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   Chapter 30 The Choice Of Divorce

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After Dick finished his work, he received his wife's call at the right time. Then he picked up his coat and left.

Cassie, who had been waiting in the western restaurant for three hours, sat there. The ashtray at the corner of the table was full of cigarette butts, and a few wisps of women's cigarettes were floating in the air.

This single choice made Cassie feel headache. She can't think out a perfect method and didn't want to give up anyone Cassie had chased Dick for three months, and it was not easy to conquer him. But it was rare that he was not easy to fall in love with, but once he was serious, he would really be good to you.

It was her dream to stand on a higher stage, but Dick couldn't satisfy her. If she asked him to invest millions in the entertainment circle, he would definitely refuse. Maybe this was a good way.

At first, Dick thought he would arrive first. It was rare for him to let his wife wait for him. "Sorry, there is a traffic jam." He smiled.

"I have just arrived." She immediately put the ashtray on the ground and stuffed the cigarette into her bag.

Seeing this, Dick didn't persuade her as usual. It was not easy to see her, so it was better to say something more useful.

The car key on the table was changed again. "A new car? Why didn't you ask me to go with you? "

"I want to find you to choose with me, but it is difficult."

Noticing that his wife's face changed, Dick smiled and said, "I'm just kidding. This is my friend's car. We can exchange it for a few days."

Cassie picked up the car key. She hated the curvaceous car very much. "Don't you feel sorry for your Land Rover?"

"I don't care except you." Said Dick.

Whether it was true or not, sweet words made Cassie happy. "In that case, can you satisfy me with one request?"

Dick nodded and let her talk.

"I really want to stay in the entertainment circle. I like acting. Acting is happy in my life. Isn't it good for me to be happy all my life?"

After all, this was still the case. Dick thought that he had a good temper. Anyone who changed for several times would feel that he was fooled.

"We haven't kissed for at least a week. The hickey on your neck is really clear."

Cassie touched her neck awkwardly and didn't know how to explain. She had told that bastard to be gentle, but Alan was still crazy and she had covered it with powder before she went out.

"As you know, Dick, it's inevitable that there will be some passionate scenes and more realistic. It's not what you think."

Dick smiled and said, "Cassie, we are both adults and a couple. You can talk to me directly. What do you want to say? Just tell me."

She wanted to speak it out, but she had to pay for it. Cassie put down the coffee in her hand and said, "I like this stage. I don't want to leave, but I don't want to leave you either. I love you."

"Announce the marriage news. You can stay in the entertainment industry, but you have to go home with me to face my family. It's fair, right? It's good for us. I can invest what you choose to act but you can't go too far." His mind was full of solutions in the whole afternoon, which was already the best idea.

When Cassie heard the two words "marriage news", she immediately denied it. Although she had never seen his family, she could tell from his mouth that his family was famous.

"Have you ever thought about it for me? If I leave the entertainment circle, I will be a jobless vagabond. Will your family agree to take me back? Give me five years. I will go back to see your parents with you as soon as I have the ability. At that time, my status will be stable, and the marriage news will consolidate the image. Why can't we do that? I'm just thinking about you. "

Did she real

ly know him? Looking at the familiar and strange lover in front of him, Dick felt unreal. "If I care, I won't get the marriage certificate with you. Why don't you believe me? Except for the life under the flashlight, I can satisfy you with anything. "

"What you give me is not what I want. Don't you understand?" Cassie answered immediately.

Hearing that, Dick was stunned. After a while, he nodded and said, "Okay, I won't hold you anymore. See you at the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow."

She didn't expect this answer from her own words. "Listen to me, Dick. I don't mean that. I'm flattering you. Without you, I can't get in touch with this circle. But only when I integrated into it did I find that I like it. I really want to be a good wife, and I also want to have a happy job."

"I will set you free. You will find someone more suitable for you." "I'll have my lawyer draw up the agreement tonight," said Dick, standing up

Without hesitation, Cassie turned around and closed her eyes. If she didn't do that, she would definitely catch up with him.

When Dick drove the car in a hurry, the panic in his heart suddenly disappeared without reason. He thought he didn't have the courage to divorce with her because he cared about her, but it turned out that it was not so difficult.

Maybe he was touched by her words. Since she thought he couldn't give her what she wanted, there was no need to struggle. There was really no need. She didn't think about getting married so early. It was her who moved him and wanted to settle down and have a family, but she didn't expect that it was her who was not prepared.

Dick took out his phone and dialed his friend's number. Knowing that the friend was still in the law office, he drove there directly.

In the law office, it was almost time to get off work.

"Jackson, are you still here?" The assistant put down her case and said.

The man shrugged and said, "I was about to leave when a friend came over."

"Is he here for a divorce?" She left with a teasing smile.

Jackson knocked on the table. Divorce? 'No way! Flash marriage and flash divorce? If it's true, I really want to congratulate him on returning to single.'

Dick put the dinner on his buddy's table and asked, "Are you satisfied?"

Looking at the table full of dishes, Jackson motioned, "Please have a seat. Mr. Dick, why are you here today?"

"Wait a minute. Let me guess first. Is it about the division of property? I have already asked you to do the property notarization before marriage, or divorce? You love each other very much, it's useless to break you up."

Hearing that, Dick coughed awkwardly. His head was really hit by the door. He came to the door to look for trouble. There are many famous lawyers in this city he can choose.

"I've given you the money, but you still have so much nonsense. I'll leave if you don't accept it."

They had known each other for more than 20 years. It was not difficult for Jackson to notice that Dick was sad. What should he do? It seemed that it was the divorce.

"You know the divorce agreement. After negotiating with her, I don't want to show up. Help me with the house, car and money. Try your best to satisfy her." The decision was made when Dick drove here. He had never been an ambiguous person. If it weren't for her, he would have lost his patience.

Jackson scratched his head and finally understood, "Why do you come to me if you want to satisfy her? Even a rookie who just graduated from the law department will do it well for you. I am a lawyer who fighting for the best interests of the party. But you case is really boring. "

"My wife, no, my ex-wife. It's not easy for you to deal with her." It seemed that Dick was telling the truth.

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