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   Chapter 108 Surrender

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"Mr. Oliver, some things can't be solved simply by violence. Speaking of which, you have to take some responsibility this time. If you could have hinted Charlotte earlier that you would help her, she wouldn't have been at a loss." Oliver always felt that everything was under his control, and he would never discuss or inform anyone in advance. He would do whatever he wanted. Mandy had a feeling that Charlotte might become a person who would change Oliver's habit.

"Can't she expect that I won't turn a blind eye to it?" Oliver felt both angry and funny. Why didn't Charlotte believe him?

"But no matter what Charlotte is thinking about, she will think it's wishful thinking if she can't get your hint and reminder." Mandy sympathized with Charlotte. Many people wanted to sleep with Oliver because his outstanding appearance and wealth, but for women, more importantly, the man should be considerate and sincere.

Even though Oliver really loved Charlotte, Oliver didn't make use of appropriate means to be good to Charlotte. Mandy still felt that Charlotte was wronged and deserved to be sympathized with.

"You women are really troublesome." Oliver began to realize that his usual way of doing business didn't work on Charlotte at all. He must be more patient.

"In fact, girls are soft hearted animals. As long as you are gentle and kind, girls are easily moved." The description of Mandy reminded Oliver of Kevin. Kevin was the kind of gentle person that Mandy said. No wonder that Charlotte would be close to Kevin. The more Oliver thought about it, the angrier he got. What's good about a good tempered gentleman like Kevin who was not bold at all?

"That's not my style. I don't like toy boys." Although thinking of this, what Oliver said made Mandy roll her eyes.

"Mr. Oliver... This is not a toy boy. Of course you can't be so gentle to outsiders. You can only treat the person you really love. " Mandy corrected Oliver, but Oliver still didn't agree with her.

"I don't like her. She is my pet and I bought her with money. How can she get close to others so easily?" Oliver's explanation was more like persuading himself. Mandy knew that Oliver was stubborn and refused to admit his feelings for Charlotte, but Oliver didn't admit it, so Mandy didn't know what to say.

"Pets also need to be coaxed. Isn't pet always the same as treasure at home?" Mandy tried to persuade Oliver from another perspective.

"It's impossible for me to coax her." Oliver waved his hand impatiently, as if he was going to end the conversation.

"Mr. Oliver... You don't have to coax her, but you need to take the initiative to speak... " Mandy struggled in her heart and wondered whether she had succeeded or failed?

"Stop it. It's impossible. I'm waiting for her to apologize to me. You can go out now. You can get off work if you have nothing else to do. " Although the relationship betwe


Therefore, Monica had been waiting for Kevin anxiously, hoping to get some more valuable information from Kevin.

"Kevin... Are you in a bad mood today? What happened? " Monica asked knowingly, but Kevin didn't doubt it.

"No... I just wonder why Oliver has become like this. He is bossy, selfish and cold-blooded. " Kevin could say so many weakness of Oliver at once, which showed that he was really angry. He was just well-educated and could not say any dirty words.

"Oliver? Did you two quarrel again today? " Monica acted well as if she really knew nothing.

"No, it's because of Miss. Charlotte." Kevin started to talk about this matter defenselessly. "Oliver didn't do it himself, but he also didn't allow others to help Charlotte, how bossy he is!"

"I've told you that Oliver won't help her this time. Don't you believe me?" Monica pouted, but her heart was filled with joy.

"I've always been curious. How did you know that?" Monica's words aroused the suspicion of Kevin.

"I... Didn't I tell you... I heard that from others. " Monica was so complacent just now, now she felt a little guilty and stammered.

"Will others tell you that Oliver doesn't intend to make a move this time?" Kevin had always been skeptical about this matter. He knew what Monica was thinking, and he also knew Monica's temper and personality.

"I heard their analysis... As I said, one of my friends' father is a senior executive of the Shen Group. He often discussed these things at home, and she heard it. " Monica tried her best to explain. "If Oliver waned to help, he would do earlier. The guess of senior executives of Shen Group about Oliver is right."

Monica's words hit the nail on the head, and Kevin believed her. After all, Monica really didn't have such a good ability to analyze.

"So... Now Charlotte should be out of danger, right? " Monica tried to change the topic so that Kevin wouldn't notice her.

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