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   Chapter 24 Asking For Help

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The people around seemed to understand everything.

What's more, the action between the rich woman and Emmett was unusual.

It made people believe that the rich woman was a mistress who hooked up with others. They began to whisper and discuss the relationship between the three.

Emmett felt so ashamed that his face turned red. He quickly pulled the rich woman away and kept comforting her.

The rich woman was angry because Emmett didn't help her, but pulled her away. The atmosphere became more intense. She turned around and scolded Emmett. Emmett didn't dare to say anything, but kept nodding and bowing, following the rich woman.

Under the "escort" of the security guard, the two finally left the KTV. In fact, Charlotte was not in a good mood, but at the moment she knew how to maintain her dignified words and deeds. After all, there were some things that could not be solved by beating or scolding.

She borrowed a pen and paper from the waiter and wrote down a string of numbers without hesitation. This was Emmett's phone number.

Thinking of the scene when she tried hard to memorize this string of numbers, she increasingly felt that the number in front of her was very ironic.

Upset, she folded the note and stopped a waiter.

"May I ask who is the best "princess" about social you know here?"

When Charlotte said these, she bit them hard and her eyes were full of intention.

"Social? The princesses here are very social. "

The waitress replied politely and officially.

However, this expression only lasted for a few seconds. When he saw the money in Charlotte's hand, his expression changed instantly.

"You can ask whatever you want to know. I will tell you everything I know."

The waiter took several bills from Charlotte with a flattering smile and began to fawn on her.

"Just tell me the truth. I won't tell anyone else."

Charlotte had to go out to work today, so Oliver asked her to get some money in the financial department. Charlotte didn't feel sorry for the spending at all. It was all Oliver's money. Spending the money ruthlessly was the only way that Charlotte could do now. She felt that it was the only way to reduce her hatred for Oliver.

"Miss, please ask."

Charlotte pulled the waiter to a quiet corner and lowered her voice.

"Are there any princesses here who are good at quarreling?"

Her words was vague. But the waiter immediately made it clear.

"If you need, I'll call her over?"

The waiter knew that even if he called the princess' name, Charlotte didn't know her either. He was very attentive to the tip he just received.

"Thank you."

Charlotte thanked him with a smile and didn't refuse.

The waiter immediately disappeared at the corner. Not long after, he walked towards Charlotte with a woman with heavy makeup and revealing clothes.

The woman was still holding a cigarette in her hand, with all kinds of unwillingness on her face and complaints in her mouth.

"You are so strange. Don't you know that the old man I see now is very rich? If I offend him, no one will buy me a handbag worth tens of thousands of dollars. "

After complaining for a while, she reluctantly stepped on her high heels and was pushed forward by the waiter.

"All right, all right. A guest is looking for you here."

The waiter was indeed a slick talker. Hearing this, the woman reluctantly quickened her pace.

"Really? I know I'm the most popular one. What do you think? Does he look so rich? "

The woman thought it was a guest coming for her, and thought it was not bad to earn some tips.

"Miss, I have brought her to you."

The waiter led the woman to Charlotte and left after saying a word.

When she saw that it was a woman who was looking for her, the smoking woman's face first showed a trace of panic, and subconsciously seemed to want to escape.

A career like theirs would always offend many married women. There were definitely many people who came here to make trouble. But the ones who came here were all old shrews, and it was rare to see such young women.

Seeing that Charlotte didn't mean to harm her and just smiled at her. The smoking woman calmed down and recalled carefully that most of the guests she received were aged, and there should be no young people.

"Don't get me wrong. I have something to ask you for help."

As Charlotte spoke, a wad of money was taken out from her bag.

It worked every time. As soon as the smoking woman saw Charlotte was so generous, the dissatisfaction on her face was immediately thrown out of her mind, and her flattering smile immediately changed to her face.

"Miss, if you have anything, just say it and let me know. As long as I can help, I will do it."

Said Charlotte softly, withdrawing the disdain in her eyes.

"This is the phone number of an unfaithful man."

Charlotte handed over the phone number she had just writt


"Now he is with an old woman for money. The person involved wants to take revenge on him."

Of course, Charlotte would not say that Emmett was her ex-boyfriend. In that case, she would expose herself.

"So what do you need me to do?"

The smoking lady put out the cigarette and took the note.

"Call this number, if it's a man, you can just hang up. If it's a woman... You said the number was that he left for you... Anyway, as long as the two of them can quarrel, you don't need me to teach you what to say, do you? "

Charlotte believed that this kind of woman who was good at making trouble could mess up Emmett's life with just a casual act on the spot.

"It's just a piece of cake."

The smoking woman smiled, indicating that it was easy. It was really easy to make such a money.

"I'll thank you later after the things were done."

Charlotte generously expressed that the money was more than that.

"Don't worry. It's all on me."

After the two of them had a talk, as soon as Charlotte returned to the corridor on the second floor, she saw Noah anxiously looking for someone.

Noah had been waiting in the room for a long time, but he still didn't see Charlotte.

Noah knew that Charlotte would definitely come. Even if Charlotte didn't intend to come, she would be stopped at the door. He had already arranged someone to bring her here.

After a long time, Noah couldn't wait any longer. He came out to look for her in person, only to find that his people had watched Charlotte coming up and thought she had arrived at Noah's room.

When he was about to search for her in a large area, Charlotte appeared.

He rushed over and grabbed [以沫]'s wrist.

"Do you want to escape?"

Noah thought that Charlotte had already seen through his purpose and wanted to escape.

"Let me tell you, I, Noah must get what I want."

As he spoke, he walked towards a box nearby grabbing Charlotte.

"What are you doing! Are you crazy? "

Charlotte sensed that something was wrong. Noah looked totally different from before. She immediately began to struggle instinctively, but the more she struggled, the more strength Noah used.

Charlotte felt a little dizzy just now, thinking that it was because she drank some wine at night. She didn't drink too much, but it was normal for her to feel dizzy.

But during the process of fighting with Noah, she felt dizzier. She even felt her hands and feet weak and had no strength all over her body.

Noah estimated that the medicine he had just drugged should begin to take effect. Charlotte's resistance was getting weaker and weaker. Noah easily pulled her into the box and closed the door.

Hearing the sound of locking the door, [以沫] turned pale with fright.

"Noah! What do you want to do? Let me out! "

She wanted to run away, but her legs were so weak that she almost sat on the ground. Noah pushed her hard to the sofa. Looking at the Noah with an obscene face in front of her, Charlotte realized something was wrong.

"In the wine you gave me... You drugged? "

The scene in front of her became more and more blurred. Charlotte pinched herself hard to wake herself up in an instant.

"It's too late for you to react now."

Noah couldn't wait to take off his clothes, because one of his arms was hanging, and the other hand was a little inconvenient to move, which looked a little funny.

But at this moment, Charlotte was in no mood to think about anything but fear.

She wanted to shout for help, but found that she had no strength to speak loudly.

Seeing that Noah had already pounced on her.

"Let me go! Let me go! Damn gay! "

The more Charlotte struggled, the more excited Noah was.

Looking at the disgusting Noah in front of her, the first name that came to her mind was Oliver.

When the name appeared in her mind, Charlotte was shocked by herself.

Just when the situation was in chaos, Charlotte heard the door was slammed a few times, but the music in the box was very loud, and it was difficult to tell if one didn't listen carefully.

As Noah was concentrating on his work, he didn't hear any sound from outside.

The sound of knocking at the door stopped after a few seconds, which made Charlotte, who had just lit up hope, fall back to the low valley of disappointment.

All of a sudden, the locked door was kicked open from the outside.

A familiar figure rushed over, picked up Noah from Charlotte and threw him on the ground.

Before Charlotte lost consciousness, she suddenly felt at ease. Before she could see clearly who the familiar figure was, she fell asleep.

Oliver looked at Charlotte, who was lying on the sofa, unconscious and her clothes in a mess.

Oliver's eyes turned red. Looking at Noah who was still groaning on the ground, he stepped on the other arm of Noah, which was intact.

"It seems that people like you shouldn't have hands."

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