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   Chapter 43 The Other Side

Boss's Dearest: Cure You With Love By Fumo Baobao Characters: 9793

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She was not reconciled. She didn't understand why everyone thought Charlotte was a good girl. Why did everyone only care about Charlotte? Being abandoned by her brother and Oliver at the same time, Monica lost all her strength and fell on the grass suddenly, as if all her strength had been drained. She had worked so hard, and her status was so noble. She had never been treated and looked down upon like this.

Monica couldn't help but burst into tears. She felt wronged. She had always been a noble princess, superior and always flattered and coaxed by others. Now she was disliked and hated by Oliver. It was all Charlotte's fault!

All the grievances and unwillingness in her heart turned into tears and wantonly stayed. Anna, who was chasing after her, saw Monica crying on the ground and felt pity for Monica. She hurried forward to help her up.

"Miss. Monica, get up first. The floor is cold. Let's go back to the room first. " In the face of Anna's soft comfort, Monica didn't appreciate it at all. These people were hypocritical, just interested in her identity and money. She shook off Anna, turned around and rushed out of the door, ignoring the gazes and whispers of the servants around.

When Oliver caught up with Kevin, he saw Kevin standing beside a street lamp and looking at something attentively. Oliver, who caught up with him, was also attracted by the scene in front of him. He couldn't help but walk lightly and stood beside with Kevin.

In front of him, under the street lamp, Charlotte squatted on the grass, quiet and gentle, with a dirty kitten in her arms. She didn't know where the stray cat was from, but the cat ran in. It seemed that the little kitten was injured and looked very pitiful, still shivering in Charlotte's arms.

Under the light of the street lamp, Charlotte looked much softer. She was totally different from the usual arrogant and domineering, stubborn and strong girl. At this moment, Charlotte was just a quiet girl, gentle as water, and the voice when she talked to the cat was unprecedentedly gentle. That was another kind of charm, which Oliver and Kevin had never seen before.

No matter how aggrieved or injured Charlotte was, she was still strong and stubborn in front of them. But the tender side of the woman in front of them made the two feel amazed and they thought she was incomparably beautiful.

The soft voice of coaxing the kitten and the kitten's faint cry were so comfortable to hear. No matter how powerful a strong man was, he couldn't resist the tenderness of a woman.

She was stubborn, unyielding, brave and persistent. When she was gentle, she was like sunshine. The woman in front of them always gave them surprises. She had a magic that could make everyone pay attention to her and be convinced.

"Charlotte." Kevin couldn't help blurting out her name. It was not until Charlotte turned around that he found that he had broken the quiet and

At a loss, Monica appeared from the darkness.

"Brother, as you can see, you can't make a decision or even criticize for Oliver's imprisonment to Charlotte." Monica deliberately provoked Kevin, trying to arouse Kevin's unwillingness and jealousy.

"If you really want to help Charlotte, you can't keep doing this. You have to find a way." Hearing Monica's words, Kevin finally had some reactions. He stopped looking at the direction where Oliver and Charlotte had left just now, and turned his head to look at Monica, who had a serious look on her face.

"Way? What? " Kevin's reaction was the best encouragement to Monica. "Don't you think that if we two cooperate, we will definitely succeed?" Ignoring Kevin's confused eyes and what he was about to say, Monica continued, "we two can cooperate with each other and take what we need. At that time, I will be with my Oliver and you will be with your Charlotte. Isn't it a perfect way to make two choices?"

Monica looked expectant, waiting for Kevin's consent. She had already made up her mind. If she had to give one person to Charlotte, she would rather let her brother out, but she would never let go of Oliver.

"I won't promise you." Monica didn't expect that under her expectant gaze, Kevin would refuse her without hesitation. "Why?" Monica didn't believe it. It was a good suggestion. Why did her brother refuse her without hesitation?

"To me, Charlotte is not a commodity that can be obtained by dirty means, but a living person with thoughts and souls. I will fully respect Charlotte's choice and will not force her to choose to go with me." Kevin held Monica's shoulders with both hands. "Monica, love can't be forced. You know how Oliver treats you. If you can't get him, you should learn to let him go."

Monica didn't expect that her brother not only didn't agree with her, but also let her give up. She couldn't accept it. "Kevin! How could you say that! I'm your sister! "

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