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   Chapter 32 Make Trouble

Boss's Dearest: Cure You With Love By Fumo Baobao Characters: 10388

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"That's right. It is not easy for us to have a good life in this industry, but unexpectedly she got venereal disease."

A woman who was making up said with a sad face.

"I think it will be ruined in the future."

Hiding in the cubicle, Emmett suddenly felt a bang in his head and instantly froze on the spot.

He didn't hear what the other two people were talking about after that, and he didn't care whether others would treat him as a hooligan or not.

He pushed the door open directly and rushed out.

The two who were fixing their make-up were shocked by the man who suddenly rushed out from behind. But when they reacted, they immediately understood what was going on.

Here was the bathroom of the bar. It was not strange to see such a thing on the spot.

"Just now... Isn't that Mr. Emmett who often comes here recently? "

One of the women was still applying lipstick, but her eyes were still looking at the door.

"From now on, we should tell other sisters... This person can't be touched... "

The two nodded with lingering fear.

Emmett rushed to the hospital in one breath and had a general check-up.

In the past few days of waiting for the checked result, Emmett had been suffering from nervousness and fear. He had been living a hard life and didn't dare to go anywhere. He could only stay at home and pray that everything would be fine.

The examination result didn't follow his wish. Emmett felt the world collapsed and became excited in an instant.

When he saw the examination result, the first person in his mind was Charlotte.

It was all Charlotte's fault. If it weren't for her, he wouldn't have been abandoned by Stella. Now he could still enjoy the time with Stella in the big house.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. He rushed directly to the Shen Group.

"Sir, you need a work permit to get in and out of this building. Please show me your work permit."

Before he entered the gate, he was stopped by the security guards. Emmett was in a fit of anger, so he was just making trouble out of nothing.

He rushed into the hall.

"Charlotte, you bitch! Come out!"

A loud shout immediately attracted everyone's attention.

"Sir, if you keep doing this, we will ask you out."

The security guard came to stop him.

"I'm here for Charlotte. Let her out!"

Emmett shouted at the receptionist.

Elsa called Mandy immediately with internal line.

"Mandy, there is an emotional gentleman here. He is looking for Charlotte."

"I see."

Mandy put down the phone, stood up and came to Charlotte, who was concentrating on her work.

"Someone is looking for you at the front desk. It seems that he is making trouble. As the person concerned, you should go downstairs and have a look."

Usually, most of the employees who were involve in trouble and extended it to the company would be fired because of personal issues. But this assistant Charlotte was not an ordinary person, and Mandy didn't dare to deal with it casually. She could only let Charlotte deal with it first, and then turned around to report to the presiden

relationship between the two ambiguous.

"Charlotte, you are single now, right?" Monica pretended to be enlightened.

"I think it's better to marry him. Maybe it's also a good fate." Regardless of the embarrassment on the faces of the two, Monica said happily.

No one noticed that Oliver's face darkened.

"David and I are just ordinary friends." Charlotte explained hurriedly for fear of implicating David.

On the contrary, David's admiring eyes were undisguised.

"Wow, you are so intimate by calling name? You said you are just friends. Who would believe that? " Monica covered her mouth and smiled. She had the idea of making a match between the two and continued to make the two a couple.

"Oh, it's time for lunch. Let's have lunch together. Oliver, what do you think? " Monica made the decision without asking Charlotte and David's opinion. She turned to ask Oliver's opinion.

Without getting an answer from Oliver, Monica shook Oliver's arm and acted like a spoiled child.

"Oliver... If we can help the two of them, we will really have boundless merits. "

Oliver glanced at David, who was still affectionately looking at Charlotte, and sneered.


His words surprised Charlotte. She didn't think Oliver would agree to such an unreasonable proposal. She didn't expect him to answer so decisively.

Or, his fiancee came back, and Oliver thought it was time to push her out.

She felt as if she had fallen into an ice cave. Mechanically, Charlotte followed them to a nearby restaurant.

"Watch out, Charlotte!"

Charlotte, who was in a daze, was suddenly pulled back by David from behind. It turned out that there was a staircase in front of her. If it weren't for David, she would have tripped over.

She smiled gratefully at David and withdrew her hand from his slowly.

"Thank you, David."

The atmosphere around them suddenly became cold. Charlotte didn't know if it was her illusion. She looked at Oliver by instinct, but she couldn't see any different emotions on Oliver's face.

She must have thought too much.

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