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   Chapter 22 Short Companionship (Part Two)

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'God, it's already half past three. Take a shower and take a nap, or you will be tired of work tomorrow morning.'.

How many rooms were there? Olivia walked pass the rooms step by step, but didn't get close to them. When she saw the bathroom, she enter. She didn't need a bathtub, but just need to take a simple shower.

The tiles here were imported. When she planned to get married before, she had secretly paid attention to these decoration drawings. The hostess lived such a happy life, why did she choose to fall in love with someone else?

Early in the morning, Dick, who had not slept all night, went downstairs. He frowned when he saw Olivia sleeping on the sofa.

"Wake up. Why do you sleep here? Aren't you afraid of catching a cold?"

Olivia whispered and continued to hold the pillow, and the skin under the bathrobe was exposed.

Seeing such a beautiful scene in the early morning, Dick was stunned. Well, he regretted what he had said last night. At least half of her was a woman, who could arouse his desire.

He had no choice but to grab her black hair, but the next second, her fist hit her nose heavily.

"Olivia, are you trying to murder me?" He didn't expect that he would get hurt. He was so angry that he wanted to throw her to the ground.

What? The alarm went off in her heart. Seeing the man covering his nose, Olivia fell down in a hurry. She stood up and said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Are you okay?"

"What do you think? It's bleeding. "

Olivia took the tissue on the table and stopped the bleeding for him. "Why did you wake me up? Why did you get so close to me? "

"You're right. I'm asking for trouble. If you don't go to work, I won't lose my money." Dick stood up. "You are really not a woman."

'Damn it! How dare he say that again? It's an insult to let a man say that I'm not a woman. '.

"I'm not a woman, and you're not a man either." Olivia was completely pissed off.

Pointing at himself, Dick shouted angrily, "I'm not a man? Do you want to have a try? "

"Enough. I don't want to argue with you." Olivia picked up the clothes and went into the bathroom.

Her hair was in a mess and her bathrobe was loosened. It seemed that what he said was right. How could a woman be in such a mess? It was true that her good image had been destroyed. She had never been so slovenly in the company.

"Open the door."

"No, it's not that there's no other bathroom." Olivia bit her lips. Wasn't it a disease to restrain herself when getting up?

"I want to tell you that you can't go to the company in your sportswear. If you don't need it, I'll take it away."

How could she forget

it? It was him who made the rule. "No. I'm sorry. I want it."

"I don't want to give it to you now."

What happened? She looked up and said, "it's half past eight. We're going to be late. Hurry up."

"I'm willing to be deducted the money."

"Mr. Dick, we should negotiate. I'll pay you. You can sell it to me."

"Well, since you are my employee, I sell it to you at a low price, thirty thousand or thirty-six thousand. I was going to give it to my sister."

Olivia looked at him sadly, "you change ten thousand into one thousand, and then we deal."

"Okay, three thousand and six hundred a month, up to thirty thousand." Dick handed the clothes to her and said, "I hope you can look like a woman in it."

Along the way, no matter what Dick said to Olivia, there was no response.

"Stop the car. I'll walk there." Olivia put her hand on the car and said, "Mr. Dick, you forgot to shave."

He looked up to look at herself in the mirror and he smashed the horn hard. Damn it! It's all her fault! He wondered whether she had a grudge against him or not.

Entering the office, Miss Tracy followed him closely. "Mr. Dick, Miss Daisy kept calling you morning and asked you to call her back as soon as possible."

"OK. Tell the receptionist to let Miss Tray come if she come in person."

At the gate of QS Advertising Media Company, a gray minibus stopped downstairs for a long time.

"Tina, please let me go upstairs. I have to go to coax Dick so that I have a good mood to work." Cassie begged her agent.

It was not that Tina didn't understand her difficulties, but she was just starting, and the people she married were not in the circle. Although Dick was very famous, she still need other support to succeed.

"Cassie, it's not that I don't want to let you go. If you go to him, it means that your relationship with Mr. Wan will be exposed. Mr. Wan made it clear that he hopes you can keep your integrity for him in the near future. If you step on several ships, be careful that you will fall over."

Thinking of this, Cassie felt disgusted. "Don't force me, Tina. I don't lack money. If I really don't want to do it, my husband will help me pay the liquidated damages."

"I would believe it if you say it before since he spoiled you so much, but now he is cuckolded. Cassie, I did it for you. Okay, the last time, you can't do it next time."

Cassie was not very happy. At the moment, she hated Tina, but she hated herself more. She could only go on with the wrong step now.

"Just tell me how to get in."

With a smug smile, Tina said, "Since you are so confident, you can go in through the front door."

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