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   Chapter 30 Think Too Much

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But if she turned around and left now, she would be blamed.

When she was in a dilemma, Monica spoke again.

"Oliver has been with a lot of women in the past few years. Men always have needs to be solved."

Charlotte was not used to Monica's sudden generosity.


Monica put down the toast in her hand and changed the subject.

"Now that I'm back, Oliver can't have other dubious women around him anymore."

The words stabbed into Charlotte's heart, which meant that she was a dubious woman.

She raised her head and stared at Monica. Monica saw it coincidently.

"What? Are you still not convinced? Don't you know who you are? I'm the future hostess of this house. "

The more Monica said, the more hateful she became. She hadn't forgotten what happened last night. How could she miss this opportunity to make fun of others?

Charlotte opened her mouth but said nothing in the end. Yes, who was she? The woman in front of her was Oliver's fiancee, the future hostess of the family.

Looking at the frustrated look on Charlotte's face, Monica was finally in a better mood and had a better appetite. She continued to eat the rich breakfast in front of her.

Charlotte stood at the door of the dining room, staring blankly at the floor. Nobody knew what she was thinking.

When Oliver went downstairs, he saw such a Charlotte.

"Don't dawdle. Go to work now."

After seeing Monica in the dining room, Oliver took a meaningful look at Charlotte and then went to work with taking her.

Along the way, the two of them were silent.

Finally, when they were about to arrive at the company, Charlotte spoke in a low voice.

"Is Monica really your fiancee?"

Although when Monica mentioned it, Oliver was present and didn't refuse this matter, Charlotte just wanted an accurate reply. She didn't know why she was entangled with this question.

Charlotte rubbed her clothes nervously and didn't dare to look up at Oliver's expression. She could only close her eyes and wait for the answer. She even panted softly for fear that she would miss something.

After waiting for a long time, there was a burst of silence.

The car stopped steadily at the entrance of the company.


Standing beside the car, Oliver took a look at Charlotte, who was still in a daze in the car. He turned around and walked into the company.

Leaving Charlotte, who was lost in various fancies and conjectures, a little embarrassed.

Did she say it in a low voice that Oliver didn't hear? Or in fact, he just wanted to avoid this question, or... Did he think it's unnecessary to explain to her?

Either way, Charlotte thought she was so stupid to ask such a question just now.

She lowered her head and followed him, deliberately dawdling not to take the same elevator with Oliver.

When she got there, she found that Oliver was waiting for her outside the elevator.

"Hurry up, don't dawdle."

He complained in disgust and went into the elevator, waiting for Charlotte.

The elevator door slowly closed, leaving all kinds of peeping eyes outside. The elevator was the most embarrassing place, and the situation in the elevator could be clearly reflected from all directions.

She could only lower her head to her chest, trying to hide herself in the corner to reduce the sense of existence.

The direct result was that Charlotte didn't do much work the whole morning and couldn't help thinking too much.

'Why didn't Oliver want to explain the relationship between him and Monica? Oliver has already had a fiancee, why did he still come to provoke me, staying with me every day... Roll on the bed!'

This time, her identity was rather embarrassing. Suddenly, a word came out of her mind, "mistress!"! Charlotte was frightened by her own thoughts.

Wasn't she a mistress now?

But on second thought, she was sold to Oliver...

Charlotte rubbed her hair with all her strength. She dared not continue to think about it. The more she thought about it, the more unnecessary she thought her existence was.


Mandy's voice suddenly rang in Charlotte's ears, which made her jump up from her seat.


She picked up the chair which was kicked by her in a hurry.

"Have you finished your work?"

Mandy came here to fetch the materials that she asked Charlotte to sort out this morning.

"I... Am... Not yet... "

She had been in a daze just now. How could she have time to sort out any documents?

"But I'll finish it soon."

She said with a guilty conscience, sat down in a hurry and continued to sort things out.

When Mandy came here just now, she saw at a glance that Charlotte was in a daze. At this moment, she could only sigh helplessly.

"This is what Mr. Oliver wants to see. You'd better explain it to him yourself."

Oliver had always been strict with his subordinates. When he said that one must sort out the documents in a few minutes, then if the person delayed for one minute, the consequences would be serious.

She had no choice but to enter Oliver'

s office with Mandy.

"Where is the information I want?"

Oliver, who was reading documents, didn't notice that there was another person behind Mandy.

"Not ready yet."

Mandy answered honestly.

Mandy always did things in a proper way. She could do such a small thing well. There was only one possibility that after Mandy arranged the things, the assistant would delay the work.


Oliver would dismiss those who couldn't do a good job.


Oliver's cold tone had proven that he was very angry at the moment.

"Charlotte hasn't sorted out the documents, so I can't hand them over to you."

Oliver raised his head and saw Charlotte standing behind Mandy, unable to see her expression clearly.

"You go out first."

Unexpectedly, Oliver didn't lose his temper. Instead, he sent her away and left Charlotte alone.

"Close the door. Come here."

This was the last sentence that Mandy heard after she went out.

She frowned slightly. What was the relationship between Mr. Oliver and Charlotte? She became more and more curious.

"Do you want to quit?"

All the assistants came back to work today, so Charlotte's work pressure should be alleviated a lot. Moreover, according to the work efficiency of these days, Charlotte should not suddenly reduce her work efficiency for no reason.

Charlotte took a few steps forward.

"No... No... I know I was wrong. "

'I can't explain that I miss you all morning, so I haven't finished my work, right?'


Charlotte's face was full of something on her mind, which immediately aroused Oliver's interest.

"I'll sort out the documents and send them to you right away. Ten minutes, another ten minutes will be enough."

Charlotte begged pitifully. No matter what, she couldn't leave here at this time. Things were getting better, and if she had to contact the Lin Group, Shen Group would provide a good platform.

"You should know that if it was others, they are one minute late, I will fire them directly."

Oliver leaned against the back of the chair comfortably and looked at Charlotte, who was anxious and nervous.

"I... I know I was wrong. I won't let such a thing happen again in the future. "

Charlotte had to keep persuading Oliver not to be angry with beautiful words.

"Come here. You know how to please me."

Oliver was in a good mood and patted his legs. His intention was obvious.

Charlotte's face froze. She hesitated for a moment and moved forward.

She walked very slowly. When Oliver was about to get impatient, Charlotte just arrived in front of Oliver.

He pulled her over right away and put her on his laps. He held her in his arms.

"Give me a kiss, and I'll give you ten minutes."

His frivolous words made Charlotte roll her eyes.

"What? Unwilling? Then pack up your things... "

Charlotte quickly raised her head and kissed Oliver, then she stopped Oliver's words.

Blushing, Charlotte stood up and took a few steps back.

"I'm going to sort out the documents."

Then she rushed out of the CEO's office with the documents.

Oliver touched the place where he was kissed just now. This method was not bad, and he could use it often in the future.

All the people outside the office had paid all their attention to the door of the CEO's office since they saw Mandy come out herself. They couldn't see what was happening in the CEO's office, so they could only wait to see when assistant Charlotte would come out.

Not long after, the door was opened from inside. With a red face, Charlotte ran out and returned to her seat, concentrating on sorting out the documents.

Nothing happened. Mandy was not sure whether she was disappointed or grateful, but this made her more sure that she had to be careful to get along with Charlotte in the future.

Since those persons who spread the scandal were fired last time, everyone had restrained themselves and dared not gossip anymore. They could only keep it to themselves and think about it.

In order not to let such a thing happen, Charlotte was focused these days. But every time she went to and off work with Oliver, she would look forward to seeing Oliver tell her the relationship between him and Monica.

Even though she didn't dare to face her heart, this sense of expectation made Charlotte unable to avoid.

During these days, Monica always couldn't find Oliver when she went to Oliver's room at night. It turned out that Oliver was in Charlotte's room every night.

One or two times, Monica could still comfort herself. As time went by, she could not help but mock and embarrass Charlotte.

That night, there were only two people at the table, Charlotte and Monica. Oliver had a business dinner and said he wouldn't come back for dinner.

"Why didn't you make pork face just for spareribs?"

As soon as the dishes were served, Monica opened her mouth.

The servant looked at Monica in panic.

"When I asked you this afternoon, you said everything was okay, so we prepared spareribs."

The servant answered respectfully.

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