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   Chapter 34 Amazing Blind Date

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The young man sniffed at the price. "Miss, look clearly. This is a Porsche. Are you kidding me? It costs three thousand or four thousand dollars to paint."

The Olivia lowered her head and pulled the silent man beside her, "Is your car all in danger?"

"You want to do it privately?" Dick said As if this was not his car.

The man was unhappy. "Who is the boss? Hurry up. I'm waiting for a blind date. To tell you the truth, I rent this car. I have to negotiate with him when I go back. I won't ask for more ten thousand. "

Rented? Blind date? 'Damn it! How can I forget about the blind date? I should call him if I'm late, 'Olivia thought.

"Bro, it's you who scratched my car. And the Porsche doesn't mean it's more expensive than a Land Rover on the road. Look at the model, okay? It's better to let the police handle it. " This man was so ridiculous. How dare he yell at the Porsche with the lowest configuration.

All of a sudden, the man's face changed. "Hello, Miss Olivia? I'm really sorry. My car was scraped. Please wait for me for a moment. I'll be right there. "

Olivia, who was holding the phone, was completely stunned. Dick whispered in the Olivia's ear with a smile, "It turns out that his blind date is you. It's really wonderful. In that case, I have no objection if you want to have a private date."

She was so embarrassed. No, her mother said that he had a car. Why did he rent a car to go on a blind date? Did she meet a weirdo at her first blind date?

"Miss Olivia? Are you Miss Olivia?" The man also came to his senses at this time, and his tone changed.

She really didn't want to admit that she was the most unlucky one to be seen by her boss. Was there anything more miserable than this?

"It's me. You'd better take the insurance. Your car is not yours, and mine is not mine either. It's not up to us to decide on our own." Things had been done according to the procedure. It would be better

The man sneered, "Oh, I see. My aunt also said that you are a high income lady. Forget it. Let's not mention the car. That i

y small. My friends are my classmates and colleagues, so I haven't met any suitable person."

"Yes." Olivia agreed.

The man looked at his watch and said, "Miss Olivia, would you like to eat something? Its cakes are also good. The person I met last time introduced them to me."

"Oh, no, I'm not hungry. How many blind dates have you had?"

George smiled shyly, "Not many, seven, but all of them were refused by me. It's really blind date. But Miss Olivia, to be honest, the reason why I invited you in is really because I like you. Do you have the same feeling for me?"

"Mr. George, I'm a slow and warm-hearted person. I really can't answer your question at the first sight. "

"How could this woman discuss this topic with a man?" Dick sighed

"It seems that I have no hope. I hope you can think about me. Then I'll go first."

Olivia said politely to keep in touch, but hoped that they would not see each other again.

"Hey, who introduced this man to you? Beg me. I don't mind introducing some handsome man to you. What do you think? " Dick believed that the quality of the men around him was absolutely better than him.

Looking at his complacent face, Olivia stood on tiptoe and wrapped her arms around the man's neck. "In that case, Mr. Dick, you can pay for the coffee by yourself."

"Are you a woman? Let me go." In public, Dick felt embarrassed.

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