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   Chapter 107 Cara Of The Mo Family (Part One)

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Water drops jumped everywhere in the open-air swimming pool. Dick enjoyed morning exercise alone and Moore caught up to provoke him.

"Brother, let's have a backstroke competition." Finally, he had the chance to compete with his brother.

On the shore, Baey stretched her muscles and jumped into the swimming pool. In a green swimsuit, she played happily like seaweed and crooked her finger at her husband.

"What's going on? Only I come to the swimming pool in the early morning. As soon as he comes back, you all come to swim. How can I swim with so many people? "

No one paid attention to Rex on the shore. It was enough for even ten people. Dick backstroke laughed at the sky. Since he left here, his morning swimming habit had been suspended. He didn't want to think of the beautiful past, but he couldn't sleep all night and couldn't help jumping down in the early morning.

With a white bath towel, Niki sat on the cold chair with watermelon juice in her hand. Her family seldom met together. Her mother had really changed. It seemed that since the child came to this house, she missed her brother very much. She wanted to admit in front of her that although she was strict over the years, she did it for everyone's good.

For this election, the family must be united. So it would make his brother's wish come true. Although Dick was not willing to attend this election, if the election was successful, he, his own family and all the clans would benefit.

"Daughter, come down." Baey had been worried that her daughter would refuse a blind date last night, but unexpectedly, she agreed and asked her why, but she didn't tell her.

Take off the bath towel. Niki's good figure is coveting. Her brother often said that he would find a woman according to her sister's figure in the future. Our Moore is about to be an adult.

She jumped into the water, quickly swam to her brother's side, pulled Dick's hand and jumped out of the water. "They all care about my blind date. Why don't you ask?"

He snapped his fingers and immediately the servant brought a towel to him. Then Dick jumped ashore and put his feet on his sister's body. He used to play like thi

as right. It was a good thing to be loyal to each other, but they must be separated according to the situation. "Son, your mother is right. You should know who treats you well. Don't attach too much importance to everyone. That is to be cruel to yourself."

"I understand. Don't worry." Dick sat down to have food, "I'll go out later."

Baey immediately asked, "Where are you going? You can leave with a few people. "

"My lady, what's wrong with you recently? This is Switzerland. No one dares to mess around in our base camp."

Old? How dare you say that I'm old? Baey put down the tableware and said, "Humph, old man, I'm just concerned about my son. Just in case, he hasn't come back for so long, and no one in the family can recognize him."

"Mom, I'm a good boy. Don't worry. I'll take one with me." In order to set his mother's mind at rest, Dick would took one person with him.

Moore laughed, "Brother, you are so disgusting. How dare you say you are good? I heard from my sister that you have beaten all the children who grew up with you."

It hurt. He covered his forehead and said, "Sister, it hurts."

"Stop talking nonsense." Niki covered her face with her hands. Indeed, when Dick was a child, he was the overlord of this area. But since he left and went back to school, he was said to be a good student with good conduct and academic performance. There was no fight at all, but the nature of him could not be changed.

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