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   Chapter 21 Scheming

Boss's Dearest: Cure You With Love By Fumo Baobao Characters: 10003

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Having grasped the weakness of Emmett, a plan immediately appeared in Charlotte's mind.

With a smile on her face, she came to the two and sat down in front of them.

Marvin was having fun with the girls and singing. Although he didn't sing well, it didn't affect Marvin's interest at all.

Although Noah was also sitting in the arms of a beautiful woman, he kept staring at Charlotte.

Emmett and the rich woman were feeding fruits to each other when Charlotte came over with a glass of wine.

The rich woman's face stiffened at once. She was scared by Charlotte's slap last time, and now her body shrank into the sofa involuntarily.

"Anyway, we are guests. For the sake of Mr. Noah and Mr. Marvin, we temporarily reconciled."

Emmett didn't know how to deal with Charlotte's unreasonable behavior.

"Charlotte, don't think I'm afraid of you because you're a mistress of Oliver."

The rich woman didn't buy what Charlotte said. The hatred between the two of them could not be solved so easily.

"What are you talking about? I don't want you to be afraid of me."

Charlotte raised her glass and took a sip first.

She opened her mouth and the red wine flowed down her throat. She slightly raised her neck, which was faintly exposed in the air, and had a kind of abstinent beauty. The hair that had been tucked behind her ears by her just now was now naughtily lowered down, and also joined in the fun.

In the dim box of the KTV, Charlotte looked sexier.

Emmett, who was sitting right in front of Charlotte, couldn't help swallowing his saliva. It had to be said that Charlotte's skin and appearance were very different from those maintained with skin care products.


Emmett's distraction caused the dissatisfaction of the rich woman beside him. She reminded Emmett with her tone and stared at Charlotte fiercely.

'This little tramp said that she would let go of the past for the time being, but her every move was making trouble.'

"Mr. Emmett, why don't you ask a girl to drink with you?"

Charlotte put down the glass, pretended not to notice anything and asked Emmett.

Her tone and eyes were very innocent. It was hard to tell that she asked on purpose.

Charlotte actually did it on purpose. Although Emmett was timid, his lust for women was not less than Mr. Marvin's. After the investigation for him these days, Charlotte knew that Emmett had already cheated on her for many times.

Emmett stiffened and said nothing.

"It's enough that Emmett have me. How can those ordinary women serve my Emmett?"

The rich woman, of course, didn't want to be inferior. She immediately choked back and looked at Charlotte contemptuously.

Obviously, she pointed at the mulberry and cursed the locust, saying that Charlotte was a common girl.

"I don't think so."

Charlotte didn't argue with the rich woman unexpectedly, but continued to focus on her own thoughts.

"In the past, your Emmett was famous for his cheating. He only chose young

harlotte nodded and came straight to the point.

"To be honest, I didn't really expect the Lin Group to raise the price."

The smile on Charlotte's face suddenly disappeared, and became calm and serious.

"As for the price, the price we offered in the contract will not change."

Charlotte's words made Marvin's smiling face collapse in an instant.

"No matter how other competitors bid up, no matter how the price of this land will fall, our Shen Group will not take advantage of the situation, nor will we be led by others."

Charlotte's goal this time was not only to try her best to get the land, but also minimize the loss of the company.

If Shen Group was led by the Lin Group what continued to raise the price, and let alone the real value of this land.

Even if the Shen Group won the contract in the end, the final winner would be Marvin. It was worthless to exchange the loss of the Shen Group for a land that needed to be developed at a high price.

"Oh? According to what Miss. Charlotte said... Are you going to give up? "

Marvin's face immediately changed and his tone was full of disdain.

Was this little girl trying both hard and soft tactics on him?

He had never thought that the Shen Group would give up so easily, but even if the price did not rise again, he did not lose.

"Calm down, Mr. Marvin. Let me finish my words first."

Charlotte ignored Marvin's mocking words.

She also ignored her colleagues who were getting anxious in her side.

Apart from anxiety on their faces, there was also deep worry. They looked at the door of the box from time to time and wondered why Mike hadn't come back yet. They didn't know what would happen in the participation of Charlotte if Mike didn't come back.

If she offended Marvin completely, it would be even more difficult.

With her legs crossed, Charlotte didn't notice the strange atmosphere around her and continued talking.

"But we have changed other conditions to be more humanitarian."

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