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   Chapter 32 Want Too Much

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Jackson, who paid by the hour, had a feeling that he was cheated. The assistant couldn't imagine that it wouldn't be so easy. He said he would see her in ten minutes. It was an hour later. What a joke.

Since you don't cooperate, I have to say sorry .Jackson picked up his phone and planned to go back to the film set. Since Miss Cassie is so busy, it's okay to talk with her while walking.

On the film set, the director applauded. It seemed that the person recommended by Mr. Alan was not a vase. The role's charm was well played, and tears came in time.

Looking at her waist for a long time, the smile on Tina's face almost broke. Fortunately, she was asking for a divorce, or her tears would not come so soon. She handed her a tissue and said, "Director said that you have potential. Is the divorce worth it?"

Patting her head, Tina said, "They asked me to fill in the form so I forgot the representative lawyer of Dick.

"His lawyer is so dedicated. Why is him in such a hurry to talk about it?" After getting off the stage, Cassie looked very worried. If Dick could really make up his mind, she had to make a good plan. After all, he was a fat man.

At the gate of the film set, Jackson was pacing back and forth.

"Jackson, why are you here?" The famous actress Abby recognized the man as soon as she came out. He helped her take her son back.

She looked familiar. It was not until then that Jackson remembered that he had helped her win a lawsuit. "I want to go to the film set to find someone, but they are not allowed to enter."

Abby was interested. It must be in the circle that Jackson came here to look for someone. As a lawyer, he must have some inside story. She smiled and said, "It's easy. Come with me."

That's great. If Jackson followed her in, of course Abby would ask who he was looking for. But as smart as he was, he certainly knew everything in their circle. "I am looking for Tina."

"Who is Tina?" Abby asked her agent

"The new actress's agent, the one who is flying all over the place, is not enough for her to shout."

It turned out to be her. The new comer had dealt with a lawyer. "Mr. Wang, what kind of lawsuit are you going to file this time?"

"Miss Abby, I have to keep the secret of the party, and it's the same to everyone."


ng this, Sylvia put her arms around Lisa's neck and said, "Lisa, it's not difficult for you to be a driver for the whole day. You can go back first when you pass by your home later. We'll meet tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I won't let your boyfriend go."

"Okay, you too. Go home early and have a good rest." Lisa was still worried. She took a look at Olivia and found that she was in good condition.

Because the driver was Sylvia, the car was suddenly at a high speed. Olivia fastened the seat belt leisurely. This girl liked this car very much and always wanted to give full play to it.

"Olivia, I'm going to visit my father later. You drive the car back. Help me change it with your boss and let him check. I didn't hurt his car." Sylvia received a call from his father, asking her to meet a person. She guessed that it might be a blind date.

Of course, Olivia was glad to do that. This trip was like a short journey. Along the way, she was accompanied by her good friend, with the fragrance of birds and flowers, and the knot of understanding. It was really worth it. Perhaps life was also like this trip, and only after going through it would you understand what it was like. That experience was far from something that could be covered by a great sense, and that experience deeply touched her heart.

"Olivia, you smiled." Sylvia finally saw her smile. Olivia always wore a straight face in the car yesterday.

Unaware of this, Olivia replied, "Well, smiling can help to lose weight. You can have a try."

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