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   Chapter 20 Truth Or Performance (Part Two)

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His words made Olivia unable to continue. She could not help but have complex feelings. When could she find such a responsible man? He could be not handsome or rich as him, but had a stable job. It was enough for her that he loved her. She had thought that man was Flynn.

"Are you married?" She wondered if he was really drunk and began to gossip.

Married? She really hated this topic. After graduation, there were people asking her about it from time to time. Her parents urged her, but they didn't say anything when they knew that she has a stable boyfriend. But now the word ''married" were getting farther and farther away from her.

"If I were married, I wouldn't be here now." Looking at Dick, Olivia felt a little regretful. It was okay to make a joke, but she should say it on some suitable occasion.

As usual, Dick wanted to take out his wallet but found it was in the car. Then Olivia took out five hundred dollars and said, "Give me a smile. I treat you to drink."

After saying that, she regretted again. Dick was her boss and she couldn't be so naughty. Dick raised his head and roared. It was really frightening in the middle of the night. "Hey, I'm kidding."

"Go to buy two bottles of wine," said Dick sullenly.

This guy likes to be serious. This kind of humor is not suitable for him in the future. She needs to learn from it.

"Boss, we have water." It was late at night, they could sleep on the street if they still drank wine.

When she came out with two bottles of water, she saw Dick throwing his phone into the river. "Hey


Hearing that, Olivia smiled and said, "It's all your fault. If you hadn't done it before, she wouldn't have thought about that."

"What's wrong with you? You only speak for your women. Besides, I am mot playful as you imagined. Not everyone can get on my bed. " Dick said angrily.

He raised his eyebrows and looked wronged. "I imagined? I didn't imagine it. In another way, you don't want to divorce. You are just a little angry and want her to care more about you. Then you can have a good talk. Don't divorce so casually. No one can bear it if you keep saying it. "

"Rock Paper scissors." Dick simply stretched out a stone, forcing her to continue the game.

"You lost again." Olivia's cloth wrapped the man's stone. "Do you still choose to tell the truth?"? As a man, why didn't you even dare to choose performance?"

Knowing that she did it on purpose, he made a choice. What else could he do? "Performance. Go ahead."

"Then the performance is that you should come to your wife and tell her that you miss her."

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