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   Chapter 18 Seduce Her (Part Two)

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Anna nodded repeatedly. They could finally have a good sleep.

When they returned to the guest room, Dick sat on the sofa. Cassie's makeup had been ruined by tears. She opened the wardrobe and began to change clothes.

"Do you really think I brought the magazine to your parents?" Asked Dick softly.

Cassie stopped taking off her white shirt and turned her head. Her eyes were full of complaints. "Aren't you? Then why do you still stay at my home now? Don't tell me that you care about my parents. I won't believe it. "

With a sneer, Dick stood up and walked up to Cassie. He pulled open her shirt hard, and the buttons were scattered on the floor, making a crisp sound.

"Humph! It's so miserable in front. How can I see your back? You have been entangled with other men, but you still quarreled with me so confidently. Cassie, I almost don't know you. "

Tears were welling up in her eyes, and there were many marks all over her body. "Beautiful? What the magazine said is true. I entered the hotel and his room. Everything was left by him, but he didn't succeed. I hurt him. "

"I know you don't believe me, because everyone knew that I became the leading actress of the new play this morning, but I tell you, I didn't do anything wrong to you. He saw that I tried hard to resist, and finally let me go. We talked all night, and he thought that it was not easy for me, so he gave me this opportunity."

Cassie was a good actress. If it weren't for her husband, Dick would have believed her.

"Cassie, tell me the truth. I'll pretend that nothing has happened."

Cassie looked up to hold back her tears, "Dick, anyone cannot trust me except you. You are my husband."

Dick didn't say anything more. He quickly put on his clothes and took the car key. "I give you a choice question, a. We announce that we have got our marriage license and you exited the entertainment circle. B. Let's divorce. You have one week to consider it. "

At three o'clock in the morning, Olivia got up on. She had a terrible stomachache. Maybe she had eaten something bad and she collapsed.

She went back to bed, picked up her mobile phone and opened WeChat. There were many messages. It would be better if she didn't look at them. But when she looked at the message, she felt even more painful. Marriage, marriage. She had attended more than fifty weddings of her friends two years after graduation. She didn't know if she had too many friends.

She couldn't afford to lose four hundred dollars for two messages about marriage. It would be great if she could get married earlier and have money.

She was happy to see many interesting things around her. Four of her new friends turned out to be comrades in the new company. Wow, she also found the wechat number of Dick.

She didn't know whether to add him as friend or not.

She entered Tracy's photo album and saw the photo of her and a strange man. It should be her mysterious boyfriend that had been spread all over the world. Olivia smiled. She was more than thirty years old and was not hurry to get marry. She was a typical young woman with high education, high income and old age. Olivia was still far from her.

The prompt tone of the message sounded a little frightening at late night. Who would send her the message at such a late time? It was obvious that Dick had passed her verification request.

Didn't he go to bed so late? "You haven't slept yet?"

"I'm looking for a friend to drink with me. You are also too late."

"Did you succeed in seducing her?"

"No, it's not the right time. You didn't go to bed so late. Are you at the night club?" Burying himself in his office and lounge, Dick called his friends, but they were either in bed or in the southern land.

Olivia wanted to beat him up. Maybe he thought she liked to go to the night club because her clothes that night. She really wanted to punish him. She suddenly remembered the holiday lease she had just seen, so she copied it and sent it to Dick with a naughty smile on her face. After sending it successfully, she couldn't help but think that she was too bad. It seemed immoral to flirt with her boss who was in a bad mood and couldn't sleep.

Staring at the screen, Dick smiled, which was rare to see. She was really a miser. The meeting fee was 500 dollars. You pay for the food, drinks and entertainment. It's not about holding hands, kissing and further contact.

Olivia was painful. Putting on her slippers, she went into the kitchen and turned on the light of the smoking machine. Then she took out a bottle of donkey hide glue that she had prepared at home. And she mixed it with the hot water in the pot.

When she returned to her own room, her phone rang at the right time. Her first reaction was to press the button by a pillow, and she answered it as soon as possible, "Hello, who's that?"

"Your business is here. Come downstairs."

Speechless, Olivia quickly opened the curtain. The white BMW stopped downstairs. "Are you really here?"

"Are you kidding me? If you don't go downstairs, you don't have to go to work tomorrow. " After saying that, Dick hung up the phone. Then he felt a little crazy. Thinking of the marks on his wife, he roared in a low voice.

Five minutes later, Olivia opened the car door and saw Dick holding the whole bottle of whiskey. It seemed that he had drunk for a while.

He took out his wallet and took out five hundred dollars. "The meeting fee."

At a loss, Olivia looked at the money in his hand and asked timidly, "will you sue me for charge?"

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