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   Chapter 38 Indifference And Care

Boss's Dearest: Cure You With Love By Fumo Baobao Characters: 10339

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After Oliver scolded the servant who came to report to him about Charlotte's condition, he could do nothing but worry about Charlotte. Finally, he could not help but call the Butler in and asked him about the situation in detail. After knowing that Charlotte was receiving treatment, he asked the butler to leave.

When he heard that Charlotte was on a hunger strike, he began to worry about her. But driven by his self-esteem, he couldn't take the initiative to see her, he couldn't put down his status. He could only ask the butler to come in and report Charlotte's situation at any time. In this way, he could calm down.

Lucy woke up after taking a nap and found that there was still more than half bottle left. In order to make the infusion finish as soon as possible, Lucy adjusted the speed of the infusion without authorization. Then she went to do her own business and planned to come back later to have a look.

When she walked out of the room, she was muttering that she was in trouble. Kevin, who had just come back home, heard her words. He wondered why someone came in and out of Charlotte's room at such a late time.

He gently knocked on the door, but there was no response. He found that the door was not tightly closed, but was not fully covered. When he pushed the door open, he saw Charlotte lying on the bed with an infusion. Her face was pale.

Because of the fast speed of the infusion, Charlotte, who was still sleeping, twisted her body restlessly. She became more and more uncomfortable, and subconsciously wanted to pull out the needle from her arm. But she was stopped by Kevin who came in a hurry.

He didn't let Charlotte move, so he adjusted the speed of the infusion back to normal. Charlotte didn't struggle anymore, but was awakened by Kevin's action. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Kevin sitting by her bed, looking at her worriedly.

"Are you sick?" Kevin asked worriedly when he saw Charlotte wake up.

A sound of footsteps rushed over. It was Lucy who was passing by the room. She was about to come back to have a look, but found the door was open. She was afraid that she would be punished for not taking good care of Charlotte, so she rushed over and found that it was Kevin in the room.

"Mr. Kevin..." Lucy lowered her head and whispered. It caught the attention of Kevin.

"Are you the servant who takes care of her?" Kevin's usual peaceful tone was no longer gentle, and the meaning of criticism was obvious.

"It's me..." Lucy was trembling with fear. Her tone was a little shaky.

"Is this how you take care of the patient? Don't you know that she will die if she is put on a drip so quickly? " In the past few days, Kevin had been gentle and cultivated. He didn't lose his temper with the servants all the time. He was famous for his good temper. Now his tone was a little heavier, which almost scared Lucy to cry.

"I know I was wrong. Mr. Kevin, please forgive me." Lucy apologized immediately and buried her head in her chest. Kevin waved his hand, indicating the other party to go down first. Then Lucy left the room with

ept calling Oliver's name in a daze. Kevin's eyes darkened. When Charlotte opened her eyes, she found that the person in front of her was actually Kevin, whose wrist was holding by her.

"Mr. Kevin..." She quickly let go of her hand.

"You are awake." Kevin took a bitter look at Charlotte's hand which was quickly retracting. So last night, because of the fever, Charlotte regarded him as Oliver?

"HMM... Did you take care of me for the whole night? " Charlotte looked at the tired dark circles under Kevin's eyes. She asked with embarrassment.

"HMM... You don't allow me to leave... " Kevin easily waved his wrist, indicating that it was Charlotte who pulled him. Charlotte felt a little embarrassed, but she still thanked Kevin, "thank you for taking care of me."

Looking at Charlotte's gentle smile, Kevin could no longer care about Charlotte's mistake.

"Miss. Charlotte, are you okay?" A hurried voice broke the silence of the two. It was Mary. As soon as Mary came back, she heard that Charlotte was seriously ill and she hurried over.

"When I came back from my holiday, they told me that you were seriously ill. Are you feeling better now?" Mary put the breakfast on the table and hurried to ask. Her tone was full of concern and she was very sincere.

Seeing Kevin here, Mary greeted him politely, "good morning, Mr. Kevin."

"Mr. Kevin, you'd better go back to have a rest now. I really bothered you last night." Charlotte sat up from the bed, leaned against the head of the bed, and asked Kevin to go back to rest with guilt. She had been cold to him before, but Kevin didn't mind and took good care of her.

"Well, have a good meal and take the medicine on time. I'll come to see you later." Kevin was a little tired, and there was no need for him to stay here.

As soon as Kevin walked out of her room, he met Monica who was going upstairs. Seeing that her brother came out of Charlotte's room, Monica knew that he must have stayed here all night, so she was more jealous.

"Brother, I'm here to ask you to have breakfast."

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