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   Chapter 25 Bursting Out Of Nature

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At eight o'clock in the evening, a desk lamp in the corner of the office emitted a faint light. In silence, only the sound of fingers quickly typing on the keyboard could be heard.

Olivia focused on the screen and glanced at the documents on the table from time to time. She could have been off work three hours earlier, but she was still struggling. She was willing to stay because of Miss Shen's plea.

There was a loud sound, and no one was there. Olivia trembled with fear. What happened? It didn't make any noise again. Was she had seen so many ghost movies that she felt a chill on her back.

All of a sudden, the whole floor was lit up. Soon, two security guards rushed in and asked fiercely, "who? Come out. I saw you and you had better take the initiative to come out. "

What happened? Was there really a thief coming to steal the confidential information? Although Olivia knew it was not her, she still raised her hands obediently. "I'm working overtime. The noise seems to come from that side."

The security guard came over and looked at the computer screen to confirm her words, then walked to the source of the voice.

The door of the CEO's office was suddenly opened. A man roared, "Take the damn light away from me."

"Mr.Dick, I'm sorry. We thought it was a theft." The security guard explained and dutifully check the room.

"It's my fault. I broke the wine rack by accident. It's okay. You can go downstairs." Dick said.

As soon as Dick got off work, he locked himself in the room. He was drunk and fell asleep. He would not have come out if he hadn't heard the noise outside.

"Why are you still here?" Seeing the little woman standing still.

"It's almost done," Olivia replied awkwardly After thinking for a while, she added, "Mr.Dick is still working. How dare I, as his assistant, get off work.".

"Really? I'm off duty now. I'll wait for you in the parking lot. " Dick looked at her meaningfully. This woman must have many faces. She worked very hard in the day, but she was casual with him as soon as she got off work.

Someone sent her home out of kindness, Olivia sped up, or she would lose thirty dollars by taxi.

She took off her high-heeled shoes and changed into a suit which she bought it from Mr. Dick. She was careful when it was so expensive.

He waited in the car until he almost fell asleep. He saw the woman's figure. She was really awesome.

"If you are one minute late, I will leave."

Olivia laughed, "I don't believe it. It can only prove that Mr. Dick is not trustworthy."

"If you keep being sharp tongued, I will push you down."

Heroes do not eat the immediate loss. Olivia shut up obediently. It would be troublesome if he really left her at this late hour, but this direction was not right.

"Mr. Dick, are you driving in the wrong direction?"

He took out a card from the storage box and said, "It is past twelve o'clock. You can take it."

"Wow, it is a fine dining restaurant. But I'll get fat if I eat it at this time." Thinking of the crab roe, Olivia hesitated.

"I don't believe that women at the age of eighty still care about weight. You should lose weight every day and starve to death." Dick said.

Every time Olivia went to have dinner, Cassie would choose a place, order a lot of food and put them into her stomach. But she didn't. She cooked vegetables with water, and if there was oil in it, she will wash by water. What was the taste of this kind of meal? She refused immediately when there was only a little more calories, regardless that she was brought back from abroad.

"I can't eat. Why you are so impolite? I won't let the delicious food go. The worst result is that I can run a few more times tomorrow." Olivia said.

"That's good." The phone of Dick's cell phone was automatically replayed.

Seeing this, Olivia handed her mobile phone and said, "How about you try my mobile phone?"

"Then help me." Dick threw his phone over. He really hated himself like this. He knew clearly that he shouldn't take the initiative to call, but he still couldn't help it.

Olivia's attempt succeeded. She put the phone close to Dick's ear. Dick said, "Cassie, you finally agreed to answer the phone. It would be too boring if you only set me as refusing to answer it."

He grabbed the phone and threw it out of the window. Olivia screamed and asked him.

"Stop the car and get it back right now." "Why you can do that?" Olivia said. "It's just a quarrel with your wife. Can you be tolerant? You smell like alcohol. I'm not afraid of sitting in your car but you're still so arrogant. "

Olivia was so angry that she gave vent to her anger in one breath and forced others to show their bad temper. Well, Olivia look like a lady on the surface, but in fact she is a tough woman. So don't provoke her.

Seeing her expression, Harry smiled. He opened the door, ran back to pick up the phone, and then ran back. "Have a try. If it can't use I compensate you again."

"That's it?" Olivia glared at Dick.

Dick was wrong. With an apologetic smile on his face, he said, "I'm sorry. I'll treat you to dinner to apologize."

"Wait, the dinner we are going to have now is different from the one you are going to make an apology. Don't mix it up."

"You win, Olivia. Be careful not to get married."

"Thank you for your concern. I will be very gentle to my husband." Olivia smoothed her hair and made herself return to normal.

The man sighed. Look, women are two people before and after marriage. They are goddess level on the date, and once they get married, they become female neuropathy.

So they kept quarreling. There was a huge gap between the ideal and the reality. Just take his assistant as an example. She was not shy, but gentle and lovely. But after getting along with her for a long time, her personality was exposed. Maybe she regarded herself as a Dick's friend, not a partner, so she was so presumptuous.

As soon as the car arrived at the restaurant, Olivia jumped out of the car and said, "Mr. Dick, this is the last time I take your drunk driving."

"What were you thinking before you got in the car?"

Come on, he is five tables away from Olivia when he speaks so she can not smell the alcohol,. She just wanted to go home as soon as possible after getting on the car, so she took the risk.

The Olivia who walked in first asked for table for two. Her phone began to vibrate. "Hello, who is it?"

"Cassie, who are you?"

How stupid she was! How could she forget that the strange number might be Dick's wife? What she could say to stop them from misunderstanding.

"I'm sorry. We are still at the restaurant. The guest left his phone here. If he comes back later to get it, I will ask the owner to call you back."

He walked so well that he deserved to be called the boss. Looking at the tall man from afar, Olivia found that she could often hear people talking about him in the branch company. His appearance was not to mention, and his decisiveness in the world of life and in the business world could be heard clearly. But his friends absolutely could not imagine that he would encounter a mess in love.

"Really?" As soon as she came over, she handed the phone to him. Dick thought she was going to reimburse him.

An idea occurred to him. "Yes, my phone is broken, but you don't have to pay for it. I owe you money for the suit. These two are against each other. What do you think?"

"Your phone can only cost seven thousand dollars at most, and the suit can cost thirty thousand dollars. Aren't you stupid?" Dick was sensitive to money. Even if his brain was hot, he would not be confused about it.

"But I have a message. It's absolutely invaluable."

"Fortunately, you are not my boss, or I will be squeezed by you." Dick nodded in agreement.

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