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   Chapter 108 Cara Of The Mo Family (Part Two)

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Rex laughed. At that time, he had been so worried about this boy that he apologized to his relatives every day.

Apart from focusing on food, Dick didn't want to explain anything. It was better not to mention the past.

Three o'clock in the afternoon.

Baey fidgeted in the room and asked the servant to keep an eye on her son. If there was any movement of leaving, the servant would report to her immediately.

"Madam, Cara is here." The servant led the woman into the room.

Finally, she came. This time, her son could go anywhere he wanted. "Bring two cups of coffee."

"Mrs. Zhou, don't bother. Just tell me what you want." Hearing the news, Cara rushed back from the suburb.

Baey pulled the woman to sit down, "Would you like to take off your veil and chat with me?"

The veil could only be taken off in the Mo Family. When they left the villa, unmarried women were not allowed to show it to others, but it referred to men, while ladies were different. Cara took off the veil.

So attractive. It was true that there were beauties in the Mo Family, both in appearance and figure, which were first-class beauties. Her son should be satisfied.

"Put it on. I heard from your sister that you didn't have a master because you were very picky. Can you tell me the reason why I invited you last time?"

Cara was embarrassed. Why did her sister tell this to her ladyship? She just didn't meet a destined master. She couldn't force it.

"Mrs. Zhou, I'm curious because I haven't seen Mr. Dick before."

It turned out to be like this. Baey didn't want to know whether it was true or not. "Then tell me, are you willing to let him be your master?"

"I... I'm willing to, but Mr. Dick didn't agree."

Baey smiled, "You don't need to worry about that. Come with me."

As a woman of the Mo Family, it was a great honor for her to work for the Zhou Family. Many of her sisters were assigned to the branch of the Zhou Family.

"Son, can I come in?" Baey knocked on the door.

Squatting on the ground, Dick was lost in thought. The documents were scattered on the floor, seemingly messy, but in fact, they were all divided into pieces, which was convenient for him to look for them.

"Come in." Dick rai

have an advantage, because they don't know you at all. If you say something, they disagree. It takes time."

"It seems that you will still lie to me from time to time if I don't take off your veil."

No. Afraid that he would really take it off, Cara took a step back and said, "No, I won't. I'll tell you everything from now on."

Dick stood up and pushed her against the wall, "Really? If it happens again, you won't have the chance to be with me. "

He didn't want to take off the gauze to scare her. It was nice and mysterious. This woman was excellent in all aspects and hoped that there would be more surprises in the future. Anyway, there were men around her, and women's thoughts were very useful.

Seeing her nodding, Dick smiled and said, "I'm going to change my clothes. Do you want to see it?"

"What?" When she realized what had happened, Cara covered her eyes and turned around again. Her heart beat faster. Oh, no, she thought too much. It was so shameful.

She didn't dare to go out. Well, she didn't dare to look. He opened the wardrobe, and it was full of memories. There were many clothes since childhood, and his mother liked to dress up her children. From time to time, he would wear them and walk around the family residence, which would attract admiration.

But there were still so many clothes today. It seemed that his mother would change clothes on time all these years. What he said that day did hurt his mother, and that slap was worth it.

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