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   Chapter 29 Promise

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Coming out of the film set, there were endless flashlights. Cassie deliberately slowed down her pace and spread out the big tornado. She took off her sunglasses and set a Pose.

Tina came out angrily. Seeing the reporters, she had to restrain her temper. She walked in front of Cassie and pulled her out. She did not forget to grit her teeth in her ear, "You are going to quit. Why are you still flattering the camera?"

"It's been so long that I've already formed my instinct." Cassie lowered her eyes. The gorgeous dress she was wearing was too rare to be worn in this circle. Even if she attended the party, it was too extravagant. Thinking that she should take it off soon, she couldn't help but feel sad.

When she was about to get in the car, a man came over and said, "Miss Cassie, Mr. Alan invites you to get in this car."

Seeing her hesitation, Tina pushed her into the car in a hurry, but Cassie didn't move. She was struggling in her mind and was about to leave. It would be bad if there was another scandal.

"Hurry up, the reporters are coming up. You don't want others to suspect that you have gotten on a stranger's car, do you? At that time, you will dig into the darkness again and again."

Cassie got into the car in a hurry. Dick, who just got off the car, saw this scene. He wanted to give his wife a surprise and have lunch together.

The crowd dispersed. The man walked to the special car of Cassie. The driver was listening to the music leisurely and eating bread.

"Ben, where is Cassie?"

When Ben saw the person, he quickly sat up straight and swallowed the bread. "Mr. Dick, why are you here?"

Looking at his guilty look, Dick repeated it. As soon as he got the reply, he turned around and left.

Sitting in the car, 同Dick lit a cigarette and took two deep breaths before he dialed the Cassie's number.

He dialed again and again, but the phone was turned off. He threw away the cigarette, started the car and turned on the car music. He couldn't help frowning. The songs are not his style.

He even forgot that this was not his own car. He couldn't help thinking of his assistant, who was sometimes gentle and sometimes irritable. This little woman, who was like a tiger, really had the courage to run for love.

Cassie didn't call back until Dick was downstairs.

"Dick, I was shooting on the set, so I didn't hear you. Do you miss me?" Her voice was full of coquetry.

Dick kept silent. It might be a good idea to cheat me into going out for the shooting, but there was nothing else to say. If you want time, then I'll give you time. "Well, I miss you. Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?"

"Well, I'll try my best? You know it doesn't depend on me. "

Taking a deep breath, Dick said, "Okay, call me when you finish."

"Miss Jessica, Mr. Alan is urging you." The man said on the phone.

Cassie hurriedly pressed the receiver and said goodbye to her husband. Then she quickly followed the man upstairs.

"Why are you here, Mr. Alan?" Cassie was frightened. Her husband's house was in the two district. She didn't want Dick to go back home now.

One man replied, "Mr. Alan just bought this house and specially invite Miss Cassie to visit it."

Cassie was quite familiar with the houses in this area. Half a year ago, she had looked for many buildings with Dick. In the end, they chose the smallest one hundred and fifty square meters here which had a small garden.

Looking around, Cassie entered the room. Seeing Mr. Alan watching TV on the sofa, she greeted him, "Mr. Alan, what's up? Why do you ask me to come here in the daytime? Do you want to have lunch?"

The man asked his men to leave first, and immediately showed a smil

e. He grabbed the woman's thin arm and pulled her into his arms. "Little temptress, I miss your long legs so much." He pulled her into his arms.

"You are so hurry." Michelle put her arms around the man's neck. Although he was not as handsome as her husband, he was very good-looking. His figure was not as good as her husband's, but he was not fat, and she felt good with him.

The man put her on the sofa and said, "Baby, do you like this house?"

"Yes, I like it. The villa area here is very good."

Mr. Alan sneered, "You're such a temptress. If you like this key, it's yours."

The shining key was in front of her eyes, which made Cassie absent-minded. As soon as she got the key, Dick came to her house and asked her to close her eyes. He specially bought a black swan cake, held the key and announced that he would give her a home.

Feeling a pain in her waist, Cassie took the key and said, "You hurt me. Take this key as compensation."

Alan laughed. It didn't matter what kind of reputation he had. He picked up Cassie and walked quickly to the bedroom. The dark blue bed sheet was very bright.

With white skin, Cassie lay on the bed like a mermaid. How could such a beautiful scene not make the man excited?

The room became warm gradually. Without the fear of having sex with him for the first time, Cassie began to enjoy it. This feeling was very exciting. Although the freshness between her and her husband had not subsided, Cassie's eyes were more blurred when she thought that her husband fell in love with someone else.

Cassie came to her senses and rested her head in the man's arms. "Mr. Alan, do you think I'm suitable for the entertainment industry? I've been confused these days. "

"You little fool, as long as you stay with me and it's not easy to walk on the road, I will help you so that you can be successful." The man was not arrogant. He is rich and powerful.

With great interest, Cassie looked up at the man with seductive eyes and asked, "Do you really mean it?"

"What? Do you want to sign a contract with me?"

Cassie chuckled and said, "How can I not believe what you said, Mr. Alan? But what you said is in bed. People always said that what men said in bed is a lie. Don't you believe me? "

"Then let's go downstairs first." Alan joked.

Cassie patted him on the chest and said, "You're not serious."

Taking out a document from the drawer, Alan raised Cassie's chin and said, "This is a movie script, which is exclusively launched by our company and will be put on sale vigorously."

"Mr. Alan, if I read this script, it will be mine." Cassie didn't take it.

The man laughed, "You are mine now. It's not impossible to flatter you, but to get more than you deserve."

"Am I not worth it? Mr. Alan, I don't lack a house. The only thing you can attract me is your personal charm. "

Alan was stunned. He thought she would say she liked the name under the flashlight like other actors, but it was the first time that someone had said so. It was really pleasant.

"Okay, I like it. You are really worth it. You should know that I have been unmarried and we have ample time in the future. But there is one thing, the woman I want must only be used by me, so you'd better get rid of the men around you as soon as possible, or don't blame me for breaking the contract."

With her head down and her hair covering half of her face, what Alan said in such a calculated tone made her feel stressed. Although Dick was also a businessman, he never calculated against her, but what could she do at the moment?

"It's almost the time. I have to go to the company."

Half an hour later, there was silence in the room, but Cassie didn't get up.

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