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   Chapter 21 Short Companionship (Part One)

Heartthrob: Love You All My Life By Shi Huatu Characters: 5438

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"If you touch me again, I will break your nails." Dick warned Olivia, who was poking his clothes with her nails.

Damn it! Olivia stood up and said, "How can you be so shameless? You have chosen to perform, and you should do it. Go to your wife and say that you miss her. It's so simple. I didn't ask you to commit murder and arson."

"We are quarreling, and I didn't do anything wrong. Why should I take the initiative to say something inexplicable? Change to another. It's more difficult than murder and arson."

As a CEO, he even didn't keep his promise. An idea occurred to Olivia. "If you don't do it, you can drink three boxes of mineral water. You can choose."

"Then go and buy it."

His answer without hesitation made Olivia look down. What should she do? He was really angry. The blue light of the lighter lit up the cigarette. He looked so lonely that he was really different from the handsome man in the president's office in the daytime. Alas! Everyone had their own helplessness.

Noticing that she was in a daze and didn't say anything, Dick opened the two bottles in front of him and poured them into his mouth without hesitation. Water kept wetting his clothes.

"Stop." Olivia went to grab the bottle, but Dick was stubborn and didn't let go of it.

Olivia was so angry that she stood up and stubbed out the cigarette in his hand. "You coward. You even would rather drink so much water than say a word to your wife."

"Shut up!"

"No, I won't. what do you want? Since she called you, it means that she loves you. But it's so late now and you don't go home and hang around outside. How can she

e was waiting for him at home that supported him to run all the way.

What was wrong with him? Olivia thought only in the soap opera would people put the key under the carpet. The rich man was really not afraid of being stolen. She opened the door and the light in the room was automatically lit up.

Wow, there were three floors in the house which were so magnificent. She patted her head hard and stepped back. "Go in and have a look. Maybe she is sleeping."

"Help yourself. Let's go to work together tomorrow morning. I'm going upstairs," said Dick, pulling the woman in.

"Mr. Dick, I'm sorry." Olivia looked down. If she hadn't come up with this idea, her boss might not be sad like this.

Dick took off his clothes and smiled, "what are you talking about? Don't you feel uncomfortable with your sweat? I leave the first floor to you. You can use it as you like. "

'Mind your own business. Olivia, can you keep in mind that you haven't dealt with your own emotional problems well? Why can you help others? The more you help, the more chaotic the result will be. '.

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