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The HR Manager sighed for a while and hurried to execute Oliver's order.

As for Charlotte herself, she didn't know anything about it. But when she went to order lunch for Oliver, she found that everyone was hiding from her. Although it was a little strange, Charlotte didn't think too much.

Anyway, everyone was hostile to her, and she was used to doing everything alone.

She didn't see the notice on the wall until she went to the tea room to make coffee in the afternoon.

Recently, some employees didn't work hard and spread rumors, which had a very bad impact. In order to create a better working environment, the company would fire the person who took the lead in spreading rumors.

It was a big seal of the human resources department.

After reading the notice and looking at the employees who were three feet away from her, Charlotte guessed something.

It should be about her scandal. She didn't expect that Oliver would fire her after hearing the gossip. He was so bad.

Charlotte completely forgot that the gossip was slandering her. She should be the happiest person in the world.

Charlotte didn't take it seriously. The most important things in her mind were to find out who was behind her family's matter and the real murderer to avenge her father, she wanted to take revenge.

She was interrupted by the zero plan halfway, and there were still a lot of documents in her hand to read.

After rummaging through it, she finally took out the information about the Lin Group. After what Noah had done, Charlotte had more doubts about Lin Group.

However, there was nothing more she wanted to know from the information in her hand. She had to find a way to investigate and dispel her doubts.

She was getting more and more familiar with work. Even if she was alone, she could tell what to do first and what to do later, which increased the efficiency of her work.

When Mandy arrived at the CEO's office to report the work, she passed by Charlotte's office and saw Charlotte who was working hard and ambitious. Mandy began to worry about her deeply.

After entering the CEO's office, Oliver was staring blankly outside, expressionless, and his eyes had been following the back of Charlotte.

"Mr. Oliver."

Mandy interrupted Oliver in a low voice.


The glass window was covered, and Oliver took the documents from Mandy.

"The zero plan has gone smoothly. The rest is to start the construction. I have sent the specific project drawing to the construction company. "

Mandy reported the work in a proper way.


Oliver looked at the documents in his hand casually, thinking that this was the contract signed by Charlotte in his mind.

"Mr. Oliver?"

Mandy, who was spouting out a lot of details, didn't hear Oliver's words for a long time and cautiously called out.

"Well, how's Charlotte's work going?"

It seemed that he hadn't heard anything that Charlotte was in a hurry and did something wrong these days.

"Charlotte, she is much more efficient than before. Although there are still some things that can't be handled in time, it was that there is still five persons' workload previously."

In front of Oliver, Mandy told the truth.

"Well, she can do it alone. It seems that it's unnecessary to keep those five people."

Oliver's words made Mandy's heart skip a beat.

"Well... It's their inefficient work. I'll force them later. "

Just now, Mandy was worried about this matter. She didn't expect that Oliver really mentioned it.

"You can go out if you have nothing else to do."

Oliver just said casually and didn't pay much attention to it.

"By the way, give me some private information about the Lin Group, including the movements of all the senior executives. I want detailed written information."

Mandy hesitated at Oliver's request.

"Don't you know everything? Why do you want it again all of a sudden? "

Oliver was very clear about the Lin Group. After all, when he purchased the Shao family, the first thing he needed to investigate was the Lin Group which had something to do with him.

"Now I want the detailed written information."

Without giving Mandy any chance to continue questioning, he waved his hand directly and asked her to leave.

Opening the curtain of the glass window, Charlotte was still in the same posture as before. When she was studying the documents in front of her, Oliver's frown slightly relaxed.

What he wanted was not for himself, but for the person outside.

Charlotte had almost searched through the Lin Group's information, but still couldn't find the clue she wanted the most.

After work, Charlotte took a look at the piles of work in her hands. She had to ask for a leave today and apply not to work overtime.

Charlotte thought that she had to find out the clues by other ways, she couldn't only rely on Oliver.

Moreover, every time Oliver wanted to reveal the most important thing, he suddenly stopped and changed the topic.

Charlotte knew that she could

n't tell Oliver about her leave directly, fearing that Oliver would doubt her intention.

So after Oliver left, Charlotte cautiously mentioned this to Mandy.

"Ask for leave?"

Mandy finally put down her heavy work and looked up at Charlotte.

"Are your work finished?"

As long as Mandy raised her head, Mandy could see the piles of documents on Charlotte's desk.

"I just haven't finished it... That's why I want to ask for a leave... Apply not to work overtime. "

She lowered her head guiltily and pinched the corner of her clothes.

"I can't make the decision. Mr. Oliver personally arranged your work, so I have to get his permission first."

Mandy continued her work and refused directly.

Charlotte had a headache and had to tell Oliver.

Looking at the lonely back of Charlotte, Mandy quietly called Oliver and reported what had happened.

"Give her a day off tomorrow."

Before hanging up the phone, Oliver suddenly left a sentence. It was not until the phone was hung up that Mandy realized what it was about.


Although the phone had been hung up, Mandy nodded her head as usual.

After hanging up the phone, the first thing she did was to inform the assistants who were off duty to go back to work tomorrow.

Then she went to inform assistant Charlotte.

"Miss. Charlotte, since you have made a big order recently, the company allows you to take a paid leave. You can take a day off tomorrow."

Charlotte, who was suffering a lot, didn't believe the sudden good news.

"Can I have a rest tomorrow?"

She checked again and again. It was not until Mandy answered impatiently and left that Charlotte realized what had happened.

Her whole body was boiling with blood. Her dim eyes suddenly burst out light, and her body seemed to be full of energy bags.

She opened the unfinished document again, sped up and began to deal with the business in front of her faster.

On the next early morning, no one came to urge Charlotte to go to work. It was a rare holiday, but Charlotte was more diligent than usual.

Oliver, who had forgotten that Charlotte had a rest today, knocked on the door several times, but there was no response. He pushed the door in and found that there was no one inside. Then he remembered that he had given the pet a holiday today.

When Oliver received the phone call from Mandy, he thought of the reason why Charlotte asked for leave. She must have sensed some clues and wanted to investigate by herself.

Oliver wanted to help Charlotte, but he didn't want to tell her directly. It might be better to let her investigate by herself.

Charlotte left before dawn. When she arrived at the door of the business hall, she realized that it was useless for her to come early because no one was on duty early.

Every second she waited at the door was anxious, as if a second had passed as a year.

Today, Charlotte came to investigate her father's last call records. She had to know who was her father had been in frequent contact with before the accident.

A string of numbers appeared on the call record again and again, and Charlotte always felt that she had seen it before, and it happened in these days.

She found a cafe and took out a copy of Lin Group's information she had brought with her.

She finally remembered who the familiar phone number was.

It was Howard Lin, the chairman of the Lin Group. Of course, it was not Howard's usual phone number, but his private number that few people knew.

Fortunately, these were recorded in the document that Charlotte had read.

Charlotte's head exploded in an instant. Before her father's accident, he had the most frequent connection with Howard Lin.

It was certain that Oliver did know something. If she continued to follow Oliver, the truth would be found out sooner or later.

She didn't expect that things would go so smoothly. There was no place to go. Charlotte returned home early and could only have a good rest.

She had been busy with her body and mind for a long time. At this time, she suddenly felt relaxed and many things rushed into her mind.

It was said that both of Noah's hands were broken and his right hand was fractured. It was impossible to completely cure it. He could only live with steel plate in the future.

Thinking of this, she not only felt relieved, but also felt warm, because everything Oliver had done was for her, and she felt a little shy when she thought about it.

Although she did hate Oliver at the beginning, after getting along with him for a period of time, Charlotte gradually began to change her opinion of this person.

He was also an ordinary person, but he looked more indifferent than others. Perhaps it was because of his living environment that he became such a person who had to disguise himself.

Thinking of this, Charlotte felt sleepy. The last sentence in her mind was, in fact, Oliver was not bad.

After such a long time of wandering, it was the first time that Charlotte had such a good sleep.

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