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   Chapter 36 A Warm Man

Boss's Dearest: Cure You With Love By Fumo Baobao Characters: 10153

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Charlotte didn't return to her room until she went upstairs on the other side of the living room.

But she didn't want to see Monica, it was not only because she didn't want to see her, but also because she didn't want to hear Monica's harsh words.

Standing at the door of the living room, Charlotte was hesitating whether she should go back to her room after waiting for someone to leave. But while she was thinking about it, she had been seen.

A warm voice came through.

"Who is that girl over there?" It was the man who came this afternoon.

"Charlotte! Why are you here? " Seeing Charlotte standing at the door, Monica was in a bad mood and spoke in a sharp tone.

"Oliver doesn't allow you to leave the room at will, does he?" Monica rebuked with disdain.

"Go back quickly. Don't get in my way here." Facing Monica's scold, Charlotte opened her mouth but said nothing. She was in a bad situation now and couldn't bring any trouble to herself anymore.

Lowering her head, she walked through the living room, went upstairs, and returned to her room without looking back.

"Who was that?" The man had a deep impression on the woman who had just passed by. She had a noble temperament that was pure from mud. Even if she didn't say a word, she gave off a simple and inexperienced temperament, which made people feel very comfortable.

"She! Humph! It's just a pet of Oliver. " Monica replied disdainfully. She didn't want to talk about Charlotte, which made her angry.

"Pet?" Kevin An asked in surprise.

"She made Oliver angry a few days ago and was under house arrest. How dare she go out of her room today? I'll see if Oliver will teach her a lesson when he comes back." Monica couldn't help but feel happy when she thought that Charlotte would be scolded.

Although Kevin An didn't talk much about Charlotte, he sympathized with her in his heart. No wonder when he saw her just now, her eyes were full of despair and depression.

She looked like a good woman. Why was she tortured like this?

Kevin An's room was very close to Charlotte's. it was on the same floor. When he returned to his room, he passed by Charlotte's room. The door was ajar, and the servants were sending dinner inside.

Kevin An was a little curious. He looked closer and heard Charlotte's weak voice.

"Remove all the dishes. I have no appetite." In fact, she had stayed in the room for a long time and seldom exercised. She was not hungry at all.

"Eat some. You are too thin." Kevin An, who was standing at the door and watching, couldn't help persuading her with his soft voice.

When he noticed that everyone was looking at him, Kevin An realized that he couldn't help but speak out what he was thinking.

As soon as Charlotte raised her head, she saw the man standing at the door this afternoon, which brought her closer and made her see his handsome face more clearly. It was a handsome man with a gentle expression on his face.

"They have worked so hard to cook so many delicious food. Have some." Kevin An had to

t." Charlotte ignored Monica's orders and stretched lazily. She picked up the quilt on the ground and intended to continue to rest.

"Who do you think you are! What else can you do except sleeping with a man? " Monica didn't let her go and kept shouting.

The knock on the door just now awakened Kevin An. The two rooms were not far away, and quarrel had lasted for so long in that room, so Kevin An quickly came to see what was going on. Before he reached the door of the room, he heard her sister's shrill voice. Did the "pet" make her angry?

"Monica? What's wrong? " Kevin An's gentle voice came from the door.

"Brother... She bullied me. " Monica lied.

Charlotte sneered, "You came to my room early in the morning and now it became that I bullied you? No one would believe you. "

Being exposed, Monica was ashamed into anger. She turned around and was about to come back to fight with Charlotte, but was stopped by Kevin An.

"Well, aren't you afraid that Oliver will come back and make trouble for you? Go and have breakfast now. I'll take you out to play today. " After coaxing his sister away, Kevin An turned around and looked at Charlotte with some guilt.

"My sister has always been like this. She is thoughtless. Don't lower yourself to the same level as her." In the face of Kevin's kind apology, what he got was not the gratitude of Charlotte, but the disdainful eyes.

"Don't pretend to be kind." Charlotte whispered coldly, which made Kevin An a little stunned. The two of them were fine last night. Why did she suddenly change her attitude today?

"It's because of my sister... That's why you... " Kevin An asked after hesitating for a while.

"You are indeed her brother." Charlotte, who was more certain about this, looked disappointed. Why did her fantasies suddenly disappear when she just felt that there was a good person in the world.

"I'm Monica's brother..." Kevin An wanted to say something more, but was taken out of the room by Charlotte who jumped off the bed just now.

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