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   Chapter 26 Do Something Wrong Out Of Kindness

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When the seafood feast was served, Dick's eyes lit up when he saw Olivia. He guessed that she didn't even have dinner when she worked overtime.

"Tell me, what is the priceless news?"

She looked at the time and said, "Your wife called me back just now. I was afraid that she would misunderstand us if she said that we were together, so I told her that you left your phone in this restaurant and you would call her back later when you came back."

Without any blush on her face and heart beating, she was skilled at lying. "Just eat. Don't care about her. It's her who doesn't listen to my phone. Now she calls back, do I have to answer it?" Dick said.

Olivia was accidentally stabbed. She sighed, "You and your lover are like this crab. The outer shell is hard, and only when you open it can you taste the fresh inside. When you quarrel, you become fully armed and hurt each other."

"Olivia, I feel so awkward to hear your metaphor."

When the usher saw the guest coming, he asked, "Hello, how many are you?"

"I'm looking for someone. A gentleman's phone was left here just now." As soon as Cassie finished dinner with her agent, she found an excuse and sneaked out.

The usher walked to the bar counter and asked. When he was told that it was not true, Cassie immediately denied, "It's impossible. Your waiter picked it up. It's this restaurant."

Looking around, Cassie was so angry that she gritted her teeth and said, "It's all right. I found it." She went straight to the table where Dick and Olivia sat.

"How dare you bring a woman here for midnight snack before we finish. What do you think of me?"

On hearing this, Olivia raised her head in a hurry and saw Cassie face change.

"Pay attention to your image. Someone is looking at you." Dick reminded her on purpose.

To his disappointment, Cassie quickly lowered her head and pulled a chair to sit down. Her long black dress was mopping the ground, and her nails were clasped on the arm of Olivia. "Did you answer the phone just now?"

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to lie to you. I was just afraid that you would misunderstand me." Olivia had never expected that Cassie would come here in a hurry. She was doomed now.

"If it was not too much people here, I would have torn your mouth apart. You are really great. Isn't it a coincidence that you appeared at the stairway that day? You have deliberately contacted us and wanted to separate us, haven't you? Stop dreaming." Cassie said.

"You really misunderstood me." Olivia didn't know how she associated it, but her arm had been scratched red.

Unable to stand it anymore, Dick said coldly, "Cassie, the problem between us has nothing to do with her. You come just in time. Let's talk about it tonight."

"No problem. The premise is that you fire her immediately, or we have nothing to talk about."

What does it have to do with her? Olivia stood up and said, "I'm sorry to bother you. I'll go first."

Cassie pushed her down and said, "It's not that easy to leave. What? You have a conscience now? Isn't it exciting to seduce others' husbands? "

Withdrawing her arm, Olivia answered word by word, "No, I'm not. Mr. Dick and I are just superior and subordinate. If we are closer, we can at most be regarded as new friends. Because of your recent emotional problems, Mr. Dick is very sad and he is in a bad mood, so we just chat. You really misunderstood."

"That sounds great. I've seen a lot of women like you. You just want to break us up."

It was hard to say a

word, so Olivia understood. This time, it was also a lesson. She was wrong. After all, they were a couple. It was not her turn to help them. She did something wrong out of kindness.

"That is all? I guessed right. Dick, you should fire her. I don't want to see her again." Cassie sneered.

"First, I don't have that kind of relationship with her. Second, I can't fire employees because of something unimportant. Third, you should apologize to her. " Said Dick seriously.

With three sneers, Cassie gave him a thumbs up and said, "Well done, Mr. Dick. You've never spoken to me like that because of an outsider. You want to prove that you have nothing to do with her. It's very simple. If you fire her, I'll believe you."

"Don't question me unilaterally. Can you prove to me that you didn't have an affair with that man? According to your theory, if you leave the entertainment circle, I will believe you. "

Cassie didn't expect that he would mention it in front of the stranger. Her face changed constantly. "My body and heart belong to you only."

"It's useless to say that. I've heard enough. Let's make a decision."

With her chin propped up, Olivia heard that they refused to compromise. "Hey, calm down, okay? Miss Cassie, if I leave the company, you can live a good life with Mr. Dick. I'm willing to do it. As long as you give me the liquidated damages, I can find another job. After all, you can be happy. "

"Miss Olivia, your word sounds good. Dick, you heard what she said. She is willing to leave the company. What do you think?"

If it was in the past, nobody was more important than her except his family. But after so many things, his patience had been worn out. After dismissing Olivia, Cassie would still find various excuses.

"What are you thinking about? It's just paying the liquidated damages. Is my happiness comparable to money?" Cassie was dissatisfied with her husband's hesitation.

Looking at the familiar face, Dick stood up and said, "Leave the entertainment circle, or our marriage will come to an end. Cassie, I'm not kidding with you."

Olivia thought, 'Well, if Flynn tells me this, I will leave without hesitation. My career is important, but if I have a conflict with my family, I may choose a warmer harbor. However, as a woman in the new era, Miss Cassie's choice is understandable.'

In order to leave the rest of the time for them, Olivia quietly left her seat.

Cassie didn't say a word, but her eyes turned red. 'Honey, I regret it, too. I have tried so hard to make progress until now, but you let me give up. How can I be willing to give up?'?

"Is it really that difficult? Your second degree is design. Even if you are not in my company, you can go abroad. Why do you have to take this path? " Sometimes, Dick wondered if he was cruel to deprive his wife's dream, but as a man, he was not so generous as to stay calm when he saw the nude photos.

Cassie thought of what Tina had said. Men were selfish. They wanted women to be their private goods. If Dick was a poor man, wouldn't he agree that his wife could make a lot of money? He just thought he could give her what she want.

"Give me a month, okay? I have to finish my work. It's not easy to leave Tina alone. I promise you, after that, I will leave the entertainment circle. " Cassie hugged her husband.

Hearing her compromise, Dick hugged her and said, "Honey, listen to me this time. You can decide anything in the future."

"It's what you said, fire the Olivia immediately."

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