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   Chapter 106 Being Busy (Part Two)

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"I didn't find it until three years ago. You paid attention to all the news in legal and illegal, but you left the North Latitude Family aside. If I were you, I wouldn't have been like this. Now it also proves that this is your weakness. You have been doing well outside, but your family won't stab you?"

"That summer, a batch of my family's goods were taken away. You helped me to take them back, right? And they were secretly transported back to the warehouse. I had already gone home, but I was still worried about looking back. I ran into your men. At first, I didn't know, and when I fought with him, it proved that I was old."

"He could have killed me, but he just made me unable to stand up. He thought I fainted and said that he would kill me if I were not the father of master."

Dick was surprised, "Damn it! How dare you hide it from me? Dad, are you all right?"

"It's okay for a long time. I knew it when I heard this news. You seemed to have been focusing on medical care and business all these years, but it was just a cover for your family. I understand you are angry with me. If I was exiled at such a young age, I would be ashamed into anger."

"The only thing I'm proud of is that you haven't really given up on yourself. You can still do something. This is the capital for you to go back to the North Latitude Family. As parents, we can't give you that."

With a cup of coffee in her hand, Baey came in without knocking at the door. "I'm sorry. I have no spare hands."

How could Rex Zhou not know his wife's mind? She must want to know the secret between them.

"Go on, just ignore me."

Then Dick picked up the kraft paper bag and said, "Dad, mom, I'm going back to my room." He didn't forget to take the coffee made by her mother.

"Don't go. You two have gone too far. No, it's three. Both of your two sons listen to you. Your daughter's marriage is not at ease. You all bully me." Baey pretended to be angry.

It was not easy to coax his wife. Rex held his wife in his arms and said, "Of course not. If anyone dares to bully you, I'll disable him. Is it because of Moore? If he doesn't listen to you, I'll exile him out."

"How dare you? As a mother, I feel very guilty for what happened to Dick. I don't allow my children to be sent out in the future. You are the one who should be disabled most. You coax m

d to make. Was she really enjoying the fruits of his life?

Neil walked over, looked at the documents on the table and closed them directly. "Haste makes waste. Health is the most important thing. I heard that you didn't leave until ten o'clock last night. Don't your family worry about you?"

"Don't worry. I'll be fine." Olivia told her parents that Mr. Dick had left and he would temporarily take over the company. Her parents were shocked by this and acquiesced in their daughter's behavior.

Alas, at first, they were afraid that she would not care about it, but now they were worried that she would care too much about it. This woman was really stubborn. She did not participate in the meeting project this morning, but gave a unique suggestion. It could be seen that she had worked hard, but how could she bear it if it went on like this.

"Put on your coat and I'll drive you home." Neil didn't want his Boss to know that. At that time, he would think that he had squeezed her. After all, no one could say what would happen in the future.

It was not good to refuse again. Olivia stuffed the document into her bag and said with a smile, "That's good. Anyway, I have nothing to do after dinner at home. Reading these can improve my knowledge."

"Well, you win." "Did Mr. Dick call you?" Neil asked curiously

Olivia shook her head, "No, I didn't. Since we have an agreement first, I'd better not disturb him during this period of time."

She was a sensible girl. Her Boss couldn't be distracted these days. A bright smile appeared on Neil's face.

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