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   Chapter 13 A Work-Related Injury (Part Two)

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"Of course not."

"Tonight, I have arranged it for you. He is the sponsor of movies, and the new play will be funded by him. I have paved the road for you. It's all up to you whether you will leave or not. I don't persuade you, lest I be complained. If you want to go home and be a housewife, you can do whatever you want. " Although Tina didn't seem to take it seriously, in fact, she was very nervous. Whether she could win the bet or not, it was up to her.

Olivia didn't expect that Mr. Dick would come back so soon. He looked terrible and Olivia didn't dare to ask more.

The car drove aimlessly for half an hour and stopped in a strange quiet place. Dick closed his eyes.

After a long time, Dick asked softly, "does your face still hurt?"

"If you don't mention it, I had forgotten it and I don't feel pain. Well, is the ''baby'' okay? "

Dick turned his head and raised Olivia's chin. The marks on her face were obvious. "I will ask Miss Daisy to apologize to you. It's all my fault. I will treat you to dinner as compensation."

"Then won't you take advantage? Forget it. I want the most expensive one. " Olivia demanded an expensive dinner. Since the president invited her to dinner, it would be a disgrace to him if it was too shabby, right?

The car drove all the way to the hotel. Olivia guided all the way. Dick was very unhappy. Didn't he know where the super expensive restaurant was?

"That's it." Olivia pointed to a restaurant.

Dick frowned, "this is a dessert shop. How can I eat enough? Are you kidding me?"

"No, I don't dare. You are really insincere. You treat me to dinner, but you are still picky. Don't worry. It will feed you a big appetite."

Looking around, Dick asked, "wait a minute. The street is so narrow. Where can I park?"

"Sorry, I forgot. Turn left at the next intersection. I'll go in first. Come to me after you stop the car." At first, Olivia really wanted to eat something expensive, but today was Wednesday. If she missed the cooking class every Monday, it would be a great loss.

"Welcome. Oh, I thought you were a guest. Olivia, you are one hour late. The cooking class was at six o'clock." Essie stopped Olivia from entering.

Olivia make a bow with hands folded in front. "I was wrong. I won't do it again. But I brought you a big client today. He will spend a lot of money here."

"But I'm too busy today. Since he is the guest you bring here, you can cook for him and let it be your cooking score by the way. " Essie suggested.

After thinking for a while, Olivia thought it was a good idea. "Okay, I'll go in and change my clothes. When Mr. Dick comes, please let him wait a minute."

After parking the car, Dick was

very upset. Fortunately, he was good at driving, otherwise he couldn't grab the parking space.

When he entered the dessert shop, Essie walked up to him and asked, "is that Mr. Dick?"

Dick nodded. Was the waitress in a Japanese suit a Japanese? "Miss Essie, please wait for a moment in the private room."

"Show me the menu." Dick really wanted to know how to make himself full in the dessert shop.

The man waved his hand and opened the menu, regretting what she had done.

Half an hour had passed, and Dick couldn't sit still anymore. He was in a bad mood after quarreling with his wife, and Olivia was obviously challenging his patience.

The door was opened. A woman in a classical ink painting and a suit came in with a plate. "Mr. Dick, please have a taste." She spoke fluent Japanese and looked up slowly.

Dick couldn't help but be stunned. What a beautiful collarbone! It's a feature of Japanese costume. "You?"

"It's me, Mr. Dick. In order to make your meal worth it, I cooked it myself. Have a try. " Olivia asked Essie to come in. After all, it was related to her scores.

Dick picked up a piece and tasted it, "well, it tastes good, but what is it?"

"This is the iridescent crocodile eel roll" Olivia picked up another piece for Essie and said, "Miss Essie, please comment."

Essie took a bite with a smile. After chewing for a while, she said, "pass."

Olivia breathed a sigh of relief and kissed Essie's cheek. "Then I can stay and continue my study?"

"Okay, but if you are absent again, I will kick you out." Essie didn't hesitate on this matter, even if she was her best friend.

Dick couldn't help interrupting them, "do you know each other?"

"Yes, Mr. Dick. The rest of the dishes will be served one after another. Enjoy yourselves." Essie went out with the tray.

Olivia explained with a smile, "she is my friend. Two years ago, she came back to set up a shop. I couldn't cook at that time. Under her guidance, I began to learn Japanese cuisine, but it was only a talk on the paper. It was not until I came back here that I began to learn the system. She is very strict. Only if I pass her test well can I have the chance to continue, or I will be fired. So, thank you for your 'it tastes good'."

Dick seemed to understand, "so I helped you pass the exam. Should you pay for this meal?"

"No way. You promised me that you would treat me this time, and I'll make it up next time." Olivia told herself to be rational and not to be overwhelmed by joy. Or her monthly salary would be in vain.

Judging from her expression, Dick knew that he would be took advantage, but he didn't care. Just take the slap on her face as a work-related injury.

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