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   Chapter 110 Inexplicable

Boss's Dearest: Cure You With Love By Fumo Baobao Characters: 9894

Updated: 2020-09-25 00:02

The employees had no choice but to run away for a few days and bought all the same earrings. But in the end, no one knew why Oliver loved this ear stud so much.

In fact, the reason was very simple, because Charlotte once inadvertently said that she liked the unique thing, and if she saw others wear the same thing as her, she would not like it.

And this earring was one of the jewelry that Oliver had asked someone to buy for Charlotte. In fact, Charlotte didn't know what was in her jewelry box at all. After all, it was Oliver who asked people to prepare them, but Oliver was very stubborn about this question.

For this inexplicable reason, that employee was also ordered not to wear that ear stud in the future. Not only was the event inexplicable, but also the other employees were still a little scared, thinking that Mr. Oliver did not like that ear stud. For a moment, everyone was afraid that their own jewelry would make Oliver dissatisfied, so they all wore the jewelry

iver was not here, so the atmosphere around them could finally be better.

On the way back, Oliver was wondering what excuse he should find to take the initiative to speak since he went back so abruptly.

Charlotte was also very anxious these days. At the beginning, she wanted to be tough. She didn't talk to Oliver first, but unfortunately, Oliver didn't come back at all and didn't give Charlotte the chance to be willful. Charlotte, on the other hand, couldn't hold on any longer. If she stayed in a closed environment all the time, she might gradually get used to it. However, Charlotte came back after she went out. There was an obvious comparison, and the sudden idleness was more torturing.

Charlotte had been on the verge of breaking down. She thought even if she had to admit her mistakes to Oliver, she would do it as long as she was not forced to stay at home.

Even after this stage had passed, Oliver still didn't show up, and Charlotte's sanity was almost gone.

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