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   Chapter 23 Under Control

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Noah finally knew why Marvin didn't look good.

As for Marvin's purpose, Noah could see that Marvin didn't get more benefits from it this time, so he was certainly not happy.

"In that case, does it mean that Mr. Oliver is determined to cooperate with our Lin Group?"

Noah picked up the glass in front of him and took a sip happily. Immediately, he felt the taste of the wine was delicious.

This time, he only wanted to make trouble for the Shen Group. If the Shen Group gave up this land and asked for the secondary land, the future revenue would be greatly reduced.

Even so, Noah was happy.

"But Miss. Charlotte gave me other conditions."

Looking at Noah's arrogant look, Marvin felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

The Lin Group had been very casual from the beginning. It reminded Marvin of what had been prepared by Charlotte today.

Except for the negotiation, he felt a little uncomfortable when he was persuaded by Charlotte with both hard and soft tactics, but in other aspects, Charlotte had shown enough respect.

"It doesn't matter. As I said before, as long as the Shen Group can offer other conditions, we will be the same as it. In this case, we can adjust the price up."

Noah's words caused a cold snort from Charlotte. Everyone could see the irony in her expression.

"What? Miss. Charlotte, don't you believe in our strength? "

Noah frowned and looked at Charlotte discontentedly.

Charlotte turned her head and pretended to look at something else, ignoring Noah.

Marvin also glanced at Noah with contempt. As expected, Noah was born in a rich family. His thought was too simple and naive.

Charlotte's analysis was right just now. Compared with the temporary money, the share would make a steady profit without loss. Not to mention the future profit, even the twenty years' share could be regarded as a stable profit, which was much better than the investment.

The investment was just so, and the room for growth was extremely limited.

"What a pity... I'm afraid the Lin Group can't do that. "

Marvin shook his head, pretending to be pitiful. But from Marvin's action, it could be seen that Marvin had already got the answer.

Charlotte, who was standing aside, also felt a little confident.

"Then I'll listen to you carefully. What on earth can't we do? I'm afraid Mr. Marvin didn't give us the chance. "

Noah was not convinced, but he failed to irritate Marvin.

"No matter what, the Lin Group can't do it. Besides, the terms of this contract are business secrets after all. "

Noah was so angry that he gritted his teeth. Why didn't he mention the business secret when he showed them the copy of the contract before? How could he use this excuse to make things worse now?

Charlotte immediately understood what Marvin meant from his words.

"Mr. Marvin... I know you have always been scrupulous in separating public from private interests. But tonight, you haven't drunk because of serious business. It's a pity that I have prepared the out of print Lafite.

Charlotte was willing to say something nice just now was that her client was present. Now there was no need to get along well with each other.

"You... You... You are such a seductress who is good at crawling into bed to talk business! "

Once again, the rich woman was pointed at by Charlotte to say she was old. The rich woman couldn't pretend anymore. She put her hands on her hips, as if she was going to scold Charlotte.

"I don't want to admit what you said, you've been practicing at such old age all the time. You're too old to be a mistress. I'm not as dedicated as you."

Charlotte always talked about age. Of course she knew that the other party hated to hear this topic the most. Charlotte made up her mind. No matter what the other party said or how rude it was to listen to, Charlotte had only one aim: to stick to the matter of age.

"You are too young to keep your boyfriend. What else do you want to say?"

Although the rich woman's face had turned green with anger, she couldn't lose her momentum to refute.

In the end, Charlotte didn't want to argue with the rich woman anymore. She shrugged her shoulders helplessly and left with a word.

"Well, you are old. I don't want to argue with you."

Compared with Charlotte's calmness, the rich woman was just like a shrew. Regardless of her messy hair, she wanted to chase after her and pull her back. But she was stopped by the security guard.

"You slut!"

The rich woman couldn't find anything except these words.

Charlotte frowned in the face of the endless quarrel behind her. Then she looked around and found that more and more people had gathered around. She thought that she'd better do something for her image.

So she called the security guard over.

"Hello, miss. What can I do for you?"

The security guard greeted politely.

"This woman stole my boyfriend and made trouble here. Please deal with it properly."

Although Charlotte's voice was neither loud nor low, it was enough for the surrounding onlookers to hear.

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