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   Chapter 41 Disturbance In The Hospital

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It was very quiet in the car. Olivia's clenched fists were sweating. She didn't know if her father could be saved if Mr. Dick called. After all, Dr. Edward was her father's attending doctor, and she would know more about the situation.

"I'm sorry. Uncle Edward went abroad for a meeting, but he said he would call back and ask the deputy director to re-examine your father in person."

Although Dr. Edward was not here, what else could she say since he had said that? "Thank you."

"If you still don't trust me, you can ask your father to transfer to another hospital. My aunt is also an authority in the field of psychology and surgery. She just came back from abroad. I can help you contact her."

She turned to look at him. Was he telling the truth? He said he had a doctor's license.

Dick could tell what she was thinking from her expression. "My family is a family of doctors. I have been a doctor since my Grandpa. Now there are still five doctors in my family at work."

"That's awesome!" Olivia couldn't help but envy his parents. In recent years, her parents' health was getting worse and worse, and they went to the hospital more and more times. She was still unfilial. Every time his parents recovered, they told her the truth. It was not until her father was seriously ill last time that she was called back.

Thinking of this, Olivia couldn't help crying.

The woman's golden tears came again. "Don't worry. Uncle will be fine." Dick said.

After staying in the hospital for two months, Olivia was very familiar with the hospital's environment. Soon she found her mother. Looking at her back, she felt a lump in his throat.

"Mom, how is dad?" She tried to suppress her emotions, but her voice changed.

Olivia's mother calmed her daughter down and said, "He's stable and has just been pushed back. Here comes another doctor. He said that it's director. Did you call Sylvia again?"

"It's good that dad is fine. How could this be? What happened to him? " Last time when her father was discharged from the hospital, the doctor told him to have a good rest and not to be irritated.

Just as her mother was about to say something, she saw the

he had to step on the brake. When he looked carefully, he found it was her.

Tina walked down and knocked on the door. "Mr. Dick, don't forget your current situation. You haven't divorced yet. Restrain yourself."

"Who are you? Why you dashed out. " Sylvia was angry. This woman was so coquettish that she felt uncomfortable.

Tina had thought that this woman was just a colleague of Mr. Dick, so she beat him on purpose. But now it seemed that they were in a relationship. No wonder he wanted to break up with Cassie.

"Mr. Dick, you are so charming. See you in the old place. Just let the people off." After saying that, Tina turned around and went back to the minibus.

Withdrawing his arm, Dick frowned and asked, "Why don't you let go of me?"

"I'm sorry. Her attitude is very annoying. I can't help it. Is she your woman? If she is, I apologize." Sylvia said with a smile.

Dick knew what she meant by her expression. He had a high standard of choosing a woman.

"You lived in army residential compound?" Asked Dick softly.

Sylvia nodded and shook his head, "I can't go back. I rent an apartment myself. Since you have something to deal with, just put me down. It's easy to take a taxi here."

Dick raised his phone and shook it, "Your good friend told me, as the boss, to send you back." The more Dick thought about it, the more suspicious he became an assistant.

"Then it's better to accept it than to be respectful."

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