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   Chapter 28 The Relationship Of Good Friends

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It rained nonstop, and Lisa, whose long dress was wet, came late. The three sisters moved to a nearby cafe.

"I'm sorry. I didn't get rid of the clients until today. I'm almost torn apart." Lisa felt so warm when she saw the coffee which had been ordered.

Sylvia winked at Olivia and said hesitantly, "You have worn the diamond ring. Why do you still work so hard? Go home and be a full-time housewife."

Taking off the ring from his best friend's hand, Sylvia was always fond of these shiny things. She recognized it at the first sight, which seemed to be true love. "DR, you can buy it once in your life. Tell me the truth, who is it? You either explain in detail, or make an appointment immediately."

Olivia took over the ring. It was really romantic to have one carat promise and only one time to buy it. Half a year ago, she went to the counter with Flynn and just wandered around casually. He said that this was a business stunt, but it had to be said that it had won the hearts of all couples. These days there was no guarantee, but it could make him feel at ease. It was worth it.

"Are you okay?" Lisa found that the leaves were touching the ring, and his eyes turned red.

Olivia stood up and said, "I need to go to the bathroom."

Leaning against the marble, Olivia's eyes were red with tears. They were talking about marriage. They had gone so far, but they could not hold on. How ironic it was! When talking about others, they were always the head of the matter. What happened to her? She took out her tightly held mobile phone.

The voice of waiting came, "Hello, are you Olivia?"

The woman, Olivia heard her voice and coughed to make herself not cry. "I'm looking for Flynn."

"He's taking a shower. I'll ask him to call you back when he comes out later." The woman's voice was flat without any ups and downs, as if it was an ordinary thing.

The phone had already been called, and it would be too hypocritical to say no more. Olivia smiled, "Well, okay, I will wait for his call."

"Wait a minute, Olivia. We are going to get married. You will receive the invitation soon. I hope you can come to our wedding. After all, we are classmates."

As if being stabbed in the heart, Olivia forced a smile and said, "Don't worry. We will all go. Congratulations! "

Why did I call him? Olivia didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. After leaving a city, they ended a relationship. Now it seemed that she was slow in reaction. They must have been together for a long time.

When she came out of the bathroom, a waiter handed her a note. "Mr. Dick let me gave it to you. He invited you to have a seat upstairs."

She was unbelievable and went upstairs, wearing a casual white shirt and beige trousers different from the office, fiddling with the computer. This coffee shop was very ordinary, not like the place where Mr. Dick would come. "What a coincidence."

"Yes, I even doubt if you are following me." When Dick received the phone call, he found a cafe at random because he had an important document to send to the United States.

Hearing this, Olivia immediately turned around. The man smiled and said, "Well, I'm just kidding. Your friends are all beauties."

"Mr. Dick, you should be worried, but you still in the mood to appreciate beautiful women."

Dick turned the computer to Olivia and said, "Look at this document. Can you remember who did it with you and Tracy? Have anyone did it again."

At the negotiation of the resort, Olivia was stunned and said sarcastically, "Mr. Dick, the position you gave me is a personal assistant, which is your vase. I can't get involved in s

uch a case now, but I remember it."

"Okay, tell me who she is. Her job will be yours from now on." Dick didn't want to beat around the bush with her. After all, they were not in the company.

"It's off duty now. I don't want to talk about business."

"Are you not in the mood to talk about it? Your makeup is ruined by tears. Are you broken up?" Since she didn't want to talk about it, then don't blame him for exposing her scar.

Olivia nodded and said, "So what? I'm disappointed in love. Mr. Dick, can you make me more complacent in the workplace?"

"Tell me who she is. I'll give you a promotion and a pay rise."

Olivia snorted, "Forget it. I'll be fired if your wife says a word. You don't count at all."

"If I don't count, you would have been fired." Dick said.

"I'm leaving now."

As soon as Olivia sat down, Sylvia's gossip broke out again. "The man upstairs is good. He is wearing famous brands."

"What are you thinking about? He is my boss." Olivia almost said that he was married.

Lisa tittered, "No wonder it's different to sit there. What's wrong with boss? The person who gave me the ring is my boss."

"Are you crying?"

"Flynn is getting married."

Olivia knew it without asking. Although she put it down, she still said, "Sister, just say a word. Let's go to find him now. It's only a few days after you broke up. You have been in love for several years. It's not too late."

"Am I crazy?"

"Olivia, go and have a try, or you will regret. You came back in a hurry this time, not to break up face to face. There are many things that can't be explained." Sylvia was the one who knew the whole story best. From time to time, she could hear Rain mention about Flynn.

"I have to go to work tomorrow."

Sylvia stood up straight. Dick's eyes were fixed on their table, as if they were arguing and crying. Why did she come to me now? It was not me who made her cry.

"Hello, I'm a friend of Olivia."

"Please have a seat," said Dick, shaking hands with the woman.

"I won't sit here. You are her boss. I want to ask for a leave for her. It's urgent. It's related to her marriage."

The man smiled, "Do you want me to give her a gift?"

Sylvia was stunned. This man was really humorous. "It depends on whether you can give her a leave or not."

It was the first time that someone dared to ask for leave from him like this. "How many days?" Dick smile.

"Three days. It will take two days to go back. If it doesn't work, you can also let her cry at home for a day." Sylvia said clearly.

"Okay, just three days. Do you need any help?"

At first, it was unnecessary, but when Sylvia saw the man's car, she said, "This is my car key. Your car is a Land Rover, right? Exchange it for the time being. When I come back, I will return it to you. If it is scrapped, I will compensate you a car. This is my name card."

"No problem." Dick remembered that Olivia said he was a new friend last night. Since her friend needed him, he think it is good.

Sylvia was full of affection for such a straightforward boss. After thanking him, she went downstairs immediately.

"Olivia, I've asked for three days' leave for you. We'll leave right away. As for your parents, I will tell them. Lisa, can you ask for a leave ?"

Without hesitation, Lisa said, "Even if I am not allow to leave, I still go with you."

"That's right. Listen to me. No matter who Flynn chooses this time, we just don't want to regret. Olivia, you have been together for more than five years. You should be free and easy."

"Don't you know me? I will let it go when I know it hurts." Olivia smiled.

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