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   Chapter 14 Rules Of The Entertainment Circle

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The dishes were served one after another, looking delicious and tempting. When Dick was about to eat, he was stopped by Olivia. She blinked at Essie and Essie shook her head with a helpless smile.

"I'm air. If you have something to say, just say it." Said Dick.

"No, that's not what I mean. Mr. Dick, with the current delicious food, there must be some Japanese wine that matches the Japanese food. You are a distinguished guest, so I specially took out the roaring winery. The wine's purity is only 15 to 16 degrees. It's mellow and delicious. A little drinking will be good for your body and mind, and it will be good for your health."

Dick picked up a small glass, gently pecked on it and praised, "thank you, but I can't drink alone. Yesterday Miss Olivia taught me how to share. Come on, cheers."

"Mr. Dick, since you want to drink, I'll keep you company." No one in her family drink, but Olivia was an exception. She had never been drunk. But she would control his drinking capacity and never drink too much.

It had been a long time since Dick ate such authentic Japanese food. Last time he eat Japanese food was before they got married, he felt very uncomfortable thinking of it. Before they got married, Cassie was very obsessed with him. After graduating from the school of drama, she had been unknown and had no interest in shooting.

But since she got the marriage certificate and got in touch with the celebrities in the entertainment industry through his own relationship, everything had changed since she came back from Hawaii. She had made up her mind to go back to the entertainment circle and never waste her youth. At first, Dick thought it was a good thing that she had a pursuit, and she didn't have to quarrel with him because he had no time to go shopping with her. But now, if he wanted to go shopping, he had to make an appointment with her in advance.

The door was opened and Tien came in. "Olivia, I heard that you came with a friend. May I say hello to your friend?"

"Of course, Mr. Tien, please come in. Let me introduce to you. This is my boss, Mr. Dick. This is Essie's husband. "

Dick didn't like Japanese very much. He didn't have a strong sense of minority, but he still resisted Japanese in his heart. However, with the expansion of his business in recent years, he had more chances to cooperate with Japanese enterprises, so he began to treat Japanese differently recently.

"Let's have a drink together." Dick invited Tien.

Of course, Tien was very happy. He couldn't live without wine, but his woman couldn't drink much. Essie who had finished her work also joined in, and there was a sign of closing down outside.

After three rounds of drinking, they began to talk. Essie said out of curiosity. "Mr. Dick, your career is getting better and better. You must have your wife's support."

"I'm not married yet."

Hearing this, Olivia snickered. Dick was good at drinking. Since he could drink with the Tien till now, he still didn't forget to hide his marriage. It seemed that he was not drunk.

Hearing this, Essie pushed Olivia and whispered in her ear, pretending to be drunk, "he's a diamond bachelor. Hurry up. If you don't get married, you will become a leftover woman."

In order to make a match of them, Essie asked his husband to propose a game in which the one lost should tell the truth or perform something. Of course, if one lost, he could also drink wine, but he should drink much.

The tacit understanding between them was well reflected. At the beginning, the problem was very simple. But later as long as Olivia or Dick lost, they asked them many strange questions.

"Ha-ha, you lost again. It's getting late. The last one, since Mr. Dick is not married and Olivia is single, just have a kiss." Tien's face turned red, but he was not drunk.

Dick looked at the punishment wine on the table, and thought he might not be able to find the direction after drinking it. Then he looked at Olivia, who was really charming in the Japanese costume.

"Why are you looking at me? Why do you choose to tell the truth?" Olivia reminded him in a low voice.

Dick's long arms wrapped around his body and naturally kissed Olivia's lips. Immediately, the couple applauded.

There was silence in the car. Dick knew why she chose to be silent, so he smiled and said, "your face is so cute with red. I saw your face isn't red because of Miss Daisy anymore, but I haven't seen enough, so I have to make it red myself."

"All right. It's reasonable for you to take advantage of me. You can choose to tell the truth. Why do you choose to kiss me? " Olivia was confused.

"Because they are your friends. They are very enthusiastic. And the name of the game is honest and brave. If they ask a question about my girlfriend, I will still lie. " In Dick's heart, this lie was like a bottomless hole, one after another. He didn't even know when the truth would come out.

Olivia understood. She combed her hair and said frivolously, "forget it. Your kissing skill is not bad."

"It turns out that I am the one who suffers losses." Dick said, and they smiled at each other.

The car stopped at the gate of Olivia's community. She got off the car, and Dick also got off.

"You don't have to send me home."

Leaning against the car, Dick lit a cigarette and said, "I made you suffer because of me today, but you made me have an unforgettable dinner. Thank you. Go night."

"Be careful on the way. Good night." Wi

th a wave of her hand, Olivia ran into the corridor with a bag in her hand.

Looking up at the moon, Dick hesitated whether he should go home or go back to the company. Would Cassie wait for him at home? How to resolve today's discord?

Thinking of this, Dick turned the car around and went home. If she was there, he would pretend nothing had happened.

In the club, people were singing, dancing, toasting and talking.

Two women were whispering in the private room on the second floor. The door was opened. A man in a blue suit about forty years old walked in with a group of people around him.

At the sight of the man, Tina pushed Cassie forward in a hurry. Cassie stood up like a frightened bird, which immediately attracted the man's attention.

With a quick glance, the man knew her figure well.

"Mr. Alan, please have a seat here. Our Cassie will keep you company." Then Tina whispered in Alan's ear, "Cassie is still young. Please show mercy.".

The young girl behind her stepped hard on Tina with her high heels, showing an apologetic expression. Then she immediately raised her glass and said, "Mr. Alan, my name is Lily. I've just reached nineteen years old this year and come to this big city alone. Please take care of me. I will try my best to act well." He had thought that Alan Wan was a fat man, but unexpectedly, he exuded a mature aura. Although he was not handsome, he was still good-looking.

The organizer of the new movie stood up and said, "Mr. Alan, these are the two girls I mentioned to you. As for who is the leading actress, it's up to you."

In addition, Mr. Alan, the head of the jewelry industry, was also the sponsor of this movie. The light in the room dimmed, and the wine on the table had been poured.

Lily volunteered to sing a song for Alan, while Cassie sat next to him and smiled awkwardly with everyone. Although Tina winked at her, she didn't take the initiative.

With a classical dance and singing, Lily sat on Mr. Alan's legs naturally. "Mr. Alan, I'm yours tonight."

Alan yawned, pushed her away and stood up. "Everyone, I'm not feeling well, so I'm going back to have a rest. Have a good time."

"Mr. Alan, what's wrong? Are you not in the mood tonight?" The assistant came out and asked.

Alan whispered in his assistant's ear and left the club.

In the VIP suite of a five star hotel, Cassie stood barefoot on the floor, staring at the bathroom door. She was extremely nervous. Her strategy tonight was right. She thought she had failed, but when she was about to leave the club, she was stopped by Mr. Alan's assistant and got the room card.

Cassie clenched her fists. She knew she shouldn't have come here. She should have gone home immediately. Her husband was still waiting for her at home, but once she left, she couldn't be the leading actress.

The bathroom door opened. Alan only wore a bath towel around his waist, dried his hair and walked to Cassie. "Surprised? Did you think you will be in my room tonight? "

Cassie shook her head and Alan laughed. "Do you know why I don't want her? Because you are afraid of me, and I am looking forward to seeing you trembling. "

As he get close to her, Cassie took a step back unconsciously.

"To please me, and you are the leading actress." Alan didn't force her. He turned around and sat on the big bed, supporting his hands behind his back, pondering on her expression.

Dick was not Cassie's first man. On the night when she graduated from high school, she was forced by strangers in the night club. Cassie couldn't forget that no matter how hard she begged, it was useless. Then she refused to contact a man for a long time until she met her husband, who loved her very much. But now, for the future, she really wanted to betray him.

Seeing that she didn't move for a while, Alan stepped forward and threw her on the bed. Cassie felt dizzy. Before she could react, the man came over.

"No, let me go. I don't want the leading actress anymore." Cassie burst into tears. The terrible memory of that night swept over again. She cried for mercy, but Alan enjoyed her crying.

Cassie really regretted. Was she crazy? What was she doing? She didn't lack love or money, but she came here to suffer this humiliation. Her husband never ignored her feelings and only cared about her own happiness.

Cassie didn't know how long it lasted. The last thought in her mind was to die here. Then she didn't have to face everything tomorrow.

Dick opened the door hopefully. It was not his wife's gentle smile that greeted him, but the darkness in the room, without a trace of light, even in midsummer, he felt was the coldness of winter. When he was about to touched the light, he took it back. Why did he turn it on?

Dick didn't want to stay in the cold house for a second, so he opened the door and rushed out. He went into the garage and drove out the car that had just been parked. He kept thinking about the time when they sat on the cold cement, hoping for their future life.

After an hour of driving at the high speed, Dick woke up. He turned the car around, got off the high speed and went back to the city. With a mocking smile at the corners of his mouth, he thought, if he had been three or four years younger, he would have gone to a bar to have fun. There would always be someone who would make me happy. However, at this moment, thinking of the scene of the night club, he would rather go back to his office to continue his work.

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