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   Chapter 109 Disturbance In The Golden Street (Part One)

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The night life quietly came back to life, and the street scenery was lit up. Modern men and women constantly appeared in the Golden Street.

The Golden Street was the predecessor of the black street. With the integration of all kinds of industries, its name became more and more artistic, and the news spread everywhere.

Sitting in the Maybach car, Dick observed the situation around and said, "Pull over, Cara. Buy me a pack of cigarettes."

As soon as the woman got out of the car, Dick jumped to the front seat and quickly drove the car away. He turned around the Golden Street for a small circle and directly drove in. When he saw a familiar face, he smiled.

The two men and two women, wearing denim suits, leaned against the paint walls on both sides and made way for the man.

The woman with long hair to her waist opened the door for the man. "Master, I miss you so much." She kissed and hugged the man for a long time, and her thick eyelashes rose.

"Lyric Dong, you almost strangled me to death." Dick squinted one eye, but the Chinese beauty on him didn't want to let go. She was twenty-three years old this year. Eight years ago, her family was destroyed and saved by Dick. She followed him all the way, without fear of any pain.

The man behind her pushed down Lyric Dong's black hair and forced her to let go of her master. "Don't scare the master away."

The man spoke like a man from Hong Kong and Taiwan. In his early thirty's, he was known as the bald gambling king, but he was chased because of gambling in the high sea. He came to visit Dick and stayed with him under the guarantee of his friend.

Lyric Dong rubbed his hair and said fiercely, "Kyng Wen, if you dare to touch my hair again, I'll let you know how powerful it is."

"Master, as you can see, her temper won't change. She always acts like this. I want to change the team and give me Dana." Kyng Wen suggested.

The cold faced beauty Dana Yao, who didn't say anything and was influenced, had no expression on her face. No one had ever seen her smile, or in other words, the people she had seen had all passed away. On the surface, she was a policewoman, but i

Mo Family had veils, it is hard to tell."

Cara smiled, "Of course, I have answered your question. Can we exchange them equally?"

"Yes, of course." The reason why this place was famous was that the most important thing was to follow the rules of the game and be fair to one.

Moloch was one of the ancient clans in Switzerland. It was one of the top three clans and had always been mysterious. Therefore, Cara, who lived on information, would not let go of the good opportunity.

"Is Evie still in the Moloch Family?"

The woman's face changed, and then she smiled. "No one can find her whether she is here or not. This question seems to be worthless. Why don't you change it?"

"You are right. I think I know the answer. As a junior, I won't take advantage of you. It's against the rules to ask more. Have a good night." Cara left politely.

She searched the whole bag, but didn't see the Boss. It seemed that he had entered the box. Was he not here to inquire about the news, but to meet someone? As his personal person, she couldn't see who he was. Maybe lady was right. He wouldn't confess to her until he took off his veil.

She looked up at the top floor. Only there was the safest place. If she could break through, the Boss would not treat her as an outsider in the future. But this risk was big enough. Once she failed, half of her life would be lost, and it was not sure if she could escape in the Golden Street.

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