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   Chapter 110 Disturbance In The Golden Street (Part Two)

Heartthrob: Love You All My Life By Shi Huatu Characters: 7274

Updated: 2020-09-25 00:02

Thinking of this, Cara suddenly felt that her Boss was testing her. If she flinched before the battle, there would be no chance in the future. It seemed that it was not so important whether they could continue the relationship in the past.

After bypassing the long ring staircase and climbing up to five floors, Cara could enter the master bedroom. Such a height was not a problem. She jumped up hard, grabbed the railing with one hand, loosened it with one hand, and shook her body hard. When she turned forty-five degrees, she immediately climbed up to the wall rock.

After repeating this process for five times, she finally got close to the window on the five floor. She could only enter the two large secret rooms fro

e didn't need such a small method to paralyze the enemy for a long time.

There was a knock on the door. Wilson gave a look to the woman and the two separated. Cara was excited. It turned out that her Boss didn't really leave her.

"Boss, your father called and urged you to go back."

Wilson hesitated. It turned out to be father.

Taking advantage of his distraction, Cara strode with all her strength to break the two thirds of the glass she had just cut and fell down directly.

The reflexive man had already caught up with her. The pistol with a silencer could save a lot of trouble.

"Jose, go and chase. I hurt her." Wilson ordered, "Elisa, change your clothes and leave here right now. Don't stay here."

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