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   Chapter 106 Denounce

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"I just heard the rumor from Mr. Mason about what happened yesterday. I was too impulsive to protect the company." His tone was full of flattery. How could Oliver not understand?

"Oh? Of course, I know. Mr. Mason is always in a hurry to do something. " Of course, Oliver immediately gave him an excuse. Oliver didn't want to make too much trouble for this kind of thing. After he got what he deserved, he didn't want to pursue these things. For these matters of power and profit, no matter what, they would never be completely cleared up. He should turn a blind eye to them, and should not take the initiative to worry about them.

Tom had nothing to say. He also didn't think too much. When he had nothing to say, it was time to leave. "If there is nothing else, I will go back first."

"Yes, but you still have to supervise the project together. Charlotte may not be able to take charge of the follow-up work. Let's work together to prevent any more problems from happening to the project." Oliver thought it over in his mind and asked Tom to compete with Mason. With a competitive will, Tom wouldn't let the project go wrong.

"Of course, of course, I will. Even if Mr. Oliver doesn't mention it, everyone must go all out to deal with the project. " Tom nodded and bowed, as if he had shouldered a very important thing in an instant.

After walking out of the door of the CEO's office, Tom rushed back to his office, and then called his men to have a meeting quickly. No matter how others inquired, he didn't say a word, as if he had just discussed something important with Oliver.

Of course, Vanessa was the first one to be informed. Vanessa was directly involved in this project. In addition to Vanessa, he also added a few more reliable and capable people.

Now it was a good time to fight for merits. Oliver had said that. So there must be something wrong with Charlotte that she couldn't continue with the project. At this time, no matter who was responsible for it, it was equal to have a free lunch and it was very worthwhile to complete a project without any reason. No matter what thoughts Vanessa had, the most important thing was to make achievements in front of everyone. If Vanessa could compete for it this time, it was good opportunities for her to get promoted.

"I want to talk about the project this time." Tom looked at the densely packed people in his office. He had to make arrangement first before he could tell others. He couldn't miss this opportunity.

"Vanessa, what are you responsible for about the project now?" Everyone looked at Vanessa. Vanessa was gentle and urbane, but the more she behaved like this, the more bad ideas she had.

"I'm in charge of business negotiation with the Sales Department of other companies." Once the construction of the shopping mall was completed, it was necessary to introduce all kinds of brands to the market without any hesitation. For the sales department, they were clear about the top sales brands in t

ood, he would give her many surprises that she didn't dare to fight for, just like the project. But it was obviously useless to give in just now. It was because Oliver was angry, and the reason why he was so angry was that they didn't communicate well with each other.

However, in the face of Oliver's unreasonable argument, even if Charlotte tried her best to explain, the other party did not listen to her. At this time, even if she gave in, it would still have no effect. Charlotte felt a little headache and tried to come up with a compromise method, which must make her return to the company early.

She would have a chance to get in touch with Lin Group soon. Since Oliver wouldn't give her detailed information, she couldn't let go of any opportunity. Even for her father, she couldn't be easily knocked down.

But if Charlotte wanted to go out this time, she didn't know what she should exchange... 'Should I exchange my body for it?' Although Charlotte knew it might be the easiest way, but... She always felt that as long as she thought of Oliver treating her as a pet, her self-esteem would not allow herself to lower her head.

As soon as they got home, the Butler came out to welcome. Perhaps he had already known that Charlotte would come back home, so he also welcomed her with Milk. Milk was just for a walk in the living room. It had been contacting with the servants in the house for a few days, so it was familiar with them. In addition, there was such a cute baby in the house, so everyone liked it very much.

The cat was a coquettish animal. Sometimes, the young servants who was seduced screamed and felt at ease. Even the housekeeper smiled when he saw Milk in trouble, without any blame. Such indulgence and everyone's love made Milk more unbridled.

Seeing that everyone was waiting for someone at the door, Milk also squatted down and waited to see what they were looking at. As soon as Charlotte entered the room, she saw a white thing pouncing on her.

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