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   Chapter 25 Another Trouble

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As soon as he finished speaking, a scream came to Oliver's ears.

Noah was so painful that he sweated and his face changed.

When everyone heard the scream and rushed in, they saw the leg of the table next to them pressed hard on Noah's left arm.

Noah tried to move the table away, but he could only twist his body because of his two hurt arms.

Oliver pressed the table so hard that Noah had no chance to break free. Oliver didn't let go of Noah until the sound of broken bones came from his arm.

Before Oliver loosened his grip, the people who rushed in were all shocked by the rage emitted from Oliver, and they didn't dare to go forward easily.

It was not until Oliver took away the unconscious Charlotte that they rushed forward and rescued Noah from under the table.

At this moment, Noah sobered up. The piercing pain from his arm made him particularly weak.

"Oliver... Just wait and see! "

With the last bit of strength left, he said ruthlessly, and was immediately overwhelmed by the piercing pain, leaving only groan.

Everyone hurried to send him to the hospital, and the KTV was overturned.

Oliver held the sleeping Charlotte in his arms, and his face was gloomy and frightening. No one dared to stop him, and they were all afraid of Oliver's identity.

After getting on the car, Oliver held Charlotte in his arms all the time. Speaking of this, he was a little impulsive just now.

When he entered the room, he saw that Noah was planning on having designs on Charlotte. The reason in his mind suddenly disappeared without a trace. All his movements and actions were out of instinct.

It was not a good feeling. Oliver didn't like it. His body was out of control. Thinking of this, Oliver frowned slightly.

Looking at the sleeping Charlotte in his arms, Oliver was sure that he lost control because of this woman.

This was a feeling and impulse that he had never had before.

Because of the drug, Charlotte, who was sleeping soundly, seemed to have sensed that someone was staring at her. She leaned forward on Oliver's knees and rested her face on Oliver's legs. She found a comfortable position and continued to sleep soundly.

Leaving Oliver with a seductive side face. Charlotte's collar, which had been torn, was opened more widely because of her previous turn.

Her fair neck was all exposed in front of Oliver. The slight breath made Charlotte's whole body fluctuate slightly, accompanied by the shaking of the car.

Blue veins stood out on Oliver's face. What a torturous temptress.

He wanted to teach Charlotte a lesson, but he couldn't wake her up no matter how hard he tried.

Fortunately, Oliver arrived in time, or he couldn't imagine what would happen later.

Oliver had been waiting at the door of the KTV for a long time. He was afraid that something bad would happen if everyone drank too much.

After sending Marvin away, Charlotte returned to the KTV again. Oliver thought Charlotte was going to pay the bill, but he waited for a long time and didn't see her.

Finally, he was impatient. When he rushed in, he couldn't find her anywhere.

After inquiring about the location of the box reserved by Noah, he came here in time. Noah must have been hating him for what happened last time.

Plus what happened tonight, the relationship between the Lin Group and the Shen Group was now in trouble.

He looked at the signed contract beside his seat. Mike gave it to him just now.

He stretched out his hand and helped Charlotte tidy up her clothes. Oliver was very satisfied with the pet he found this time.

She could be not only teased, but also good at doing things. That's great.

After returning to Charlotte's room, Oliver was disgusted by the smell of alcohol all over Charlotte's body. He threw her on the bed casually and left.

When Charlotte woke up, she felt dizzy, which might be the side effect of drinking.

After the headache, the last scene before she fainted suddenly appeared in her mind.

Touching the soft bed beside her, Charlotte, who didn't remember what happened later, suddenly woke up and sat up from the bed.

When her eyes adapted to the surrounding light, she realized that she was in her room.

She quickly checked her clothes. Although they were torn a little messy, fortunately they were all on her body and the important parts were not exposed.

She tried her best to recall what had happened on her last night. But she failed.

A sudden knock on the door interrupted Charlotte's memory.

She covered her head and struggled to get out of bed to open the door.

The door was not locked from the inside. It could be seen that she didn't come back last night by herself. Was it Oliver who sent her back?

When she opened the door, she saw Oliver standing outside impatiently.

"You are too slow to be late for work."

He looked at Charlotte who was in a mess all over her body in disgust and turned around to go downstairs.

"How idle he is! Wake me up every day in person."

Whispered Charlotte, rolling her eyes at Oliver's back fiercely.

"Come down now


While she was whispering, Oliver stopped and scolded her without looking back.

"I'll be right there after changing my clothes."

People had to bow their heads under the eaves, and Charlotte suddenly lost her momentum. She went back to her room to take a shower and change her clothes.

Charlotte was afraid that it was so angry for Oliver to wait for her so long time that he arranged more work for her to torture her. So she cleaned herself up quickly and went downstairs.

Oliver was watching the news. The dining room was connected to the living room, and Oliver could see the big TV on the wall of the living room.

Charlotte obediently came down, quietly found a seat and sat down, consciously starting the breakfast on the table.

The television was broadcasting the latest stock market quotation of H City. A burst of noisy music interrupted the harmonious atmosphere.

Oliver looked at Charlotte discontentedly. Apparently, the quiet atmosphere was disturbed and he was dissatisfied with it.

Charlotte hurriedly took her phone out of her bag and answered the phone before checking the caller ID.


She covered her mouth with her hand and answered the phone in a low voice.

"Miss. Charlotte, what you ordered yesterday has been done."

The woman's voice on the other end of the phone was a little hoarse, but it was very obvious to tell. Charlotte immediately remembered that she was the princess of the KTV she found last night.


Charlotte was finally in a good mood, and the joy in her heart could not be concealed, which was shown on her face.

"Well, I promise you will be satisfied with the result."

The other party couldn't hide her happiness. After all, it was easy to make money in this way.

"If nothing goes wrong, the two of them will break up today."

The woman promised that determinedly. She was a little angry yesterday because she didn't serve that rich man well.

The rich woman had a worse temper and spoke in a very unpleasant way. When she heard that it was a woman, she became more obscene.

The two of them cursed for many rounds, which completely pissed the rich woman off. Before she hung up the phone, she heard the rich woman driving someone away.

"Break up? Well, I have promised you that I will transfer the rest of the money to you. "

Although Charlotte was penniless, there was still a little left yesterday as a reward. Anyway, last night... What? She seemed to pay the bill last night...

"How did I come back last night?"

After hanging up the phone, Charlotte asked cautiously.

"I brought you back."

Oliver said perfunctorily.

"Then... Who paid the bill? "

When Charlotte was paying the bill, Noah called her away. She quickly checked her bag and found that the huge sum of money was still lying inside.

"I've already asked someone to pay for it."

When Oliver went in to look for her, he knew that it was not paid, so he asked the driver to pay.

"Then my money..."

Charlotte felt a little guilty. She should use the money to pay the bill. But now she didn't have to pay the bill herself, but the money had been thrown out several times.

Oliver pretended to have breakfast, but his eyes wandered to Charlotte from time to time. He could see the guilt and panic in Charlotte's eyes.

"I... I gave the waiter tip... So... "

What Charlotte said was right. She did tip the waiter, just for private affairs.

"I won't hold the money accountable. Anyway, you have to keep some money with you now."

Oliver suddenly changed into a reasonable man, which surprised Charlotte.


It was not Charlotte's fault that she didn't believe it. It was really unbelievable.

"I only have one condition."

Seeing that Charlotte was hooked, Oliver smiled meaningfully on the corner of his mouth.


Charlotte put down her chopsticks and couldn't help crying in her heart. She knew that Oliver was not that good.

"You can choose not to agree. After work, you can go to the financial department and hand over the money back."

Oliver didn't force Charlotte to do so. He just ate calmly and said something that made Charlotte feel uneasy.

"What's your condition?"

Charlotte comforted herself, 'Maybe it's not something excessive. I can do it. Isn't it a good deal to exchange for the money?' She would like to hear what the other party said before making a decision.

"My condition is actually very simple. I just want to know where you have used the money."

Oliver shrugged. This was indeed a simple condition. Strictly speaking, it was not a condition at all.

"That's it?"

She opened her eyes wide and leaned her body forward in disbelief.

"Well, the only requirement is to tell the truth. Don't lie to me."

Oliver put down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth. He answered Charlotte seriously.

"In fact, there is nothing..."

There was nothing that she couldn't tell him about this matter.

"I did do something private..."

But she felt a little embarrassed to use public funds to solve her private problem.

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