keep your mouth shut."

It was strange that she was just a child in his eyes, but Charles could smell the same kind of aura from her.

Albert didn't tangle with Charles anymore. She quickly retreated and jumped out of the window. When she escaped, she threw the gun in her hand back at him.

Charles sat up and his glasses were slightly loosened. His eyes moved from the window to the ground.

The broken vase.

Just now, Albert was hiding in front of him, but the vase hit him from his left side for no reason.

This unspeakable weirdness made Charles inexplicably familiar.

He looked at the blood blooming like flowers on the white

son, but she was also in danger.

At this moment, Valerie was scared and resentful.

A tall and thin man smiled evilly and reached out his hand to touch Valerie's face. He smacked his lips and said, "This girl is so young. She must be a high school student ...little girl, is this your first time to come to a bar? "

Valerie was so frightened that she flinched back, her teeth trembling. She cried, "You ...what do you want? "

Another man laughed and said, "What do we want? Little girl, we are taking you out for fun. Don't be afraid... "

"Don't touch me!" Valerie's voice was shrill and trembling. She gritted her teeth and said, "My father is the county magistrate. If you dare to hurt me, I will let you be in jail for a lifetime!"

These men were stunned and then burst into laughter.

"Little girl, it turns out that your father is the county magistrate. We're so scared ...but I haven't tasted the taste of the county magistrate's daughter, ha-ha... "

Those men didn't take her words seriously at all. Instead, they laughed wildly.

Staring at their ugly faces, Valerie's heart sank.

Was she really going to be destroyed by these hooligans today?

"Come on, don't be afraid. We will be very gentle..."

The men couldn't wait to stretch out their hands to Valerie. Valerie was frightened and cried out for help.

"No! Don't touch me. Go away! "

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