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   Chapter 29 Disagreeable Conversation

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After hesitating for a long time, Charlotte finally calmed down. She thought to herself that no one would wait for her specially, because she came down so late. When she came down, they had almost finished eating and sent her back to her room when they saw that she was so annoying.

However, her wishful thinking was interrupted by the reality.

The servant didn't serve the dishes until Charlotte sat down, which put more pressure on Charlotte.

After waiting for a long time, Monica, who had already been impatient, looked at Charlotte with fierce eyes and showed her dissatisfaction with her with mood.

Fortunately, Oliver had been busy with his work and had no time to blame her.

Today's dishes were very rich. There were Chinese food and Western food. It seemed that the western food was specially prepared for Monica.

"I was afraid that you were not used to Chinese food, so I ordered the kitchen to cook Western food."

Although Oliver was expressionless when he said this, Charlotte could tell that it was the rare gentle tone of Oliver.

Looking at Monica's happy face and seeing the two people looking at each other, Charlotte felt a little depressed.

"Oliver, you haven't made an introduction yet."

Monica had been observing Charlotte since just now.

Oliver never brought a strange woman home. Monica wasn't familiar with this doll-like woman. Monica learned from the Butler that Charlotte just knew Oliver these days.

She looked pure and beautiful, and she didn't care about external. It could be distinguished from her dressing and casually tying her hair behind.

"This is Monica An and this is Charlotte Shao."

Without raising his head, Oliver continued to look at the iPad in his hand.

The simple and clear introduction, it was indeed Oliver's style.

"Hello, I'm Monica An. Oliver and I grew up together. I studied abroad before and just came back today."

Monica didn't care about Oliver's simple introduction at all, so she just introduced herself.

"I'm Oliver's fiancee. We've been engaged a long time ago. I came back to discuss our marriage with Oliver this time."

When Monica said this, she was full of confidence, as if she was declaring her sovereignty.

Suddenly, Charlotte felt suffocated for a moment. She looked at Oliver subconsciously, only to find that Oliver continued to focus on his own things as if he hadn't heard it.

"Why don't you introduce yourself?"

Seeing that Oliver didn't retort, Monica looked more arrogant. She looked at Charlotte with contempt.

"I... My name is Charlotte Shao... "

She said her name in a low voice, but didn't go on.

Monica ignored her.

"I don't know why you are here, but Oliver and I are going to get married soon. It's not good for you to live here."

The implication was that you should move your things and leave as soon as possible.

Charlotte panicked. She had no place to live now, and most importantly, she hadn't found out the truth yet.

She looked at Oliver in panic, waiting for Oliver's order.

"It should not be in a hurry."

Oliver finally put down his iPad and looked at Charlotte.

"Go back to your room after dinner."

After ordering her to leave, Charlotte ran back to her room as if she had got an amnesty.

After returning to her room, Charlotte felt a little depressed and touched her stomach, which hadn't eaten much. She had been sleeping for the whole afternoon and was already a little hungry. And the atmosphere just now was so intense that she couldn't eat anything at all.

Now she felt even more hungry.

And that Monica was actually Oliver's fiancee. The unspeakable strong sense of loss made Charlotte fall into a low mood.

She just felt that she had changed her attitude towards Oliver. She even thought that Oliver treated her differently, whether it was to fire the people who spread rumors for her in the company, or to save her by suddenly appearing in the KTV.

Charlotte had a crush on Oliver for a long time. It was just that the bad impression of their first meeting was too hard to forget, so she didn't want to see it clearly.

It was not until now that a fiancee suddenly appeared that Charlotte realized that some emotions would exist even if they were ignored.

After tossing and turning in bed for a long time, Charlotte couldn't continue keeping thinking, she finally fell asleep.

Before long, a cold body next to her pulled her into his strong chest.

Discontentedly, Charlotte found a comfortable position and continued to rest.

But the man was not satisfied. He began to touch her hands and rubbed her mouth, which made Charlotte have to wake up.

Oliver's handsome face appeared in front of Charlotte.

"What are...?"

Before Charlotte could finish her words, her lips were covered, and then she could say nothing but soft groan.

It was already one o'clock after the two men finished their sex. Charlotte was completely awake and her whole body seemed to be torn apart.

At this moment, the sense of hunger became clearer.

Finally, she couldn't help but let out a burst of protest, which was especially clear in the big room.

Oliver looked at Charlotte amu

sedly, who was burying her head in the quilt.

"You haven't had enough during the dinner?"

Charlotte felt so humiliated that she just continued to bury her head into the quilt and nodded her head heavily.

Without asking any more questions, Oliver stood up and walked out of the room directly.

Charlotte thought that Oliver went back to his room to sleep. After waiting for a long time, there was no sound in the room, she slowly poked her head out of the quilt.

Just as she dragged her sore body and wanted to find something to eat in the kitchen, the door was suddenly opened again. Frightened, Charlotte instantly rushed back to the bed and wrapped herself up again.

The door was opened, followed by the delicious smell of pizza.

"Come here."

Like calling a puppy, Oliver put the pizza on the table and motioned for Charlotte to eat it.

"You can go out now."

Charlotte covered the quilt and looked at Oliver awkwardly. Did he want her to put on clothes in front of him?

"I've watched it several times. Why are you so shy?"

Oliver said in a playful tone.

"I... Get out... "

She murmured for a while and couldn't say anything convincing, so she had to drive him away.

"Come here and eat it. It won't taste good when it's cold."

Oliver pulled over a chair casually and sat down opposite to Charlotte, staring at Charlotte.

Under the temptation of delicious food and the urging of her stomach, Charlotte finally chose to give up face. The most important thing was to fill her stomach.

She stretched out her hand and hooked over her pajama that had just been taken off, and quickly tucked herself in the quilt. In this way, she completed the process of dressing.

She didn't even have time to put on her shoes. She rushed to the table barefoot, grabbed it and put it into her mouth, regardless of whether her hands were clean or not. Then she began to gobble it.

The pizza she didn't like normally had become the most delicious food in the world now.

"Eat slowly."

Oliver looked at Charlotte affectionately. His gaze was like seeing a child, and he even didn't notice that.

Charlotte had always paid attention to her image, but now she was wolfing down, not even caring about the crumbs on the corner of her mouth.

"Why is there hot pizza in the kitchen?"

It was not until she was almost full that Charlotte realized that it was already one o'clock, and the chefs should be off duty.

"The servants on duty heated up it."

And the noise was so loud that all the servants on duty went to the kitchen and hurried to wake up Monica who was also resting.

When she came out to see what was going on, she heard the servants say that Oliver asked them to heat up food for Charlotte, so they made such a big noise.

"They two live in the same room?"

After listening for a long time, Monica finally got the point. If they were not in the same room, how could he ask them to get up and heat up the food for that little tramp?

Monica was in a bad mood after she was woken up. When she heard the news, she exploded directly. She was about to look for Charlotte aggressively, but was stopped by the butler passing by.

"Miss. Monica, the master is asleep. You'd better not disturb him, or he will be angry."

The Butler's words calmed Monica down. Although Oliver was very patient and didn't lose his temper today, she couldn't guarantee that he would still be so kind when she made trouble for him.

Thinking of Oliver's angry face, Monica immediately gave up the idea.

"Miss. Monica, it's late at night. You'd better go home and have a rest. We'll talk about it tomorrow."

The butler's words brought Monica back to her senses.

'Charlotte, just wait and see. I won't let you go.'

Monica cursed Charlotte in her heart angrily. But in this case, she had to go back to her room and have a rest, thinking about how to drive this troublemaker out.

Charlotte was woken up by Oliver this morning.

"Get up quickly. You are late for work."

Oliver got out of bed carefully, but he still woke up the sleeping woman.

He looked at the woman in the bed, who was still awake. Her eyes tried to open, but she didn't open much.

She stretched herself comfortably, and her white neck and arms were instantly exposed. The red mark on her chest was even more bright against her white and tender skin.

Oliver's apple bobbed. He immediately turned around and went to take a shower.

Hearing the sound of water from the bathroom, Charlotte was completely awake. She got up, put on her clothes and went downstairs for breakfast.

Last time when she was hungry, the doctor said that she should not miss every meal and try to eat on time.

If she was hungry, just eat something. She shouldn't hold on.

When she was thinking about the pizza last night, Charlotte couldn't help smiling.

"What's wrong? Why are you so happy after sleeping for only one night? "

A woman's harsh voice greeted Charlotte.

She stopped smiling and realized that there was another person in the house, Monica.

Standing at the door of the dining room, Charlotte hesitated and didn't want to have breakfast with Monica.

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