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   Chapter 107 Struggle

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Milk was very familiar with Charlotte's smell. As soon as she entered the room, Milk recognized Charlotte. Acting like a spoiled child, Milk pounced on Charlotte at the first time and Charlotte also held Milk in her arms. "You are so carefree."

After saying that, Charlotte specially looked at the housekeeper next to her. She had thought that Milk would be blamed or grounded by the housekeeper, but she did not expect that the housekeeper had never said such words, as if he spoiled Milk like a child.

"Meow!" Milk raised its neck proudly and cried out obediently. After coming here, Milk, which had been afraid before, was now much more lively. Even at night, it would not be awakened by a little wind and would not tremble with fear.

It was hard for Charlotte to imagine how Milk wandered on the street alone before, and there might be some naughty children bullying Milk. Whenever she thought of this, Charlotte felt more distressed and treated Milk better.

Now for Charlotte, Milk was one of her friends, even relatives.

"Miss. Charlotte, what would you like to eat or drink?" As for the butler, he was still polite to Charlotte, but distant and not enthusiastic.

"No, thanks. I want to go back to my room and have a rest." Charlotte went back to her room with Milk in her arms. She still need come up with an idea that asked Oliver to let go of her tonight. Since she had to rely on Oliver, she had to fight for appropriate freedom for herself. At least, she had to have a chance to contact Lin Group.

Charlotte was waiting for Oliver in torment, while Oliver, who was in the company, was also in a bad mood. It had passed the off-duty time, but he had still no sign of leaving. Oliver instinctively did not know how to go back to face Charlotte, so he somewhat refused to go home.

It didn't matter that Oliver worked overtime by himself, but once Oliver was busy, all the people on the whole floor had to work overtime with him, and no one could leave. They were not busy these days, so they complained about the unexpected overtime.

"Mandy... It was already eight o'clock... I have an appointment with my boyfriend to watch a movie tonight. " A plaintive voice came from the crowd of assistants, and then it resonated.

"Exactly... These days there is no some work. But we are busy with the next month's work now... " Although they were complaining, no one dared to speak loudly. They just whispered, but everyone around them could hear them.

"That's right. I have finished my next month's work this month. Are we going to have a holiday next month?" Although he was joking, everyone could tell the sadness in his tone.

Hearing people's complaints, Mandy was also depressed. It was not easy for her to date with her boyfriend. Oliver had no social engagements tonight, so Mandy had no reason to work overtime, she still wanted to go on a date, but she was suddenly told to wo

ent situation as the board of directors forced her to pay the money back, Kevin happened to call. Charlotte probably had no choice, so she accepted it." Mandy spoke clearly and tried to put in a good word for Charlotte, "Fortunately, with the help of Kevin, we can deal with it so smoothly this time. As a matter of fact, I think this time, Charlotte... Did a good job. She made amends for previous faults. "

Mandy said the rest cautiously. After all, it was easy to offend Oliver if she said something else.

"That's true, but why can't she tell me? If she told me, I wouldn't be so angry. " Oliver was entangled with being cheated, not the essence of this matter.

"Maybe she didn't have time to tell you, or maybe she knew you would be angry when you knew it... She hasn't figured out how to explain it. " Mandy said as she looked at the expression on Oliver's face. It seemed that his expression softened a little and he had accepted it.

"I think whatever the reason is, Mr. Oliver, you'd better ask her in person... Listen to Charlotte's explanation. I think she just hasn't found the right opportunity to tell you. As long as you don't get so excited, the matter will be solved very well. "

"It's too late." Oliver interrupted Mandy, "We had a big fight this afternoon. I can't take the initiative to apologize, can I?" Oliver asked himself in a self-mocking tone.

"Well..." Mandy was speechless. It was impossible for Oliver to take the initiative to speak. "Mr. Oliver, if you think what Charlotte said is true, I think I can enlighten her, or ask Ellen to have a try." Since she couldn't do it from Oliver, she would do it from Charlotte. "Charlotte is also a stubborn person. The more you force her to stay away from others, the more rebellious she will be."

These words made Oliver agree with Mandy. He was too anxious. Kevin and Charlotte just met at the coffee shop for ten minutes without any intimate action.

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