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   Chapter 28 Caught Red Handed

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When she woke up, it was already in the evening. Oliver hadn't come back yet. Charlotte had always been obedient and stayed in her room when there was nothing else.

But it was said that most of the servants were not on duty today, so there were few people in the house.

Charlotte wanted to take this opportunity to go to Oliver's study, hoping to find something she wanted there.

She had to go secretly. If Oliver knew it, he would never allow her to go.

She quietly opened the door, and there was no one in the corridor. She groped quietly and came to Oliver's study with her memory.

Charlotte had asked others before, she knew there was no monitor here. Even if there was, Charlotte had made up an excuse. As long as there was no evidence, he could do nothing to her.

It was nothing more than being continued to be scolded and suffering.

At this time, the door of the study was open. It would be thoroughly cleaned before Oliver came back, so there were only a few servants cleaning the study at this time.

She had to find a way to draw them away.

She tidied up her clothes and walked to the door of the study calmly.

"Mr. Oliver said that he would come back early today. You have to finish cleaning in advance, or he will be very angry when he sees that you are still cleaning after he comes back."

Although Charlotte was not the owner, everyone knew that she was Mr. Oliver's assistant now.

"Yes, Miss."

Without too much doubt, everyone left.

Before Oliver came back, the study would not be locked for a period of time. Charlotte pretended to leave, and waited for everyone to go out at the other corner and move back to the study again.

After closing the door carefully, Charlotte didn't dare to make any noise because she had a guilty conscience. She just gently rummaged around on the table of Oliver.

On the desk were some reports about the recent project of the Shen Group, which were also seen by Charlotte at the company, so they were worthless. All the visible and invisible drawers in the study were locked.

After a round, she got nothing.

The needle on the wall was rotating rapidly, and Charlotte had to retreat in a hurry.

Just as she was about to leave, the doorknob of the study was turned on. There was a noise of footsteps and talking outside.

Seeing that the door was about to open, Charlotte retreated quickly, stand aside the bookshelf and picked up a book casually, pretending to read it.

At least in this way, she could reduce a little suspicion, and there was only this way at the moment.

The door was pushed open, followed by a woman's scream.

"Don't stop me. He must be here!"

Then came the Butler's voice.

"Miss. Monica An, master hasn't come back yet."

It seemed that this woman broke in directly. On the contrary, Charlotte was relieved. It seemed that Oliver didn't come back.

"You must be lying to me. Olive knew that I would come back today and said that he would get off work early."

Judging from the voice, this woman was not a gentle lady. Charlotte might be in trouble.

Charlotte analyzed the current situation in her mind and estimated if she would get into trouble today, followed by a loud scream.

"Who are you? Why are you in Oliver's house? "

Obviously, everyone saw Charlotte, who was standing in the study and at a loss.

"Miss. Charlotte? Why are you in the master's study? "

When Gordon saw Charlotte, he was also surprised. His tone was a little cold, obviously a little angry.

"Who is in charge of the study! How can you let anyone in so easily? "

The Butler turned his head and scolded the people behind him. Since Monica An came here today, she had already caused a big trouble by breaking into every room. Now Miss. Charlotte was alone in the study, so he didn't know if she had rummaged around.

If the master came back and saw it, he would lose his temper.

"I... I just feel a little bored. I happened to see the door open here, so I wanted to come in and find a book to kill time. "

Charlotte spoke out what she had thought in advance, trying to minimize her sense of existence, and then took time to slip out.

"Ah! ! You bitch! Why are you in Oliver's house! Who allowed you to touch Oliver's book casually? "

The woman called Monica An rushed over in a few steps and grabbed the book from Charlotte's hand, as if it had been infected with virus. She rubbed it quickly and blew it exaggeratedly with her mouth.

Charlotte had no choice but to step back awkwardly, trying to keep a safe distance from this strange woman.

"Who is this woman?"

Monica An pointed at Charlotte's nose and asked the butler.

"Miss. Monica, this is the guest of the host, Miss. Charlotte Shao."

The Butler didn't say that it was Oliver's pet as saving Charlotte's face in this way, or there would be another person who didn't take Charlotte seriously.

"Guest? Get out, right now! Oliver doesn't need

a female guest. "

Monica An didn't appreciate it at all and made trouble out of nothing.

Charlotte also roughly understood that 80% of the woman was an admirer of Oliver. It seemed that she was a spoiled daughter of a rich family.

"Miss, you'd better not be so rude."

Charlotte didn't say anything at first because she was found sneaking into the study and felt a little guilty. But the woman in front of her was getting worse and worse, and her tone was getting more and more excessive.

"If Oliver brought a man back and kept him at home, you should have reacted so violently."

Charlotte sneered at the uneducated woman in front of her with disdain, then turned around and walked out of the study quickly.

She had to leave the study where was in trouble before Oliver came back.

Unfortunately, Charlotte, who was about to rush out with her head down, didn't get the steward's stop, but directly crashed into a hard chest.

Charlotte's heart skipped a beat. The scent of his chest was very familiar.

She stepped back in panic and looked at the man in front of her with her eyes wide open. It was Oliver who came back from work.

"You... You are back... "

Charlotte's mind went blank and she didn't know what she had said.

Seeing that Charlotte rushed out of his study in a hurry, Oliver's face darkened.

He looked at Charlotte up and down.

"What are you doing in my study?"

It was time to come. The more afraid she would be to be asked it by Oliver, the more likely it would be caught.


When Charlotte was still hesitating about how to explain, a delicate voice came from behind, and then was knocked to the side by a strong force rushing over from behind.

It turned out to be Monica. She heard Oliver's voice in the study, but Monica's voice was a little different now.

Monica's voice used to be shrewish and penetrating, but now it was delicate and weak. Charlotte was stunned.

But anyway, she had to thank this delicate voice for interrupting the topic just now. Charlotte cast a grateful look at her.

Just as she turned around and was about to leave quietly, Monica An suddenly pointed at Charlotte.

"Oliver, who is this woman! She was sneaking around in your study just now. There must be something wrong! "

Charlotte, who was grateful a second ago, now had several words on her face, "life is hopeless." Things changed so fast that her mind went blank again.

"Oh? Really? "

Oliver looked at the stiff Charlotte with great interest. Charlotte didn't dare to turn around.

In fact, the important things in the study had been locked, and Charlotte should not be able to see them. As for those things on the table, they were useless to Charlotte. They were all the copies of the company's financial statements, and she had already known them in the company.

Even though he knew that Charlotte would get nothing, he still felt good when he saw the strange expression on Charlotte's face.

"I... I'm just bored... Go inside and find a book to read... "

Everyone's eyes were focused on Charlotte. Seeing that she couldn't escape, Charlotte had to repeat the previous excuse.

"Liar! You must have your own purpose! "

Monica's loud voice scared Charlotte into a cold sweat. It was not a good idea to keep pestering her.

Just when the atmosphere was stiff again, Oliver spoke.

"Is dinner ready? Let's talk while eating. "

Obviously, he was rescuing Charlotte.

"Okay, let's have dinner first. This is the first meal I've had since I came back from abroad. I must eat with Oliver."

When Monica heard the news, she immediately forgot about Charlotte and was very happy.

Before leaving, Oliver took a meaningful look at the back of Charlotte. Charlotte left directly.

After everyone followed Oliver away, Charlotte dared to look back. She looked at Oliver with a complicated look in her eyes. She was not sure whether the rescue was meaningful or not. Maybe Oliver wanted to ask her alone.

He didn't really want to help her out.

She was still in a bad mood and went back to her room. She threw herself into the bed. At least, Oliver wouldn't have time to interrogate her tonight. Before that, she should think about how to deal with it.

Except for what happened smoothly in the morning, she was always frightened when it came to Oliver today.

Not long after, the Butler knocked on the door and said that Oliver asked her to go downstairs for dinner.

"Me? Didn't Oliver tell me not to go out if there is nothing else? I'd better not go... "

She felt a headache at the thought of it, and Monica An, who was speaking sarcastically.

The butler was speechless. Why didn't she mention this when she sneaked into the study just now?

"Master ordered it. Miss. Charlotte, you'd better get ready as soon as possible. Don't make master wait too long."

Ignoring Charlotte's refusal, the Butler said what he should say and turned away.

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