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   Chapter 15 Headline News (Part One)

Heartthrob: Love You All My Life By Shi Huatu Characters: 6233

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After taking a shower, Olivia in Doraemon cotton pajamas jumped onto the sofa. Her parents couldn't help teasing her. How old was she? Why was she still like a child?

Watching the blind date show, the old couple began to talk about Olivia's marriage as usual. Olivia stared at the TV and ate cakes mechanically.

"What do you want? Look. Girls in their early twenties have already looked for their husband. If you don't take the initiative, I will help you sign up. You can also consider foreigners." Olivia's mother purposely played this channel and cooperate with his man to urge her daughter to solve her personal problem as soon as possible.

"Ding Dong." the spoon fell on the floor. Seeing this, Olivia's heart sank. She had to pretend to be sad and said, "Where is my private spoon?"

After returning to the sofa, Olivia put her arm around his mother's shoulder and said, "I will get married. Don't worry about me."

Olivia's father took out a supermarket receipt and handed it to his daughter. "Do you remember this? Two years ago, you left with Flynn. We didn't stop you, but it was written clearly on paper and black. If you can't get married, you have to listen to your parents and have a try with our favorite child. "

Olivia still remembered that night when the moon was big and round, when her parents made such a request, she didn't take it seriously at all. She swore to make your parents feel at ease. No one could imagine that such a sweet day would come today.

"I won't go back on my words. Good night," said Olivia with a smile.

When Cassie woke up, she opened her eyes and closed them quickly. Why didn't he leave? Wasn't he having enough fun?

"What's your relationship with Dick? How long have you been his woman? "

His words were like a shower of enlightenment, which made Cassie's teeth tremble and her eyes blurred. "I

hree or five in the morning boasting about themselves with entertainment magazines.

The words' hidden rules' and 'superior' floated in her ears. She stood there for five minutes without being noticed. It was not until the Tracy reminded them with sneezing loudly that it attracted everyone's attention. They didn't hide the magazines until they saw Dick suddenly come.

"Tracy, show me the magazine and let me share with you what kind of stunt it is that makes you so dedicated."

The familiar face came into his view. With his right fist clenched, the design draft was distorted by Dick. When the design director heard that Dick was coming, he rushed out.

"Redo it." Dick left with only two words and left with the entertainment magazine.

Tracy was in a dilemma. She need Dick to sign the report, but if she went in this time, she would be scolded. What should she do?

"Olivia, please ask Mr. Dick to sign this document. I still have some documents to type."

Olivia took it with great pleasure. She didn't have a specific division of work. If there was any work coming, it would be a stimulant. She knocked on the door of the president's office.

No one responded. She knocked a few more times and a roar rang, "come in."

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