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   Chapter 22 Means

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Charlotte put the new contract she had prepared in advance in front of Marvin.

"This is our changed contract. Of course, the final change is based on your opinion, Mr. Marvin."

The contract in front of Marvin was opened by Charlotte. There were several terms written in red pen on the densely packed paper.

Marvin noticed it at a glance.

"The red pen marked the new terms we added later. Although we can't raise the price, after all, that is a professional estimate offered by land valuers."

Charlotte's tone softened a lot. She just wanted to use both hard and soft tactics.

"But we can give Mr. Marvin more favorable conditions on other terms."

Hearing that more generous conditions had been added, Marvin's face didn't look so bad. He thought that the Shen Group was still interested in fighting for this deal.

He stretched out his hands, picked up the contract and began to read the terms on the red circle carefully.

"We are willing to let Mr. Marvin join our zero plan. The shares you will hold are two percent."

While Marvin was reading the terms, Charlotte took the opportunity to begin to explain the content to Marvin.

"I think Mr. Marvin also knows how big our zero plan. We mainly aim at the people of the upper class. Once the land is developed in the future, the price will be absolutely astronomical, and it is also because of the connections of our Shen Group. In the future, you will definitely make a steady profit here. "

Charlotte didn't explain the details of the zero plan carefully. After all, Marvin had heard of it before.

"The reason why we let Mr. Marvin become a shareholder is for the future of Mr. Marvin. After all, the price of this land is only temporary profit for you. These money may be spent for various reasons."

While saying, Marvin had finished reading the terms. He put down the contract in his hand and continued to listen to Charlotte's explanation. There was no expression on his face. It was hard to tell whether he agreed or not.

The terms on the contract were simple. Marvin wanted to hear Charlotte finish her words first.

"The term of our cooperation on the contract is twenty years. Mr. Marvin, think about it. Our construction must have been completed in twenty years, and the peak sales period is also within it. During the twenty years, these shares alone are definitely not given to you by the Lin Group. "

What Charlotte said was not groundless. The Shen Group's zero project was approved by the government, because there must be a rich area in a city. It could also boost the economic development of the whole city.

Therefore, everyone knew that once the villas were built in the future, only the political officials would be able to buy 1/3 of them.

The profit could be imagined easily.

Marvin analyzed in his heart, but he was still dissatisfied when he said.

"But... You can only give me two percent... It is too insincere, isn't it? "

Greed had always been a human nature. If there was a piece of cake in front of him, he must have thought of ways to get more.

"I think Mr. Marvin should know about it."

Facing this question, Charlotte had already a well-thought-out plan, and she had made a speech in her heart.

"At present, even if our project hasn't started yet, you know, many big companies are willing to cooperate with us and talk about the investment with Mr. Oliver. In the future, two percent of the shares is enough. "

Charlotte's attitude was firm. The conditions they offered were already their limits. She hoped that Mr. Marvin could understand the situation smartly.

"Miss. Charlotte, do you mean there is no room for compromise?"

Marvin wouldn't give up fighting for his own interests just because of the firmness of Charlotte.

"Mr. Marvin, you'd better cherish this condition. Let's not talk about whether the Lin Group has the ability to compete with the Shen Group or not first. Even if Shen Group failed to gain the land at this time. We will also ask for another land to develop the project. We have applied for a patent, and no one else has the right to do this project. "

Charlotte then showed several copies of the professional and valid approval documents to Marvin one by one.

"In the future, our project will not be delayed, and we can still make sure that we won't lose anything. But Mr. Marvin, in the future, not to mention that we will never have the chance to share this cake, and even our future relationship... I'm afraid there will be not as good as now. "

The meaning of Charlotte's words was very clear. She said his future situation with beautiful words. To be honest, Marvin would be hostile to Shen Group in the future. And at that time, Marvin would be expected to have a hard time in H City.

Besides, the conditions offered by the Shen Group were really rich now.

Charlotte's analysis was also reasonable, without any false exaggeration.

"Well... I need to think about this thing again, mainly to think about how to reply to the Lin Group. After all... I can't afford to off

end the Lin Group. "

Marvin said tactfully.

Everyone present knew what Marvin meant. What he said just now was just to buy time deliberately. Marvin probably wanted to see if the Lin Group could offer any better conditions.

Charlotte raised her glass and took a sip of red wine to cover up the disgust on her face.

"How about this? We are sincere for this cooperation, but it seems that Mr. Marvin doesn't want to cooperate with the Shen Group. We can't force you to do that. After all, everyone does business for profit. "

Charlotte's words were like a slap in Marvin's face, but Marvin had no way to refute.

"So... Mr. Marvin, before the dinner is over tonight, please make a careful decision. If you are really in a dilemma, I can go back and tell Mr. Shen about this. "

Charlotte directly limited the time. She couldn't give Lin Group more time to compete with them, nor could she delay it for too long. After all, there were many changes in the future.

If Oliver had decisively signed the contract with Marvin before, things wouldn't have happened today.

"Tonight? It is too tight, isn't it? "

It was not Marvin who said this, but a person in charge beside Charlotte.

After listening to the negotiation for such a long time, he finally could not help but remind Charlotte that it was not appropriate to do so.

"We have given Mr. Marvin a long time, but he didn't give us an accurate reply. We still discussed it over and over again."

Charlotte turned her head and seemed to be talking to her colleagues behind her, but she raised her voice. Obviously, she was talking to Marvin.

"So... We can't put Mr. Marvin in a difficult position anymore. Besides, our project can't be postponed indefinitely. "

Marvin had been led by Charlotte since the beginning, and he had accumulated a lot of dissatisfaction in his heart.

"Did Mr. Oliver agree with Miss. Charlotte's decision?"

Marvin showed a disdainful look and spoke more bluntly.

"Don't make stupid decisions just because you climbed into Mr. Oliver's bed. You didn't do it well in the end, and you were even kicked. It's not worth it."

He satirized Charlotte directly.

Charlotte pursed her red lips and didn't show any expression on her face.

Charlotte repeatedly told herself to be calm. Her purpose was to sign the contract, and she didn't care about anything else.

"Mr. Marvin, what you said is too serious. I came here to have a talk to Mr. Marvin with Mr. Oliver's permission today."

Hearing Charlotte's words, Marvin didn't doubt too much and looked down upon others. Her way of threatening and tempting others was similar to that of Oliver.

Just when the two of them were in a stalemate and the atmosphere in the box was tense, the door was pushed open from the outside.

The people who went out just now came back together.

They immediately sensed the difference in the atmosphere in the room.

"Miss. Charlotte is so weird. What are you talking about with Mr. Marvin when we are not here? You even stopped singing and drinking. What's wrong? Have you made it? "

Of course, Noah had guessed what Charlotte was doing just now. While he was talking, he began to observe the expressions of the two.

There was no expression on Charlotte's face. It was hard to tell whether they had reached an agreement or not.

But Marvin didn't look good. Noah suddenly became confident.

"Since you have talked about it, why don't I have a talk with Mr. Marvin?"

Noah stepped forward, intending to get involved.

He sat directly next to Charlotte and deliberately moved closer to Charlotte. He sniffed exaggeratedly.

He flirted with her openly.

Charlotte moved aside quietly.

"Do you need me to leave?"

In fact, it was unnecessary for Charlotte to listen to their conversation.

If she could, of course it was better to stay and listen.

But under the current situation of Noah, Charlotte wanted to take the opportunity to slip away.

"Of course not!"

It was Noah who spoke.

"The Lin Group has always been aboveboard and there is no need to be sneaky."

Noah was holding a grudge. Just now, Charlotte had asked someone to send him away. Seizing the opportunity, Noah would make fun of her to vent the dissatisfaction in his heart.

Charlotte quickly made a gesture of welcome, indicating that the two could start.

Noah crossed his legs and asked aggressively.

"Mr. Marvin, how much did the Shen Group raise?"

Noah's improper behavior made Marvin want to sign a contract with the Shen Group more.

Noah looked unreliable. From the conditions set up by the Lin Group, it could be seen that the Lin Group did not attach much importance to this land, but wanted to go against the Shen Group.

As Noah said, other conditions remained the same, and the acquisition price kept rising.

The Lin Group had a clear purpose.

"It's a pity, Mr. Noah. Our Miss. Charlotte said that the price won't be raised or reduced."

Marvin shrugged helplessly.

"What? How could Miss. Charlotte be so insincere? "

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