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   Chapter 39 Have Fun Alone

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After closing the computer, Olivia put the documents on the table back to their positions one by one, took out her high-heeled shoes from under the table, stood up and took a photo in front of the window. She opened her makeup bag and put on the lip gloss. A series of preparations were only for blind date.

When she walked out of the office, she happened to bump into Mr. Dick. The man stared at her and snickered, "Carl is quite attentive to you. He gave you a big bunch of flowers."

"See you tomorrow, Mr. Dick," Said Olivia with a forced smile.

All of a sudden, his face darkened with displeasure. Dick said coldly, "Stop. Help me print out the documents on my desk. I want to take them away."

"Mr. Dick, it's off duty now."

What's wrong with the off duty time? Dick took her bag and said, "I'll take it for you. Go and call it, or it will be a waste of your time."

In a huff, Olivia rushed into his office, picked up the document, knocked on the door and entered Secretary Shen's office. "Miss Tracy, Mr. Dick is in a hurry to get this document. You know I'm going to have a blind date later. Help me."

"No problem. It's only three minutes. Go ahead."

Hearing that, Dick's chin dropped. He put the bag in his hand behind his back and didn't let Olivia take it. "What's wrong with you? My friend, Carl, is pursuing you. He has given you all the flowers. Can you be more thankful?"

"If you go to deal with my mother, and I'll be thankful."

The woman who turned around and left made him frustrated. What happened? It was he who made her know her brother. If she succeeded in the blind date before his brother came back, she would be playing tricks on him.

He pushed the door of the Secretary's room open and said, "No, thanks, Miss Tracy. Go back to sleep early."

Looking at the man's back, Tracy smiled shyly. He actually cared about her, which was the first time in six years.

After driving out of the parking lot, Dick was looking for the figure of Olivia around. He walked very fast. When he arrived at the station, he honked twice.

Seeing that there were so many people around, Olivia went forward for a while and provoked the public anger. "What are you doing?"

"Come on, I'll drive you there."

Why was he so kind? "No, thanks.


Jacob pretended to cry, "I'm not a girl. You don't have to be so fierce, do you? Why are you so unhappy to see me? "

They looked at each other coldly. Sometimes, Dick thought that if Jacob was born to be a girl, he would still be a model and always be ashamed of himself.

"Why are you here?" Pulling down his phone number, he had a deep understanding of his assistant. Wouldn't he flatter others? Do you want a promotion.

Jacob pointed at the woman in front of the bar counter and said, "My new girlfriend is not bad, isn't she? This is her family business. How popular it is! It attracted the eloquent Mr. Dick."

"That's not enough. Get me a seat." Of course, Dick wouldn't let go of this resource. His friends changed girlfriends too fast. If he didn't use it this time, he might not have a chance next time.

Jacob patted his chest and said, "It is easy."

Immediately, there was a seat for him. He walked to Olivia and said," I'm going to have lunch in advance. It seems that your blind date is late. You can only starve."

Olivia knew that he was a capable man. "Just eat your food. Don't show off to me here. If you speak louder, I guess this group of people will make you die miserably."

"You are so vicious. Please let me give you a seat in advance." Dick felt that he was a bitch too. If he had nothing else to do, he would come to her for scolding.

Olivia turned her head and said, "No, I think you will never understand. Waiting for delicious food is also a kind of happiness."

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