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   Chapter 13 The Gu Family

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There was no one in the suite, and the sound of running water came from the translucent bathroom.

In the hot mist, the mirror reflected the cool and indifferent handsome face of Charles. His excessively fair skin, with light pink, exuded a flirtatious atmosphere. Water dripped down from his head, across his neck, chest, and down the Apollo's Belt. His narrow and long eyes contained a dangerous light, which was hidden in the mist and a little less harsh, but a little more gentle and noble.

Suddenly, there was a slight sound outside. A dark light flashed across his eyes. Charles quickly pulled the bathrobe beside him and put his hand on the weapon.

As soon as Edmund Su pushed the door open, a black gun was pointed at him. He was so scared that his legs became weak and the medical kit in his hand almost fell down.

"Bro... Don't... Please calm down. "

Charles slightly moved the weapon in his hand and looked at his friend who suddenly appeared. He frowned and said in a somewhat disgusted tone.

"Why are you here?"

The gun was removed, and the hostility that had been oppressing him disappeared. Edmund let out a sigh of relief and shook off the cold sweat on his forehead.

"It's all because of your grandma. She called me, or I wouldn't know that you came to this small town alone."

Charles poured himself a glass of wine, took his gold rimmed glasses and put them on the bridge of his nose casually, which made him less sharp. He looked as gentle as a prince.

His short wet hair scattered casually, his slender and white fingers scratched the edge of the glass, and the bright red wine stained his thin lips, like a vampire stained with blood, delicate and dangerous.

"I have told you not to get involved in these things."

Edmund felt annoyed when he saw Charles's depressed face.

He casually put the medicine box aside and walked to Charles. Knowing that he couldn't wait for Charles to pour wine for him, he consciously picked up the glass and poured himself a glass of wine.

"Why did you do this? K is not a person to be trifled with. There has been no news about him in the underworld these years. The Gu family has already given up the old business, and the people underneath are all gluttons. What else can they do except for joking? "

"So you..." Edmund chuckled lightly and said in a relaxed tone, "If you die, the Gu family will be downfallen as well."

Through the glasses, Charles stared at the vase in front of him with an indifferent expression, as if he didn't care about the Gu family at all.

Edmund sighed slightly. Now, it seemed that Charles was getting cold-blooded.

The three major clans in the Imperial City were Gu family, Rong family and Qin family. Gu family had been in the underworld since ancient times. After what happened that year, the ten year old boy, Charles Gu, became the head of the family. The teenager in the greenhouse was forced to become a devil who killed people without blinking his eyes. The eviler he became, the more he wanted to prove himself.

Edmund knew that it was all for one person.

A person who might never be found again...

While Charles was in a daze, Edmund quickly helped him apply the medicine. Looking at the bruises and scars on his body, he knew that this guy had tried his best in a fight.

In the past decade, it was not the first time for Charles to fight against the people of K. Every time he fought with them, he got himself covered all over with bruises.

However, as a man like Charles who never suffered losses, K had also lost a lot.

Edmund was only worried that Charles would risk his life and his family for that man.

No one knew better than them how dangerous the

Imperial City was.

It could be said that the head of the Gu family, Charles, was not only under the plot of those enemies, but also on guard against his own family stabbing in the back. But he still acted on his own, even if the Gu family had been dissatisfied with him in the past few years.

Sometimes, Edmund was also very curious about what kind of person K was to make Charles crazy for more than ten years.

But Charles didn't tell anyone about it.

"But then again," While skillfully applying medicine to his wound, Edmund said, "With your ability, how could those people be your opponents?"

Charles had been hurt more badly than before.

Charles's eyes twinkled and he remembered what happened last night.

This time he came to this small town in secret, in fact, in order to find the whereabouts of the international organization K. K had disappeared for a long time. After fighting with them in S city last year, Charles could not find any trace of them. This time, he finally found out that there seemed to be traces of them in this small town. However, he did not expect that before he found K, he was first targeted by those guys in the dark.

The edge of the glass was on his thin lips, and Charles took a sip. His gold rimmed glasses were shining with cold light.

The members of the Gu clan wanted his life for a long time. How could they not take action if they seized the opportunity?

If it weren't for that brat last night, he wouldn't have been injured so badly.

That teenager stepped on him, kicked him and even took his weapon.

Charles clenched his fists slightly and narrowed his cold eyes.

No one had ever made him suffer such a big loss.

Charles thought, 'He'd better not get caught!'

After applying the medicine, Edmund took out several bottles of medicine from the medicine box and put them on the table as usual. He said, "Don't fight again in the next two days. Be careful not to get more serious injuries. By then, your grandma will come to me again..."

Charles didn't even bother to talk to him.

Edmund curled his lips, packed up his things and left in a fit of pique.

The wind blew in through the half open window, and the curtain fluttered. Behind the hollowed out pattern, there was a pair of cold eyes.

Looking at the man sitting in front of the bar counter, Albert was shocked.

She didn't expect that the unlucky guy last night was a member of the Gu family.

The three major clans in the Imperial City had always been incompatible as fire and water, especially after the legendary Charles took over the position of the head of the Gu clan, the Gu clan was unprecedentedly powerful, but it had also caused a lot of trouble. The leader of the Qin clan seemed to be harmonious with the Gu clan, but he had investigated many dirty things of the Gu clan secretly.

As for the Rong family, Albert had always kept grandpa's words in mind. As the saying goes, 'A person of high position is liable to be attacked', so she always kept a low profile. In addition, she had a good relationship with the young master of the Qin family, Marcus Qin, so there was no big conflict between them.

The Rong family and the Gu family had never met each other. And Charles was very mysterious. It was said that only a few people had seen him.

So Albert couldn't recognize that the man in front of her was exactly Charles.

But Albert was sure that this man was not that simple.

When she came in just now, she was almost found. Fortunately, Edmund came.

But now, she seemed to be in a more dangerous situation.

Charles had no intention of leaving at all. He put his slender fingers on the edge of the table and knocked casually.

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