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   Chapter 16 Headline News (Part Two)

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"Mr. Dick, this document..." Before Olivia could finish his words, Dick threw his phone over and said, "help me call baby and ask where she is. I want to see her immediately."

Olivia's hand was hurt by the smash. She opened the file, put it in front of Dick and dialed the number obediently.

"Dick, I'm really busy now. I'll call you back later." Before she could say anything, the phone was hung up and she put it on the table.

Dick snorted. Was she busy or unable to explain? He entered the lounge, took out a box and handed it to Olivia. "Go to the high-tech shooting site and find Cassie. Give it to her when no one was around. Tell her go back home tonight, or not to come back forever. " When [Dick came out of the lounge, he had calmed down and looked down at the documents to be signed.

But after he finished his words, Olivia held the box in her hand and couldn't move. "Mr. Dick, do you want me to give the condom to your wife? I don't think it's a good idea. It's more convenient to make a phone call about this kind of thing. "

"Olivia, it's your duty to complete what I have told you." Dick raised his cold eyes, "and don't forget our rules."

"Mr. Dick, do you have any tissue? I'm wearing a dress without a pocket. It's not good to go out like this. "

The signed document swept across the table, and Olivia said sarcastically, "thank you."

From the east of the city to the west of the city, by bus, Olivia was at ease and didn't need to worry about being overcrowded. But when she thought of the destination was to in the west of the city, she felt very depressed. Fortunately, she had brought headphones, which was enjoyable.

Forty minutes later, Olivia got off the car happily. The west of the city was also the second city for local people, and she rarely came here. She didn't remember who said that this was the home place for all kinds of private trades in the dark area.

It was not strange that the shooting site was here. In her third year of high school, there was a concert of a singing star on a harbor. She and Sylvia spent the night studying and came to see it. As a result, they went home for ideological education and almost got beaten.

She couldn't enter the shooting site through the main door, so Olivia had to go through the back door. When she was about to enter, he was stopped. "Stop, do you have a work permit? You can't enter here without permission. "

"Hello, I'm a friend of Cassie. I'm here to send her something."

The man wore black sunglasses and a cool clothes, as if he had just returned from Hawaii. The man reached out his hand and said, "she is filming. Give me the thing, and I will give it to her."

Olivia smiled helplessly. It didn't matter if it was something else, but the thing she wanted to give her was too embarrassing, and the words she brought to her were shocking. "Sir, you see, I'm really her friend. Why don't you help me go in and ask her? She will

want to see me."

"No way. I've seen a lot of people like you. They all say that they are her friends. I can't take the responsibility if something happened. You'd better go back. Or you can call her to pick you up."

"Hello, Mr. Dick. Please call Miss Cassie. I am not allowed to get in."


Soon, a well-dressed woman came out. "Who is looking for my Cassie?"

"It's me. Hello, can you take me in to see her?"

Looking at Olivia up and down, Tina found that she was good-looking. It was dark on the shooting site, and Olivia followed Tina and looked curiously at the stage.

"Have a seat. Wait a moment, Cassie will have another scene. There are fruits on the table. Enjoy yourself." Tina greeted her warmly, She must have come to blame Cassie for Mr. Dick.

An hour had passed, but Cassie still did not show up. Battalion Olivia stood up and wanted to go out to see what was going on.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting." Cassie came in wearing a white bathrobe and sat elegantly on the chair with her hair cap on.

Looking at her clothes, Olivia knew how unwelcome she was. She wondered if she would be driven out directly if she gave her the thing in her hand.

"We've met before. Thank you so much for what you did that morning. Of course, you're lucky enough to be the president's assistant directly. And you know what I most care about."

Olivia didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. "I have some rules with Mr. Dick, so Miss Cassie can rest assured."

"Dick asked you to come here. What's the matter? Cut to the chase." Cassie didn't expect that Mr. Alan not only kept his promise, but also took an advertisement for her.

Olivia took out the condom from her bag and handed it to Cassie. "Mr. Dick asked me to give it to you. He also asked you to go home tonight, or you wouldn't have to come back in the future."

When Cassie saw the box, her face immediately turned red and green. She stuttered, "please take this back. Tell him that you didn't see me and I didn't hear what you said. Just said that you had been waiting for a long time. Then you were told that I had an emergency and went abroad."

Cassie felt guilty. He actually sent this to her. Tonight was the best time to explain. But she just took a shower, leaving traces of sex on her body. When she went back, she didn't need to explain at all and it would be exposed.

"Miss Cassie, sorry, it's hard for me to do that." Olivia didn't expect to be in a dilemma.

Tina came over, threw the condom into the bag of Olivia, and said in a strange tone, "Dick's assistant, right? You have to understand that you are just an outsider, and they are a couple sleeping on the same bed. They quarreled at the head of the bed and would be peaceful at the end of the bed. I told you to tell Dick as Cassie said. It's no good to be nosy."

"Thank you for your advice. Sorry to bother you." Olivia picked up her bag and left without saying anything.

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