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   Chapter 23 A Lost Chance To Meet

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Cassie, who was pacing back and forth in the waiting room, was burning with anxiety. It seemed that Dick was really angry this time. She stepped into the building regardless of the impact, but he actually kept her waiting for two hours.

"Look, men are all son of bitches. The more initiative you are, the less he takes you seriously. Well, you could have finished an advertisement this time, and he hasn't come out yet." Tina was drinking coffee. She was surprised that although Dick's company was not at a leading position in the industry, the coffee used to entertain guests was all top-grade. It was really generous.

Cassie sat down angrily. How could Tina say that? Then she saw a familiar figure and said, "Miss Olivia, please come here."

Olivia put down the report in her hand and found it was really Cassie. Alas, if she had been at home last night, she wouldn't have appeared in the company now.

"Hello, Miss Cassie. Mr. Dick is still at a meeting. Please wait a minute."

Cassie pulled her to sit down and said, "Don't be angry at me about that day. You know everything about us. I want you to do me a favor."

"Just tell me."

Cassie took out a notebook from her bag, wrote down on it and handed it to Olivia. "Give it to Dick. If I continue to wait here, I can't shoot the movie this afternoon."

"Miss Cassie, I did want to help you. But I can't go to such a high-level meeting. I'm going to have lunch break. I am sorry." It could be imagined that Dick would be so angry that he would delay the meeting.

Seeing this, Tina came over and said, "Miss Olivia, did you refuse Cassie on purpose? She's the wife of your boss. Don't compare our Cassie with those irrelevant people."

"Sorry, it's beyond my ability. I have some work to deal with."

Cassie threw the note into the trash can and said, "forget it. I have to see him." She had never been ignored like this.

The door of the meeting room was pushed open, and everyone looked at the person in front of them at the same time. She wore a red dress, with the hemline above her knees. Her slender legs exposed to the a

or, Rain was furious. She must have forgotten to bring the key again. Why didn't she call him?

He stepped out and pulled her into his arms, complaining, "what if I don't come back tonight? Are you going to sit here in a daze all the time? "

"Let go of me. Go home. What are you doing here?" Sylvia said in a peaceful tone. Perhaps it was because of the cold wind, she calmed down.

Rain let go of her and opened the door without saying anything. Seeing that she was about to leave, he strode forward and carried her on his shoulder.

"Rain, you are a liar. You are always polite to others but rascal to me. Let go of me." Sylvia knew that once she entered the door, she would be obedient.

Regardless of the evil words she said, Dick pressed her on the bed and kissed her face. "Am I shameless?"

"Why did you still wear such clothes? I told you many times not to wear exposed clothes like this. " Dick touched her front with jealousy, and with a crisp sound, the front button bra was released.

Sylvia turned around and said, "It's none of your business."

It seemed that he had spoiled her too much. If he continue to do that, he might lost his wife one day.

Sylvia pushed him away, took off her black dress, picked up the clothes to change and walked into the bathroom. After a while, she thought something was wrong, and turned around. "I hope I won't see you when I come out."

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