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   Chapter 19 Truth Or Performance (Part One)

Heartthrob: Love You All My Life By Shi Huatu Characters: 6083

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Ignoring Olivia's question, Dick started the car with a frown. In a hurry, Olivia held his hand which was controlling the steering wheel. The cold touch made them look at each other, and they couldn't move away for a long time.

"Oh, no, you don't offer the business of holding hands, hugging and kissing, but I offer. If you take the initiative to touch my hand, you should pay me one thousand dollars. I won't sue you for charge. " Dick snickered at Olivia.

His playful look made Olivia want to serve him with her fist. She quickly drew her finger back and shook it deliberately. "You have drunk so much. If the police find it, you will be doomed. I don't care if you are caught, but my life is not guaranteed. Let me drive."

Dick got out of the car leisurely and sat on the passenger seat. Seeing her nervous and serious expression, he didn't doubt that she had a driving license. He was just afraid that no matter how much he drank, he could even drive more steadily than her. But he had spent money, and there must be some return on his investment in her.

He liked sitting shotgun very much because he could enjoy the street view on the side of the road, but he had a feeling of sitting in a classic car, which was still the kind of old car that had been out of repair for a long time.

"Miss Olivia, you will get to the destination tomorrow morning if you keep driving at the speed of sixty miles per hour. This is a sports car. Let it reflect its value, okay?" He really didn't want to say anything, but her speed was so slow.

All of a sudden, Olivia said angrily, "Don't talk to me if you don't want to hit the car." She was not good at driving. Luckily, there weren't many cars in the middle of the night.

'How dare she yell at me after driving like this? She looks gentle and lovely, but in fact,

ears to make people on the same boat, and it took a thousand years to make people sleep on the same bed. You marry her, and she marries you after careful consideration. You can still keep your marriage a secret and bear your own pressure. It's not easy for you. Cherish it. Don't be so stubborn. " Olivia thought of his parents. It was normal for them to quarrel with each other for more than thirty years. Even if they quarreled fiercely, they would not mention the word "divorce".

Sometimes she wondered if the times had changed and the number of people who divorced had increased sharply, which made more people think that divorce is so simple. After marriage, he could still find a new partner, or he could live a good life with his own salary.

"I know what you mean, but I don't know when she can go back home voluntarily if I continue to let her go. I need her to settle down and live as a couple with me for two years. Once we have a baby, I can get to my parents and announce to everyone that I'm married. I'm very happy. Everything is reasonable without any hindrance, but she broke everything. Gossip can be seen everywhere. I don't care. But can she give up everything and announce our marriage?"

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