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   Chapter 109 Attitude Problem

Boss's Dearest: Cure You With Love By Fumo Baobao Characters: 9765

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"Miss. Charlotte wanted to stay in the company, so I helped her." Kevin frowned. He hoped that Charlotte could take advantage of this opportunity to escape from the Shen Group. However, Charlotte seemed to have her own thoughts. Kevin couldn't refuse Charlotte's request, so he had to choose to help. "But now... Oliver was very angry at my help, I made a mistake in the end. "

Hearing that Oliver was very angry, Monica was finally relieved. This result was what she wanted. "But if I hadn't helped her, the result would have been almost the same." Monica persuaded Kevin not to regret, and also to provoke Kevin's dissatisfaction with Oliver. "Maybe Oliver wants this result this time, so no matter what the process is, the result can't be changed." Monica's words sounded a little regretful.

"How could he do this! He really doesn't look like a person now! " Kevin pulled off his tie angrily and threw it away.

"Maybe there is some other reason... By the way, how did Oliver know Charlotte? " Monica just came back from abroad and didn't know many things. She thought that maybe Kevin would know something.

"I just heard vaguely that Oliver had merged the company of Charlotte's family, and there seemed to be a lot of things happening. Charlotte was sold to Oliver." This was what Kevin specially asked someone to know today. At the beginning, Kevin thought that Charlotte was liked by Oliver and was forced to be locked up at home. Or according to what Monica said, it was for money that Charlotte was willing to endure the bully of Oliver all the time.

After knowing the truth, Kevin felt sorrier for Charlotte. He didn't expect that Charlotte would have such a miserable life.

"I can't believe it!" Monica was also shocked, but in this way, Charlotte's identity was even less presentable. Monica could rest assured. At least, according to her understanding of Oliver's parents, such a person who was not from the decent family would be not allowed to marry into the Shen family, not to mention that Charlotte had been reduced to the point of selling her body.

"I didn't expect that Miss. Charlotte would have such a bumpy life." Kevin didn't notice what was on Monica's mind. He just felt pity for Charlotte.

"Then... Why don't you buy Charlotte again? " Monica said thoughtfully.

"No way! Miss. Charlotte is not a commodity. How can she be bought like this? " Kevin didn't appreciate it and glared at Monica.

Monica was also not happy. "Kevin, don't misunderstand me. I did it out of kindness. Think about it. If Miss. Charlotte is here with you, it's better than with Oliver, isn't it? Since you bought her back, you can set her free. "

Monica's words enlightened Kevin. Although he knew that Monica was trying to make Charlotte leave Oliver, this method did not hurt Charlotte, so Kevin rarely agreed. He couldn't bear to see Oliver treated Charlotte like this. He would bless them even

ere so tired that they couldn't even have time to drink water.

For a moment, the whole company was in a wailing atmosphere. Of course, apart from work, it couldn't become like this. There were also many trivial things.

For example, one morning, in order to come to work early, an assistant ate instant noodles while working. When the documents were brought in, Oliver asked her to redo.

The assistant had read the materials for many times, but she didn't know why they should be redone. She showed them to Mandy, who said that there was no problem. Finally, she had to go in and ask for advice. But she was amused by Oliver's words. "The taste of instant noodles is too strong. It smells disgusting and can't be seen."

At that time, the assistant's face turned green, and she was really at a loss whether cry or laugh.

There were more things like it.

One of the employees went to the front desk to pick up a parcel. When she arrived at the first floor, she ran out of the elevator and encountered Oliver who had just finished his business. It was just an ordinary thing. The employee greeted him politely, bowed and waited for Oliver to get on the elevator. Then she was about to go to the front desk, but she didn't expect that Oliver stopped and stared at the employee's earrings for a long time.

"Mandy, buy me the same earrings all over the city," Oliver suddenly said when everyone felt the atmosphere was very awkward.

Mandy was shocked, "Why? … I know. "

At first, Mandy wanted to ask the reason, but when she saw the look in Oliver's eyes, she immediately shut up. It was not a simple thing, and she dared not neglect it. After thinking for a while, she thought it was the best to let this employee with earrings go.

"I have no choice. You're the trigger. So you'd better hand over your work these days and carry it out as soon as possible. " Mandy had no choice but to find this employee and arrange the task.

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