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   Chapter 20 DifficultY

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With simple make-up, Charlotte looked noble and elegant. She wasn't wearing heavy makeup or too simple. The overall match made Charlotte look mature and steady.

"Mr. Marvin, wait you for a long time."

As soon as Marvin got off the car, Charlotte walked up to him first and shook hands with him.

Marvin looked at Charlotte up and down as he shook hands with her. He was a little surprised and showed it on his face.

"Hello, this lady is also one of the persons in charge of the Shen Group's zero program?"

Marvin was sure that he had never seen this person no matter in the zero plan project or even in the Shen Group. But he felt that she looked a little familiar and he had met her somewhere before.

"Let me introduce myself first. My name is Charlotte Shao, and I'm Mr. Oliver's new assistant. I'll entertain Mr. Marvin tonight."

Charlotte opened her mouth slightly, spoke at a proper speed, and her voice was gentle and pleasant. Each word was clearly heard by the other party.

"Charlotte Shao? Have we met before? "

Marvin felt that the woman in front of him looked a little familiar, but he couldn't remember where he had met her before.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Marvin. In my impression, this is the first time we meet."

Charlotte's proper answer made Marvin feel very comfortable.

"Forget it. It's also a chance for us to know each other today. Since I can't remember it, we can make acquaintance again today."

While saying this, Marvin looked at Charlotte with obscene eyes. Charlotte felt goose bumps all over her body when she felt his gaze.

But she still looked calm and hid her disgust well.

"Let's go inside first. Everything is ready inside."

Charlotte moved herself far away from Marvin's eyes and made a gesture of welcome.

"Okay, let's go inside and have a talk."

Marvin laughed happily and stared at Charlotte's chest before following the waiter in.

Marvin didn't hide his expression at all. All the people around saw it and looked at Charlotte with a meaningful look.

Charlotte also felt the disdain in everyone's eyes. She collected herself and quickly followed them in.

Tonight, she was going to use her real ability to sign the contract and prove herself.

As soon as they sat down, the people of the Lin Group arrived.

It was indeed Noah who was from Lin Group this time.

Charlotte had analyzed before that the person, who was in charge of the case of Lin Group and fought for the cooperation with the Shen Group, was Noah. So tonight, it was very likely that Noah would come here.

"I'm sorry. There's a traffic jam on the road. I'm late. Please forgive me."

Noah opened the door and greeted Marvin firstly.

However, one of Noah's hands was broken by Oliver last time, and now his left arm was still on his chest. At first, there was a cover of the suit jacket, which was not very clear. After entering the box, he took off the coat, and his whole image was somewhat funny.

But no one mentioned it. Everyone knew who broke Noah's arm.

"It's very kind of you to come here, Mr. Noah."

Marvin was also polite seamlessly, stood up in person and let Noah in.

When Charlotte was about to greet Noah, Charlotte was shocked by the two people who followed him in.

The man, who was arm in arm with a middle-aged woman, was exactly Charlotte's ex-boyfriend, Emmett.

"Why are you here?"

Obviously, Emmett also saw Charlotte standing in the box.

The rich woman next to him, however, rolled her eyes at Charlotte and mocked Charlotte in a tone of disgust.

"Why bother asking? It's obvious that she has been kept as a sugar baby by another rich man. "

Her eyes were still wandering between Charlotte and Marvin. It was obvious that she thought Charlotte had hooked up with Marvin and was kept by Marvin.

"Miss, please show some respect when you speak something."

Compared with the fury last time she saw them, this time, Charlotte was much calmer. Last time it was because she cared about her ex-boyfriend, and this time it was because she had already let everything go.

Her tone was much colder than before.

"Respect? How ridiculous! Why didn't you show respect to me when you fought with me like a village woman last time? "

Thinking of the last time she was beaten heavily, the rich woman was extremely furious.

"I invited Mr. Marvin and Mr. Noah for serious affair. Are you two in the wrong room?"

There were still so many people watching them. Charlotte didn't want to have too much contact with these two people, so she sent them away.

"Wait a minute! The two of them came with me. "

Before the two people who were asked could speak, Noah's voice came from the side.

"I don't know you know each other. But for my sake, let's forget it today."

Noah didn't say anything just now and came out to mediate awkwardness. His intention was obvious. He wanted to see a good show, but unfortunately, Charlotte was calm and didn't go in the direction of what he thought, so he began to mediate.

"Mr. Noah? Are these two persons Mr. Noah brought here? "

Charlotte loo

ked at Noah suspiciously, trying to find something on Noah's face.

But what she saw was Noah's cheeky smile.

"Yes, these are the new employees of our company, but I think highly of them, especially Emmett."

When he said this, Noah fixed his eyes on the expression on Charlotte's face, which sounded more like he said it on purpose to Charlotte.

"And the two of them took part in the company's new project, so I brought them here."

Charlotte understood at once. It seemed that Emmett had joined Lin Group with this rich woman.

"But... Why did the Shen Group send you to be the representative? "

Noah changed the subject and took the initiative to attack Charlotte directly.

"For this matter, I should thank Mr. Oliver for his respect. It's a great honor for me to discuss this project with Mr. Marvin."

She was also good at talking polite remarks. As soon as Charlotte opened her mouth, she said a lot of beautiful words.

"Take highly of you? He really takes highly of you! "

Marvin couldn't help but feel curious about Noah's meaningful words.

"Does Mr. Noah know Miss. Charlotte?"

Waiting for Marvin's words, Noah quickly pretended to know everything and wanted to tell Noah all.

"Don't you know, Mr. Marvin?"

Marvin shook his head. Judging from Noah's tone, had the two of them really met before?

"Do you remember the last banquet?"

Noah talked about the last banquet frankly.

"What? Did Miss. Charlotte also attend the banquet last time? "

Marvin thought it over and still had no clue.

"In this case, Mr. Marvin may not remember anything about Miss. Charlotte."

Noah narrowed his eyes and pretended to be naughty.

"This is Oliver's new favorite. It's said that she is so spoiled, and now... Mr. Oliver even keep her by his side as his secretary? "

After hearing what Noah said, Marvin had an impression of her. At that time, they had a lively discussion. No wonder he felt a little familiar with her.

After knowing the identity of Charlotte, Marvin's face darkened.

"Oh, Mr. Oliver is so fond of joking. He has an ulterior motive to send his new favorite to meet Mr. Marvin."

The rich woman beside noticed that there was something wrong with the atmosphere, so she added fuel to the fire, fearing that Mr. Marvin didn't think too much.

"Mr. Marvin, Mr. Oliver has spent a lot of efforts on it for you."

Noah looked Charlotte up and down with obscene eyes. Last time he had a crush on Charlotte, but it was ruined by Oliver. This time, they met again. He knew how to seize the opportunity.

"What does Mr. Oliver mean? He can't offer any extra conditions, but he wants to use these unorthodox methods now for his purpose? "

Although Marvin was also itching for Charlotte's beauty, he had to give it up in front of interests.

"Mr. Marvin, you might have misunderstood Mr. Oliver and me. I came here with sincerity. Please don't listen to those villains' instigation, Mr. Marvin."

Facing the unexpected problem, Charlotte's face was still as deep as water, without any waves.

Seeing the honest look on Charlotte's face, Marvin thought he might have thought too much.

"In that case, what is your sincerity?"

Marvin was willing to see the price offered by the Shen Group this time first.

"It's too serious to talk about work as soon as you come here. Mr. Marvin, you have worked for a whole day. You'd better order a song and have a rest first."

Charlotte was not in a hurry, because she knew that Marvin would definitely wait for her to put forward the conditions today, otherwise he would not leave so easily.

Besides, there were a few more people who stood in front of her, so she had to send them away.

Charlotte winked at the girls around who had been waiting for Marvin for a long time. These scantily dressed beauties swarmed up with surrounding around Marvin, and immediately coaxed Marvin into submission.

Marvin was famous for his lechery, but he was also afraid of his wife, so he rarely had such a chance to hug so many beauties.

Although Marvin had a good time with the girls, he only drank juice and didn't get drunk.

This was also Marvin's secret thought. If he was drunk, he would be easily taken advantage of, so he would rather not drink a little than allow himself to sign the contract in a daze.

"Miss. Charlotte, you are still too young to do business with beautiful women and good wine. I don't think you are smart enough."

Noah teased while shaking the wine in his hand. At the same time, he held a beautiful girl in his arms and began to flirt with her.

Ignoring Noah's sarcasm, Charlotte turned to look at Emmett and the rich woman who were drinking and chatting intimately.

Charlotte had sworn to herself that she would not let him go easily every time she saw Emmett. She would never be softhearted to him.

She didn't expect that he would come here today initiatively. How could she miss this opportunity?

Emmett was afraid of offending this rich woman. After all, he hooked up with her for a short time, so he had to coax her carefully.

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