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   Chapter 24 Sentimental

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When Sylvia came out of the bathroom, her eyes dimmed. He had never been so obedient. He left as she said she didn't want to see him. She cried out in grievance, "Rain, I hate you."

The pillow made by herself was given life at the moment. It seemed that every beat was on the man's body, and she threw it out hard on the curtain.

"Murdering your husband?" Rain pretended to be in great pain, staggered out of the double curtains and fell on the big bed as if he was seriously injured.

The moment he spoke, the corners of Sylvia's mouth lifted, but she immediately pulled a long face, not letting the man notice her change. Rain was the kind of man who would be complacent when woman was good to him.

His wail didn't get any response. The man sat up tactfully, and the white bath towel hung loosely on his body. The water drops were still sliding down. He wiped his hair with a handkerchief and tilted his head to appreciate his lover. Her skin in front of the mirror was as white as snow, and after bathing, she blushed and looks more pitiful.

"Stop looking at me like that." They had been together for three years. How could Sylvia not understand what he was thinking? He looked like a harmless golden hair, but in fact, he was like a lion, showing mercy everywhere and saying that he would be attracted by Sylvia every day. Others were envious of him, but only she knew that it was a fake.

Rain took off his glasses, and the woman walked over and said in a disdainful tone, "Don't take them off. You are a refined scum, and if you take them off, there will be only scum left."

"Baby, you are becoming more and more eloquent. Let me help you to stop it." Rain couldn't stand it anymore so he leaned over and kissed her.

Sylvia closed her eyes and vented all her anger on this kiss.

"Go downstairs when you are done." Sylvia said coldly.

If she said something nice, Rain would still treat her gently. "Honey, don't you know me yet? It's not even a warm-up. "

The smell of Sylvia's body made him obsessed. He couldn't forget her after getting drunk that night three years ago. He had been with a lot of women, but there was no smell like her until his beloved car was scratched.

He couldn't forget the powerful aura around her. Her young and flamboyant appearance made him feel strange. She was so angry that she blame him for scratching her car.

When he saw the woman who made him unable to fall asleep at night, he apologized to her for his poor driving skill and insisted on accompanying her to complete the insurance procedures.

Using the continued stalking, she was finally moved. At first, she was very sweet, but since childhood, she had many friends and play with them everywhere. At first, her good impression on him was greatly reduced, and he once thought that coaxing her was nothing but making trouble for himself.

Sylvia pinched her palm hard. Why she had no resistance as soon as she faced him.

"Honey, you are still so sweet. Though three years have passed, but you still attract me."

It was a ha

bit for Rain to hang out with women, but it was boring to play a game for a long time. For a period of time, Rain chose to ignore the women around him, but even so, Sylvia was still an existence that he could not get rid of. From that moment on, he began to want to fall in love with her, a normal relationship between men and women.

Rain stared at the woman with burning eyes and said, "Sylvia, maybe after we get married, we won't divide your family and mine, but the common family, and we won't quarrel anymore."

"It's not the same thing at all. You are a liar. You promised me to marry me and move out, but your parents would never let you go because you are oldest son."

Rain lowered his head. He had planned to move out after marriage, and his parents agreed. But his father's health had been getting worse and worse in recent years. What's wrong with him going back to live for two years?

"Sylvia, I won't let you suffer any grievance. You don't need to do any housework, just like in your parents' house. I know that uncle loves you very much and doesn't want you to be aggrieved, neither do I.

Sylvia made a gesture to stop him, "I've accompanied you to the hospital for the whole day, but you are not satisfied. I need to rest, and I don't want to listen to these anymore. You can go out now."

"We all have to go to work tomorrow. If we don't solve the problem, our wedding will be delayed. My father is in poor health. I want to get married as soon as possible and settle down, so that he can be happy."

Not wanting to talk nonsense with him, Sylvia pushed him out and said, "You can say that I'm selfish. Anyway, in the eyes of everyone, you are a good boyfriend. I'm unreasonable. I'm strong, but I have my own insistence. When I asked you to marry me, you delayed and played again. But I tell you, I'm not in a hurry now."

"You are so unreasonable. When a couple is together, they must go through a period of adaptation. I find that I fall in love with you. Is it different for you?"

You absolutely don't know how impatient you are at the moment. Sylvia raised her hands and said, "I'm really tired. I don't want to quarrel with you anymore. Rain, maybe I find that you are not suitable for me now."

The two of them returned to calm, and a few words brought everything back to the starting point. The two of them turned their backs to each other at the same time.

"Why are you still here?" Rain gradually ignited the smell of gunpowder in the quiet room.

She sat up from the bed and punched the man hard. She didn't say anything but showed her dissatisfaction.

"Am I wrong? Tell me that the two of us are inappropriate? "

Sylvia picked up the pajamas on the ground and put them on. Angrily, she walked up to the man and slapped him. "Rain, I am shame on you."

Seeing her get dressed, Rain began to regret what he had said. He got up from the bed and hugged her, "I apologize. I'm tired. Let's take a shower and sleep together, okay?"

Getting rid of him, Sylvia said with tears, "Let's break up."

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