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   Chapter 42 Heart Warming Attack

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The revolving restaurant, which was supposed to be sparrow, was silent with only the faint light. The atmosphere was lonely. There was no drop of wine in the glass on her right hand, but she was still drinking blankly.

With different sushi in her hands, Tina said, "My little ancestor, eat something first. It's bad for your health."

Who said that only a glass of wine could be drunk? Cassie chose the most direct way, and the bottle was also very suitable. She could not help but feel wronged. "Why? He loves me so much. He found a woman so soon. We are still a couple."

If Tina had known that Cassie would be so painful, she would not have said that. She pretended to be relaxed and said, "I always said that Men are the same. If you don't treat him well, he must have come to divorce. Those love has already gone with the wind."

"You can call me in the daytime," Said Dick in a low voice

Hearing this, Cassie turned around and smiled. In order to meet him, she specially picked up the dress, which was customized from Italy by Mr. Alan, and there was only one.

She still liked to wear clothes with scales, just as she wanted to be the focus of everyone's attention. Dick just now reminded her of the day when she went to get the marriage certificate. She insisted on wearing a mask. Such a secret love might have known that it would end sooner or later.

"Have some food. I specially asked chef to make it for you." Cassie picked up the sushi and asked Dick to open his mouth.

"I'm not hungry. What do you want from me?" Compared with the food she fed, he missed the days when she went to the kitchen for him more.

His indifference made Cassie uneasy. "Do you hate me?"

Dick chuckled. He took off his coat and began to eat. He was so busy that he hadn't eaten anything yet. "Cassie, even if we are broken, we can't talk about this word. I don't hate anyone, and no one deserves my hatred."

"Is the woman with you tonight really your new love?" Cassie couldn't help but ask.

Her tone was really nostalgic. "No, even if it is, it will have nothing to do with you soon. As for the shares of my company, it's impossible. But if you sign the agreement as soon as possible, I can give you my position. I

ouldn't have treated her like a woman. He'd better do it as soon as possible, or he would be the one who couldn't eat.

The sushi of this restaurant was very special, but it was different from what Olivia had learned in the shop. "No, what time is it? Hasn't it closed yet?"

Well, yes, it should had already closed at this time. "Who am I? It's easy to eat its sushi."

When a big star came, the shop would certainly serve her. Cassie had grown up and followed him for a long time, so she would choose a fast way to develop herself.

"Humph, I used your privilege again." Olivia was unhappy and her lips tilted.

Dick had forgotten that she was still a little cynical. "Then don't eat. Keep hungry."

Olivia smiled and continued to fill her stomach. It was better not to feel sorry for her. After all, she was moved that Dick could still remember her.

"Why did you break up with Armand? Just a minute? " Dick couldn't figure out what was going on.

Olivia sighed and repeated, "Is it necessary for me to get in touch with such a person?"

"Listen to me. Give up the blind date and develop a relationship with my good friend. You won't be disappointed." Dick smiled

"My mother has introduced another one to me. I'll try again. I believe it." Taking advantage of his inattention, Olivia stuffed the last two pieces of the box into her mouth.

Feeling speechless, Dick covered his eyes and looked around. Fortunately, there was no one else. It was so embarrassing.

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